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Jul 29 2014

University in Colorado Teaches How to Grow and Sell Marijuana

It is often said that the hippies who turned college campuses upside down in the 1960s are now running the campuses. This proves it:

Touting marijuana as “one of the fastest growing industries in America today,” a university has launched in Colorado that bills itself as the nation’s only college accredited by state officials to teach students how to grow and sell cannabis.

Clover Leaf University debuted earlier this year with the blessing of the Colorado Department of Education’s Private Occupational School Board. It offers stand-alone classes and certification courses. …

The university’s curriculum tackles a variety of aspects within the legal weed industry, including management, laws, finance, marketing, cultivation, and industry analysis, according to its Spring 2014 catalog.

Classes are held at the Denver-based Auraria Higher Education Center, which also houses the University of Colorado – Denver, Metro State University, and Community College of Denver.

At least some students are acquiring job skills that will be of value in fundamentally transformed America.

President Choom ought to get an honorary degree.

On a tip from Henry.

  • TED

    Got to make it easy for Barry and the boys…something in THEIR major.

    Then again, they might not like the competition…

  • AKB

    I was gonna go to weed class, but then I got high. It looks like a novelty class since one wouldn’t learn much in a few hours. They’re taking advantage of an emerging market – good for them.

    I wonder if they spend any time teaching what to do when the DEA raids your place, because that could happen any time. The state said it’s legal, the feds did not.

    Whether or not you agree with legalized weed, at least recognize that it’s a rare case where voters gained a freedom. The feds don’t like it but they did it anyway. We need lots more of that with more important issues.

  • octa bright

    If pot is legalized at the federal level then this is at least one course that leads to an actual career that can support the graduate, assuming that said grad does not smoke th profits.

  • Jester

    Ha ha! The “phone” and “pen” are a nice touch! 🙂

  • Jester

    Yep. Just keep on smoking all your brain cells away, little moonbats. Keep on smoking… and voting Democrat… and everything’s gonna be alright!

  • 762×51

    There is a commercial grow house less than 10 miles from my house that has an electric bill of over $70,000.00 PER MONTH for their grow lights, fans, etc. There is huge money in this so it will continue to “grow”, count on that.

    Liberals have decided to simply ignore the laws they don’t like and just do what they want, that is totalitarianism or the opposite of the rule of law. They will ignore laws like border enforcement while enforcing their laws over the objections of the population, witness Obamacare. If we do not oppose them, AND I MEAN NOW, they will have successfully overthrown America without firing a shot. That will not be their fault, it will be the fault of the lazy cowardly conservatives who just go along to get along. Piss on those who will not stand and fight, they are the enemy as well.

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