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Aug 06 2014

Police Officer: If Obama Doesn’t Follow Constitution, We Don’t Have to Either

Helmetta, New Jersey police officer Richard Recine gives the best reason I have heard yet to impeach Obama for his many violations of the Constitution, regardless of the short-term political consequences. Via Mediaite:

Steve Wronko had a camera inside [a municipal] building as part of an investigation he was doing, and Officer Richard Recine tracked him down to ask who he is [and] what he’s doing there. Wronko repeatedly asserted a First Amendment right to be doing what he’s doing, but Recine was having none of it.

At 2:18 in the video below, Officer Recine proclaims,

“Obama has decimated the frigging Constitution. So I don’t give a damn because if he doesn’t follow the Constitution, we don’t have to.”

As the president openly and constantly shows contempt for Constitutional restrictions on his authority, sneering “Sue me” at those who object, how can anyone expect any other authorities to take it seriously? Already variations of Recine’s attitude must permeate every nook and cranny of government, among both supporters and critics of the Community Organizer in Chief.

The damage Obama has done to the very fiber of this country is incalculable and very possibly irreversible unless we establish immediately that his violations of the Constitution are absolutely unacceptable.

On tips from Sean C, Bill T, Manuel, Mr. Mentalo, and Stormfax.

  • Sarthurk

    Well I would speculate that then it wouldn’t be long before things would get ugly. Not to say they aren’t ugly already…

  • Mr. Mentalo

    Forward this video to everyone you know.

    We have just gone to “hard tyranny”.

    No more fence sitting.

    “…and when they came for me, there was no one left to speak up.”

  • yourmaster

    they didn’t want him filming because he would of recorded evidence of 0bama having a gay orgy with union thugs, arabs, chris matthews, and communists. While spreading communism and eating/cooking small puppy dogs for dinner. *l*

  • mtwdo

    I think the cop is making a point. A true leader leads by example. Obama burns 233 thousand dollars an hour out of the smoke stacks of Air Force One but tells us he doesn’t have enough money to feed the immigrant kids. Who is the liar? Why should I pay more taxes if politicians are committed to pissing it away as fast as possible?

  • MannieP

    Hey, Recine, how does it feel to forswear your oath? What is it like to betray your country?

  • ScarletPimpernel

    Officer Recine should not be investigated for criticizing Obama. He should be investigated for saying he doesn’t need to follow the Constitution. While it is true that Obama is decimating the Constitution, Officer Recine has failed to understand that that does not give him license to violate the Constitution. He has taken an oath to uphold and defend it. If a law enforcement officer says believes he does not need to uphold the Constitution, then he himself has become lawless and is no longer qualified to be a law ENFORCEMENT officer.

    The citizens of Helmetta, NJ, should be demanding his resignation.

  • ScarletPimpernel

    Officer Recine may be “making a point”, but he has no right to then follow Obama’s lawless example. So while Officer Recine has correctly observed that Obama is decimating the Constitution, instead of following Obama’s lead, he should be so alarmed by it that he determines he will take his oath seriously and defend it.


    Without law, there is no justification for LAW ENFORCEMENT. They are now armed criminals with wearing tin buttons.

  • So, using that feeble attempt at logic, if a police officer isn’t doing the speed limit then neither do we.

  • 762×51

    “Obama has decimated the frigging Constitution. So I don’t give a damn
    because if he doesn’t follow the Constitution, we don’t have to.”

    Works for me asshole, I won’t be following it either, or any other Commie laws that we have on the books. Anarchy folks, that is not where we are headed, WE ARE THERE!

    Wake up and smell the police state. The sniveling cowards who refuse to speak out or better still act out against the totalitarians are about to reap the rewards of their indifference.

    See you on the battlefield.

  • 762×51

    Not so feeble IO,

    Once the [police feel free to act any way they want, all bets are off and civil society ceases to exist. Obama refuses to follow the Constitution so the cops refuse to follow it then you and I refuse to follow it, anarchy ensues. Lawlessness is about to be the “new normal” as liberals like to say. America becomes a free-for-all of illegal activity, and lawless discontent. The Civil War I have been warning this site about is about to unfold. Not in the North v. South style but far more wide spread, battles will be fought in more than five states and far more bloody with our modern technology and weapons.

    We are past the tipping point, it is now unavoidable and America will never be the same.

  • 762×51

    “You ain’t seen bad yet, but it’s coming.” – Truman Gates NEXT OF KIN

  • Mr. Mentalo

    So, IOpud, what you are suggesting (or would that be demanding?) is that “the little people” follow any and all laws passed in the dead of night by our betters (as well as existing civil and criminal laws), while the Special Class, headed by Dear Leader does whatever they want?

    No, if the Constitution is shredded, then only a suicidal moron would play by the rules. You ought to be glad we’ve shown so much restraint…so far.

    Don’t forget, we are armed, with a very good working knowledge of firearms. Unlike progressives, we don’t go in for slaughtering our political enemies…unless they intend us harm and we must defend ourselves and our country.

    It’s a hard tyranny now, and it’s looking like ballots no longer work…

  • Jester

    History Repeats Itself. The police have always been their own Mafia — the only difference is that now they follow a political system which allows them to be out in the open about it.

  • Well, the logic is feeble because these people don’t take an oath to defend Obama. They take an oath to defend the Constitution. If Obama chooses to disregard it then, as the original point I was facetiously trying to make, is exactly your point. The cop is wrong because he still has to follow the law, like the rest of us. Eventually so will Obama and he will be held accountable for his disregard for it. So yes, just because he does it and hasn’t been busted doesn’t mean we or that cop can do it. So the cop spoke foolishly. In fact, he resigned because of it.

    I do agree we are at a tipping point. These junior fascist have and will bully us until someone steps up, bloodies their nose, bashes their egos and lets them know we are fed up and ready to throw down and put an end to it unless they cut their crap. Unfortunately their thick skulls are only good for bashing. I’m not going to hold my breathe for our ‘representatives’ to do their job and impeach this pompous prick. I think nullification and a serious threat of secession should be seriously considered and would open their eyes that we are damned serious. I seriously doubt progressives have the testicular fortitude for a fight they aren’t likely to win.

    I do think his narcissism will be his own undoing. Some signs are showing even moderates in his own party are distancing themselves where only the diehard sycophants are still clinging to him like pilot fish on a shark. Unlike pilot fish, the head isn’t where they have attached their suction to.

  • MLM

    We are living in a lawless nation the sooner the people wake up to that the better. Don’t fear the government the government should fear the people.

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