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Sep 02 2014

Dems Denounce “Hillbillies” Who Think Obama Should Have a Strategy for Dealing With ISIS

The military may be “apoplectic” over Obama’s recent announcement that his administration has no plan for dealing with the terrifying rise of the Islamic State, but Donna Brazile, Vice Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, is apoplectic that us “hillbillies” outside the Beltway think there should be any plan. She saw fit to retweet this message from a like-minded lib:

As Power Line observes,

That’s dumb, obviously, an expression of the mindless hate that is pretty much all that is left of modern liberalism.

Unfortunately mindless hate — when combined with the lust to dominate others — doesn’t just die of its own uselessness. Unless it is destroyed, it can live on for centuries, as Islam has proven.

Donna Brazile: Not a fan of hillbillies.

On tips from Jester and DinaRehn.

  • DinaRehn

    This is the pure Evil that of ISlam – should we have a strategy dealing with Evil?

    Missionary Group: Boko Haram Beheaded Six-Year-Old Christian Boy
    ( – The Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram beheaded a six-year-old boy during a June attack on the predominantly Christian village of Attagara, according to an eyewitness account provided by the Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) missionary organization.

    Boko Haram became internationally known after it staged a mass kidnapping of over 250 Nigerian school girls in April. The majority of the girls are still missing. Last month, the group publicly aligned itself with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

    According to VOM, which has been assisting some 30 people injured in the attacks, “55-year-old Sawaltha Wandala witnessed the Boko Haram slaughtering children at a church as he arrived for the second service. He saw the men throw one child into a ditch. More concerned for the child than his own safety, he picked up the 6-year-old boy, who had survived being severely slashed, and immediately rushed to take the child to the hospital in Cameroon.”

    “Sawaltha was stopped by five insurgents, who grabbed the boy from his arms and beheaded him, before turning to beat Sawaltha with tree branches.”

  • DinaRehn

    Poll: 73% Concerned About Obama’s Lack Of A Strategy To Defeat ISIS…
    When even the low information voters are worried, you know Obama is in trouble.
    Via Rasmussen:

    Voters regard the radical Islamic terrorist group ISIS as a major threat to the United States and are very worried that President Obama doesn’t have a strategy for dealing with the problem. They remain reluctant to send U.S. troops back to Iraq to take on ISIS, but support is growing.

    A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 67% of Likely U.S. Voters consider the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) a serious threat to this country. Just 13% disagree, while another 20% are not sure.

  • rex freeway

    Of course it’s outraged. It cant understand the self sufficient way’s that hillbillies live. They don’t need government help thank you. To watch someone take care of themselves with out government help is more than her brain can handle. She cannot see past her own wants and needs. Because Liberal Democrats have coddled her kind for generations

  • Mr. Mentalo

    Oh well, another day, another beheading, right Donna?

    Was Steven Sotloff a hillbilly?

    Or are you just using that term to demean people who don’t believe in your half-black Muslim-In-Chief? You know, the one that an ex-CIA employee has confirmed is a fellow traveler with Islam at every turn and has appointed Muslim Brotherhood operatives in key positions within the government? The one that, even now, is marking time until ISIS can complete the Caliphate and strike with bio or nuclear weapons with the United States.

    Is THAT why you call real Americans “hillbillies”? Well Donna, you can only poke that fat black finger in their eyes just so many times before they start to get annoyed. You better thank your lucky stars that todays “hillbillies” are a LOT more genteel than they used to be. So far…

  • 762×51

    Yes, we are hillbillies, not sophisticates like Brazile and her Islamic beheading friends. The American left has demonstrated that they are on the side of evil, that they are allied with people who have proclaimed their intentions to destroy America. The American left, from Comrade Chairmen Obama on down are enemies of the United States, Western Civilization and Humanity in general. This is not an instance where they have friends of questionable intent. This is Fascist Italy siding with Nazi Germany. How many people will die because of this alliance of evil? How many of your children will die because you took no action against this rogue, enemy government?

    We do NOT have a dozen election cycles to screw around with here, hoping we run the table at each election for the next decade is NOT a strategy. Read this article on WND

    describing an imminent attack on our power grid by ISIS via Mexican drug gangs.

    Time is up people, you will either fight and die free so that your children might live or just die a coward and a slave, the choice is yours.

    Piss on Donna Brazile and her racist, Marxist ideology. God can judge them, I’m just here to arrange the meeting.

  • Progressive projection is really a sad thing to behold.

  • DinaRehn

    Here’s some more of the same:

    Alabama Democrat: “Republicans In Congress Are Worse Than ISIS”…
    Alabama Democrat Jesse T. Smith is running against GOP Rep. Mike Rogers to purge Congress of Republican jihadists.

  • Jim

    ISIL will make Donna Brazile wear one of those black head to toe gunny sacks and tell her to keep her mouth shut. Hum, they may have something there.

  • MicahStone

    “Donna Brazile: Not a fan of hillbillies.”
    –brazile has just been put on Shrillary’s shiite list….

  • Grumpy Cat
  • Bubba

    Shut up, hood rat.


    Beheaded white people are a blessing to Donna Brazile and her ilk.

  • Xavier

    I actually am a hillbilly and take great pride in belonging to a group the administration has singled out to disparage; comments like that tweet validate our opinion that the administration and their supporters are elitist a$$holes.

    Pass me the jug, Cletus.

  • Donna M

    The self promoting clueless class at it again. This is where true simple mindedness really dwells. In the vacuum of space between progladite ears! Those “hillbillies” know, at least, how to do something! They are not the infered, inbred idiots she implies! Their talents and skills are priceless. Without them, the progs would starve to death. By the way, remember that when your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Waiting on help from a “hillbilly”.

  • Donna M

    Oh, and a little info goes a long way. My “hillbilly” grandfather was the Medical Director for the San Diego Health Dept for ten years. He was also on the beach at Guadalcanal tending to the sick and wounded. So. Hey, progs. Don’t forget to put on your bibs and keep your dribble cups nearby, when you open your mouths. We don’t want you to stay all wet and soggy!

  • Donna M

    She suffers from foot in mouth syndrome. In her case, it’s obviously a terminal disease! 😉

  • Stosh

    Evidently she’s just another left wing racist.

  • TotallyPeeved

    I’m not a fan of affirmative action retarded she boons in positions of power.

  • whotothewhat

    When some lefty goes on a rant about Hillbillies or Red Necks or Tea Party, they basically are showing their hatred of fly over country, both north and south and much of the west.

  • Aoife

    I can assure Miz Brazile that if there’s every a conflagration between American citizens and ISIS and she’s near me I will not lift a finger to save her. People this stupid do not deserve to survive. Harsh? yes…but I will not defend those who are willfully ignorant or just plain stupid. You reap what you sow Miz Brazile.

  • Aoife

    What’s scarier is this twit used to be the president of University of Miami I think. I’m sure it was an affirmative action appointment but no telling what kind of damage she did as the head there.

  • octa bright

    We have a group that is threatening to take control of a large proportion of the worlds energy resources. This group is rabidly hostile to the West, especially the US. It is committing mass murder and possibly genocide. It has frightened almost every other player in the MENA into an informal alliance against it. Why does this woman believe that it is unreasonable for President Obama to be expected to have some plan available to deal with an increasingly explosive situation.
    I personally believe that either Ms Brazile is a bloody fool or is duplicitous to the extent that it implies the popular (although not legal ) definition of traitor. After seeing her in action I begin to question the wisdom of the XV amendment.

  • Strategy? We don’t need no stinkin’ strategy! Give in to a bunch of craven raving crackers? Never! We will bravely go forward and do nothing.

  • Strategy? Obama beheading to the golf course. That’s his strategy.

  • Cameraman

    Show Nuff!!!

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