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Sep 02 2014

Univision Reporter Gets Owned

Whenever cultural Marxists try to trip you up or bully you with the increasingly meaningless term “racist,” turn it around and ram the word right back down their throats. Here’s one way to do it:

Other situations might call for making it clear that you are not obligated to side with other racial groups against your own even if you are white.

On a tip from Wiggins.

  • Martin Luffa

    “Are you here illegally?”


  • 762×51

    Ahhhhh, the stench of liberalism. Love it when they get an enema of their own bile.

  • Mr. Mentalo

    No kidding, right? I wanted that to go on for a while more.

    “Why is it that we’re asking you simple, coherent questions and you’re standing there with your lips pursed and your eyes darting around. Are you looking for one of your progressive Latino buddies to get your ass out of the sling YOU put it it? Are you like every other prog/agitator in this country: ready to smear someone but unable to defend your actions? Are you a “wise Latina” or just a liberal pendejo? Why won’t you answer the respectful questions of a black American? Do you feel superior to him? What does that make YOU?”

    Oh yeah, that interview could have lasted three hours.


  • JeffersonSpinningInGrave

    It’s about time. Good for them.

  • 762×51

    My money is on liberal pendejo, just based on her reactions.

    Libs expect us to curl up in a ball when they call us racist when what we really need to do is meet their smug arrogance with some good old fashion aggression.

    For every usage by her of the word racist I use the word whore, or worse. Example:

    Q. Are you a racist,
    A. Why no, are you a whore?

    The truth is, she is closer to being a whore than the white guy is to being a racist. Either way, she is clearly an pendejo.

  • Mr. Mentalo


  • Henry

    Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.

  • J

    FINALLY people are fighting back against their garbage.

    It’s about f-ing time.

  • WingMann

    First, pound the Dirty Leftists with words, and when the time comes, with blunt objects.

  • Martin Luffa


  • Guest

    I’m surprised that she actually listened.

  • Jodie

    My guess is that she wasn’t actually listening, but someone was yelling in her earpiece, “Don’t say a word!”

  • retire05

    Well, when Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson speaks, he is so smart people have to listen. Jesse Lee Peterson is one of my favorite people and that is who was asking the broken English speaking Univision reporter if she was a racist.

  • mauser 98

    can’t wait for CNN ..MSNBC to air this

  • NickRepublic

    In 1835, 200 Texans held off THOUSANDS of Mexican troops for thirteen days at the Alamo with MUSKETS. Just think, this time we have bigger and better firepower…

  • mauser 98

    and no President

  • Jester

    I don’t think this counts, seeing how painfully obvious halfway through that video that Miz Univision has no idea what the black guy is saying because she can’t understand more than a small handful of English words.

  • whotothewhat

    I get a kick out of the leftist meme that whites are dying off. If you separate out the minorities, Black, Hispanic, Asian, and other. Whites will out number them for some time. Now the video shows Blacks standing with Whites against the invasion of 3rd world job stealing and welfare invaders, so that shows these groups will not play nice with each other which might be the plan overall. As for being member of the White aging population, I am now in better shape then I have been in years because of a better diet and working out every day and could last for many years yet. Plus as a member of the aging population as a whole we should out number any group as a voting block for sometime to come. So the racist Prof shown above might not live to see his people rule a destroyed America.

  • CEM

    “Hispanic” is ethnicity, not a race. Last I checked, Spain is still on the Iberian Peninsula which is part of Europe. Spaniards are white Europeans, not unlike English, Germans, French, Italians, et. al. These are all ethnicities, not races.

  • KHarn

    “Are you looking for a WHITE LIBERAL to tell you what to think?”
    Bravo to those gentlemen!

  • KHarn

    Even better:

    Second Battle of Sabine Pass
    September 8, 1863
    About 6:00 am on the morning of September 8, 1863, a Union flotilla of four gunboats and seven troop transports steamed into Sabine Pass and up the Sabine River with the intention of reducing Fort Griffin and landing troops to begin occupying Texas. As the gunboats approached Fort Griffin, they came under accurate fire from six cannons. The Confederate gunners at Fort Griffin had been sent there as a punishment. To break the day-to-day monotony, the gunners practiced firing artillery at range markers placed in the river. Their practice paid off. Fort Griffin’s small force of 44 men, under command of Lt. Richard W. Dowling, forced the Union flotilla to retire and captured the gunboat Clifton and about 200 prisoners.

  • 762×51

    Tsk tsk, off to the re-education camp with you. Race is what libtards say it is without regard or concern for facts and reality. You must grasp this concept if you intend to assimilate into liberal utopia.

    Those of us who cannot be successfully re-educated will be exterminated per Bill Ayers plan. I hope he comes early and brings his lunch the day they come for me, it’s gonna be a long one.

  • 762×51

    That will be like bringing the cat to the mouse, Jose. Let’s see how long you can hold that professorship with a .30cal (7.62mm) hole in your forehead.

    See folks, THEY WANT TO KILL YOU. Will you allow political correctness to let them get away with it, or will you fight?

  • 762×51

    “So the racist Prof shown above might not live to see his people rule a destroyed America.”

    I give you my personal word on it. Bitch wants a war, I’m fully prepared to give him one.

  • 762×51

    1836 but who’s counting.

  • 762×51

    Too little, too late – unfortunately.

  • mauser 98

    so does this guy

  • NickRepublic

    Typo. But they did occupy it from December, 1835 until the siege started on Feb. 23, 1836.

  • NickRepublic


  • NickRepublic

    Changed it. Thanks for noticing!

  • NickRepublic

    Thanks for reminding me of this! Goes to show what a small dedicated force can do!!!

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  • Sard

    Huh. That was nice to see the raaaaacist meme turned right back on the accuser. But I’m curious about something … the white guy looks like he’s either been injured or doused with something? What’s the story there?

  • 1SouthernLady1

    Just – “HAH”!

  • Dink Newcomb

    What a knob!!! Are you really that dense or have you been sleeping for the last 50 years as the word “racist” has morphed from someone determined to suppress ONE RACE into a catchall for someone who disagrees with any/some/all vocal and obnoxious groups. Does gay only mean blithely skipping along the paths of life without a care in the world– which is truly a hugely offensive misrepresentation? In the case of the disgusting, vocal “spokesman” of activist groups, catch phrases of this type are surely NOT an apt description of THAT group of intentional misfits and pariahs who in my experience (from the comments and anger of black/homosexual/indian friends) DO NOT SPEAK FOR THE ENTIRE GROUP AND CLAMOR FOR FEW GOALS OF BENEFIT FOR THE GREAT MAJORITY.
    How about Native Americans? Why has this become the appellation for perhaps, as a whole, the most PASSIVE, zombie-like of all American ethnic groups! Buck up fellahs, someday you will learn to believe in yourselves and get beyond that. If a nickname including American is necessary to signify them, Aboriginal Americans is MUCH more accurate and in my estimation, far less patronizing term. How did Native Americans, in the true sense (of which they are a part) become so disenfranchised from the meaning to wind up here in the 21st century with the leftist mongrels attempting to degrade their NATURAL state further with the contemptuous epithet “nativist”.

  • Robert Gantry

    I’d sure like to know that Univision reporter’s name. She’s a dumb racist bytch, but GAD DAM she’s pretty!

  • Robert Gantry

    He was attacked for being white.

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