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Sep 04 2014

John Kerry: Bible Commands Us to Protect Muslims From Global Warming

Scary as ISIS might be, Islam is just an opportunistic infection. We are vulnerable to it only because of the underlying disease. This disease is personified by our Secretary of State, Hanoi John Kerry.

Wednesday at a ceremony to appoint Texas lawyer Shaarik Zafar to be special representative to Muslim communities, Secretary of State John Kerry said it was the United States’ Biblical “responsibility” to “confront climate change,” including to protect “vulnerable Muslim majority counties.”

That is his response to the Islamic State taking over much of a country that thousands of American lives were recently sacrificed to pacify, committing genocide against Christians, publicly executing American journalists, and threatening to launch a terror war on the USA.

Most readers are probably aware that the global warming hoax has been definitively debunked by stubbornly cool temperatures. Kerry may as well bleat about defending Muslims from invaders from Mars.

No country that allows itself to be ruled by the likes of Obama and John Kerry is fit to survive. It is only a question of what knocks us off. If it isn’t ISIS inevitably getting its hands on nukes, then it will be something else. We either get healthy quick or the world will have to fend off the darkness without us.

John Kerry
We must be on our deathbed.

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