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Sep 18 2014

Bill Gates, Paul Allen Bankroll Washington State Anti-Gun Maneuvers

Much the way the small infestations of blue have been imposing their will on the vast sea of red nationwide, authoritarian leftists in the Seattle area often manage to inflict their malign ideology on the rest of an otherwise mostly reasonable state. This has been facilitated by the power that money can buy, as demonstrated by Microsoft moonbats Bill Gates and Paul Allen. From Bluegrass Bruce:

The biggest battle over gun rights this election season isn’t in Washington, D.C. but in Washington State. Second Amendment supporters in Washington are facing off with the gun control lobby over dueling ballot initiatives — a pro-gun bill to prevent gun confiscation (I – 591) and an anti-gun bill to expand background checks (I – 594).

So far, it hasn’t been much of a fight. The anti-gun Washington Alliance For Gun Responsibility, supported by Seattle millionaires like Bill Gates and Paul Allen, has already raised more than $7 million in support of I – 594. The pro-gun side has raised only $1.3 million. The NRA — which just dropped $1.4 million in the Arkansas Senate race — has put only $191,000 into the fight.

Not surprisingly, polls show the anti-gunners pulling ahead, with seventy percent of voters favoring the background checks bill.

Gun-grabbers have an advantage in that many patriots in Washington don’t even know what’s going on.

Even more intrusive background checks play a large role in the liberal strategy of repealing the Second Amendment by increments. At this point every inch of ground is worth fighting tooth and nail over. Otherwise, guys like this will buy our fundamental right of self-defense out from under us:

Gates demonstrates how the liberal elite will gradually crush our freedom.

  • Jim

    I wonder how many armed bodyguards they have? Or do they keep a gun in their purses like Feinstein?

  • grayjohn

    I intensely dislike this self righteous asshole. Everything about him is evil.

  • alohasteve
  • RKae

    A billionaire computer-builder who wants to eliminate 90% of the human race. Isn’t that pretty much the definition of a super-villain?

  • RKae

    When do we get a separation of billionaire and state?

    I didn’t vote for these bastards to be my rulers.

  • grayjohn

    Dr. Evil made real.

  • dan

    If money is power …and power corrupts…
    it follows that someone who seeks to make MUCH MORE
    on the suffering and elimination of others is freaking meglamaniacal

  • Veritas

    Gates should not be permitted to employ armed security. Let’s see what he and his ilk have to say then.

  • TED
  • TED

    Is Harry Reid bitchin’ bout Gates?! Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  • TED

    Gates started corrupt, stealing from others. He has NO talent.

  • TED
  • TED
  • daPenguin

    The NRA — which just dropped $1.4 million in the Arkansas Senate race — has put only $191,000 into the fight.— Tell me again how the NRA has our back and fights as hard as they can to protect our gun rights!

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  • Softly Bob

    Dr. No… yes… no …yes.

    Watergate, Irangate, Dianagate….. even his surname is the suffix that defines a scandal.


    Billgate – the controversy surrounding Bill Clinton and Monica

    Bil Gates – the controversy surrounding a bespectacled billionaire and how even money can’t make you smart.

  • JeffersonSpinningInGrave

    If this works in WA, they’ll try it in every state that has ballot initiatives.

  • Randell Tober

    I will say… That getting control of the senate may be even more important than any gun control measure at this time… For if we get control of the senate … We can prevent the Marxist bastard from putting whomever he choses on the Supreme Court!! SO important! Washington State will fall to the Kalifornia Liberals unfortunately. I’ve chosen to relocate to a state which still has- provides hope for our future… Montana. Montana has been purple, but it’s clear people are waking up and taking action to go “Red” again… I’ll do all that I can to make that happen!

  • Jade Lin

    What a shame. A few billionaires influencing politics again.

  • Jade Lin

    Bill Gates and Paul Allen will still have bodyguards???

  • Jake Green

    Of course Gates an Allen will still have their armed bodyguards…yet they don’t see their own hypocrisy, but then leftists never do.

  • TexTopCat

    This whole discussion is interesting. On one side, everyone has the right to an opinion and the right to support that opinion by political donations and free speech, even people that we disagree with. On the other side, a few very rich people should not be able to elect public officials and pass laws merely because of the money they spent. Maybe some form of “money sharing” should be in place anytime one side in an election exceeds 2x the money of the other side. An unbiased press would also help.

    At this point in time we have a couple of things that are not working as they should. For one the justice department is not stepping in and challenging states that pass laws that conflict with 2A (or any other part of the Bill of Rights). Another, is that many of the federal courts have been packed with activist liberal judges.

    As one of the “little guys” about all that we can do is vote and give what we can afford to groups like NRA and SAF. What happens in one state can too easily happen to other states.

  • normusa

    Well, the NRA backed Harry Reid in his last run for office and that has really worked out well for gun owners.

  • 191145

    What’s up with gun wire ? You know ?

  • TexTopCat

    No, I remember a notice that indicated some network changes that would delay updates for a while, but it seems to be a more serious problem than I recall the notice indicating.

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