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Nov 29 2011

Caption the Commies


Compliments of Mary.

  • blue

    Hills: “How did this Stuttering Clusterfcuk of a Miserable Failure ever beat me???”
    B. Hussein: “Maybe I can get in a round of golf before lunch!”

  • TED

    What a TOOL! And to think they votred for him over me, I’m just a big a Commie as him!!

  • Chicklets

    Hills: Awww yeah; lemme just wiggle it a little bit. Uhh huhhh – you like that don’t you sissy-boy!
    B. Hussein: Oooh that tickles! Reminds me of college and the “club” in Chi Town. Of course, now that I’m a puppet, I’m used to having George Soros fat fingers up there.

  • lao

    Hillary: “Here we are in another stupid Moonbattery thread.”

    Obama: “So?”

  • Uchuck the Tuchuck

    Hillary’s thought bubble: Oh yes, you were wise to make Biden your VP. Had it been me we’d be having a state funeral right about now….

  • StanInTexas

    Hillary: He won’t be smiling like that when I make him Ambassador to Kenya!

  • Joe

    Fuck off lao. If you don’t like it, why do you come here? Jerk.

  • Lao in Space


  • Gun Control

    Hey lookey, another FAKE conservative site, selling gun control ads. Hmmmm, I have sent emails to all my members. Hope you like a substantial loss to your traffic selling out to the commies!

  • Louisiana Steve

    President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton share a joyous, yet secretive moment, after ordering a nuclear strike on the Bible Belt.

  • Dupree

    The ads are specific to the user these days. Google is watching you know. So, you are seeing gun control ads, because you are a gun control freak, apparently. I, on the other hand, see garmin and tigerdirect ads, because I’m a tech freak.

    Care to retract your accusations?

  • wingmann

    shillary: Man I knew a large part of the electorates were pretty f*****g stupid but I had no idea they were THAT stupid!

    bHUSSEINo: Hey,look at me!

  • A. Levy

    Hitlary: Look at the shape of his head. Tell me he doesn’t have Egyptian/Muslim roots…

    Obummer: I wonder why no one sees her and Bubba together anymore? Maybe i can get me some of that fat White ass? I mean Bubba’s, not her’s…

  • Rafael

    Obama: If I don’t look she’s not really there.

  • katie

    CAPTION: “He looks happy because he is sucking the life-force out of me. But tonight, that changes! No one can out-vamp The Vampire Queen!”

    @Gun Control: The ads are generated by your internet history and are user-targeted. I see no ads for gun-control: however, I do see ads for tech goodies and Taylor Swift music. Eh, they’ve got me pegged: I love technology and music…

    Before complaining about ads on a site, you need to take into account that they’re all user-targeted these days; you don’t want to be revealing something unseemly about yourself, right?

  • metalgarth

    Next on the Simpsons:

    “Carl finally gets a date with Edna Krabapple but Patty disapproves”

  • Marci

    Obama: “It’s so cool that I passed YOUR healthcare b.s. and I get credit for the whole thing.”
    Shrillary: “Yes, but you are a sniveling whimpering idiot who has no clue and you’ve been sprinkled with fairy dust.”

  • BillE

    Anti-American Gothic

  • 762×51

    BHO: Man that carnitas burrito with extra green chili for lunch was good, but is pushing . . . ahhh that feels better.

  • wingmann
  • DaddyOD

    Shrillary — “And I always thought that Bill was the most audacious, conceited schmuck for cheating on me”.

  • chuck in st paul

    “Take that, whitey.”

  • Had it up to here :/

    Brrrrack: Man, thaz sum killer weed heh heh!!

    Shrill: Boy I’d like to kick the crap outta him.

  • Fiberal

    BO (thought): —blank—-

    Hillary (thought): Mandingo!

  • C. S. P. Schofield

    Silent, but deadly.

  • Tom

    My left nipple is bigger than his brain!!!!

  • Brad

    Obama (thought): Hope no one wants me to stand up now, Michelle never did that with her hand before!!

  • Info

    Billary: I would’ve gotten an individual mandate AND be cruising to re-election right now…

  • Barrack” Kiss the ring bitch I Won I Won!!
    HerThigness” So He thinks he all That and a Bag Of Chips
    the Little Muslim Slime”!

  • baron of gray matter

    To the Tune of Barbara Mandrels hit…”I was Commie…..
    when Commie wasn’t cool”

  • Uncle Joe Liberty

    “I can hold this fake smile longer than you… your face will crack first!” – B.O.

  • Jimbo

    The smug bastards aren’t worth the time. Let Mr. Teleprompter caption the damned communists.

  • AnonOnline

    HRC : “He was right – this million dollar necklace IS too heavy to wear at meetings.”

    BHO : I bet none of our supporters notice her necklace, even though it weighs as much as my golf bag…”

  • LMS

    Hillary: “I am so tired of kissing mens’ asses.”

    Barack: “They love me, they really love me!”

  • comet

    “They’re Pinky and The Brain.
    Yes, Pinky and The Brain.”

  • Momster

    Hillary, looking at the gawd-awful set of lobotomy scars on that side of his head is thinking…

    “Hhhmph–when they had that squash opened up they should have installed a f*ing brain.”

    Obama is thinking:

    “Doh-dee-doh-dee-err ummm-doh”

  • BigJoe

    Hillary: How’s that feel? Does that tickle you?
    Obie: A little to the left. Ah, that’s it! Right there!
    Hillary: You washed ’em this morning, right?
    Obie: Woo! Tee Hee!!!

  • TED
  • Jomama

    I did not have sex with this woman!

  • Alxandro

    Hillary: “Comrade Obama’s manicure looks better than mine.”

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