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Nov 30 2011

Nice Work if You Can Get It

But then, in the Obama economy, any work is nice if you can get it. Regarding the Moonbat Messiah, Crispie Creme Christie has been wondering, “What the hell are we paying you for?” Here’s what: to show up for work after noon and then spend what’s left of the day campaigning for reelection as the country circles the drain. Don’t take my word for it; here’s his official schedule for the day:


On a tip from Mary.

  • forest

    Lots of flights to campaign events.

    The Obama campaign is paying for that, right?

  • Bob Roberts

    Obama – doing all he can to bankrupt the government, one campaign event at a time!

    No, you and I are paying for that, plus the Secret Service and a bunch of other related costs.

  • chuck in st paul

    Hey! be nice. He needed a break from all that golfing.

  • Bob Roberts

    Wait… now the banks are so greedy they won’t take your loan payment?

    The loan is held by Deustche Bank but is being serviced locally by Chase. Family members said they had enough money to pay the loan, but were having a difficult time getting Chase to accept a payment.

    Could that be because:

    The house and case have been in the court system for years. “This family has been waging a war against Deutsche Bank,” community activist Derrick Boezeman said.

  • Bob Roberts
  • Mickey Shea

    4:55 – Midnight
    The president causes massive, historic gridlock and shuts down the city during the Rockefeller Center tree lighting ceremony.
    Then laughs about it with his cronies.

  • Duke

    To quote Gov. Christie: “What the hell are we paying you for anyway?!”

  • 762×51

    Any word on how much the Chief Thief raked in on his taxpayer funded campaign stops? I’m SURE he will pay us back. In a 9 hour schedule from 1200 – 2100 Comrade Chairman did exactly 40 minutes of ACTUAL governing. So at a salary of $400,000.00 per year and a standard 40hr week equalling 2000 hours per year, net of two weeks vacation(don’t get me started on hi vacations)he “earns” $200/hr. Multiplied by (40 minutes) 2/3 of and hour or .66(in Obama’s case we will use .666 for accuracy, our head Marxist did $133.20 worth of work for which we the taxpayers paid him $1,600.00($200 * 8) plus the cost of the 747, security, vehicles, etc, etc, etc.

    The Air Force says the operating costs of Air Force One are $181,000.00/hr, times 9 hours $1,629,000.00, Accompanying cargo plane, Marine One helicopter, security detail, ground transportation at destination(s), chewing gum, girl bikes, a coming home gift for the “little” woman – ALL at taxpayer expense.

    All in all this lying, cheating, thieving, Marxist dictator wannabe SCHMUCK owes the taxpayers around $3M for that one days stealing.

    Pay up dirtbag!

    Want to know how we can cut costs?

  • Jester

    He’s “spreading summa that wealth around” right into his own pockets. Stalin & Mao would have been proud.

  • Dr. 9

    If we weren’t a nation of weak, gullible sheep, he would have been impeached already!

  • 40% of Chairman Zero’s day is spent delivering “remarks at a campaign event.”

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