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Dec 22 2014

Food Bank Falls Victim to War on Christianity

Here’s how militant atheists wish the poor a Merry Christmas:

In a letter to a South Carolina school district, the American Humanist Association threatened to sue if students at Oakbrook Elementary School in Ladson didn’t stop raising money for a local Baptist Church’s food pantry.

The Dorchester School District Two caved and “agreed not to sponsor or endorse churches and religious institutions in the future.”

The Humanist Association claims they received complaints from some parents after the school council decided to hold a fundraiser for the Old Fort Baptist Church food pantry. The food pantry, by the way, does not have a religious test when handing out food to the needy.

As we have seen, it only takes one moonbat making a complaint and liberals have their pretext to shut down anything that reminds anyone of Christianity.

“The purpose of this letter is to advise you that such school-sponsored fundraising efforts – the proceeds of which go directly to an evangelical Christian Church – must immediately cease, and that our organization will pursue the matter through litigation in federal court if it does not,” Monica Miller, an attorney with the Appignani Humanist Legal Center in Washington, D.C., said in the letter.

The old brownshirts broke windows. The new brownshirts threaten to sic lawyers on you, knowing that the legal fees will crush you even if you manage to prevail in liberal-run courts.


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  • 762×51

    “The new Nazis threaten to sic lawyers on you, knowing that the legal fees will crush you even if you prevail in liberal-run courts.”
    Shakespeare called it over 400 years ago – KILL ALL THE LAWYERS!
    If organizations threatened by these anti-human scum would just say, go ahead, sue us and then try to collect. The anti-humans would soon go broke, just as they are trying to do to everyone they threaten.

  • MannieP

    They are not Atheists, regardless of what they call themselves. They are Evangelical Antitheists. This is a militant religion based on the denial of and opposition to God. One of their primary tenets is constant Jihad against religion.

    Their religion does not trump mine.

  • Henry

    I don’t see the Humanist Association holding fundraisers for the poor or homeless… STOP THE HATE!! Why does the Humanist Association hate the poor and homeless?!? HATERS!!

  • 762×51

    Yet they are trumping you and your religion everyday. How will you respond I wonder . . .
    Failure to confront evil is, in fact, tacit approval of that evil. Millions of Christians are now tacitly approving evil on a daily basis. To be a fly in the wall when they must stand before God and explain that approval.
    I will not comply,
    I will not obey their laws,
    I will not fund their agendas,
    I will not recognize their authority,
    I will not surrender.
    Yes, it sets up a confrontation with evil but I’m OK with that as it places me on the opposite side from evil.

  • WMD

    ” the proceeds of which go directly to an evangelical Christian Church”
    OH MY ! The horror!

  • TruDat

    I hope these organized atheists (formerly know as communists) never need the services of a food shelf. They might have to choke down some of that Christian food shelf food. Oh, the horror!

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  • Rotohammer

    Charity must come only from the religion of the state, and we tithe through our taxes. We only require that the beneficiaries vote correctly.

  • ScienceABC123

    Atheists are bullies. The only successful way to deal with bullies is to stand up to them. If you give in to them they’ll just be back tomorrow for your lunch money. At some point you’re going to get hungry enough to stand up to them.

  • MissTrixieB

    There’s nothing “humanist” about the way the atheists are acting. I’d like to see them explain to a hungry person why they cannot get food at a church sponsored food bank. Do the atheists have one of their own? I didn’t think so. Putzes.

  • Spartan24708

    What if it had been a Muslim food bank… Oh wait… Never mind!

  • daPenguin

    to respond to the meme, they don’t need orphanages, Planned Parenthood serves as their orphanage substitute .

  • Jack

    The old Brownshirts were European Christians.
    The new Brownshirts are Communist American Jews with law degrees.

  • SamBlethecavitch

    …you don’t get much beyond the bumper sticker, do you…?

  • 762×51

    I’m still trying to wrap my head around his theory that the Nazi Brownshirts were Christians.
    As I recall, the Strumabteilung(SA), were annihilated in the Night of Long Knives in 1934. One of the principal reasons they were destroyed by the SS was the homosexual practices of its leadership including the commander Ernst Rohm.

    After Rohm was murdered by the SS, Hitler appointed Victor Lutze head of the SA with orders to eliminate “homosexuality, debauchery, drunkenness, and high living” in the SA. Those are not Christian principals Jack, look it up.

  • Because, they have an agenda, and it doesn’t matter how they achieve it, it must be achieved, even at the expense of screwing some poor children.

  • Feet2Fire

    Sums up the Leftie philosophy pretty well. “Humanists” indeed!

    Their slogan is GOOD WITHOUT GOD, but we prefer to add a “NO” in front of GOOD:

    P.S. Merry Christmas to all good little Moonbats out there!

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