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Feb 06 2015

Day Before Denouncing Christianity, Obama Held Secretive Meeting With Islamic Leaders

Yesterday Obama once again made good on his promise to “stand with the Muslims” when he responded to the latest ghastly atrocity by the Islamic State by absurdly blaming Christianity for slavery and denouncing the Crusades. On the previous day, he attended a religious meeting more to his liking:

President Obama met with American Muslim leaders [Wednesday] afternoon, according to the White House schedule, but so far the administration is unwilling to reveal who attended the meeting, which was closed to the press.

Considering the malevolent ultra-radicals he openly consults with (e.g., Al Sharpton) and even appoints to positions of great power (e.g., Eric Holder), the imagination balks at who must have attended this meeting for the Regime to want it kept secret. Members of the terror umbrella group the Muslim Brotherhood were likely present, given Obama’s record of support for it at the expense of Western interests (e.g., see here, here, and here).

In all probability the most innocuous attendee was left-wing Muslim comedian Dean Obeidallah:

The White House won’t say who attended a meeting between Muslim leaders and President Obama at the White House on Wednesday, but comedian Dean Obeidallah says he was there. Writing in the Daily Beast, Obeidallah said discrimination was the main topic: “In fact, it was clearly the No. 1 issue raised: The alarming rise in anti-Muslim bigotry in America.” Obeiallah is well known for his flame-throwing attacks on Republicans, referencing “the GOP’s World Cup of bat[s**t] crazy” and a racial joke about the adopted grandchild of 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney. The comedian said he went to White House seeking help in encouraging Democrats to denounce Republicans’ comments on Islam. “My point was that while bigotry from certain Republicans is nothing new, I’m alarmed about the Democratic response to these comments. What is the Democrats’ response, you ask? Simple: silence.” He said Obama was very receptive: “While I can’t share the president’s exact response, I can tell you that he expressed his strong commitment to our community to fight anti-Muslim bigotry. I fully understand it’s not easy problem to remedy. But it was very heartening to hear the president’s passionate response.”

Try to picture FDR responding to the Blitzkrieg sweeping across Europe by meeting with Nazis to passionately strategize against anti-fascist bigotry. In light of the explosive rise of Islamic terrorism in general and the Islamic State in particular, that would be the equivalent.

The direction has gotten ugly.

On tips from WZer, Bodhisattva, and Petterssonp.

  • JeffersonSpinningInGrave

    Yes, about the quote in the picture, and many others. Nobody can say we weren’t warned.


    Add Jihadist in Chief to the resume.

    Two more years to begin his pogroms against us infidels. Though it does appear that the machines are all ready to go, only needing another Executive Order to fire them up. Think of the carbon credits that will be awarded from burning Christians alive in Obama Crematoriums! Obamschvitz! Burning makes you green!

  • TED

    EVERY TIME that half-breed bastard (any debate?) holds a SECRET meeting this country slides downhill a little more!

  • TED

    WE listened, THEY did not.

  • maryol

    There is no doubt who the imam-in-chief takes his orders from. They come directly from Satan.

  • Smith and Wesson and Me

    You meant Islam, Same thing. Just ask FDR.

  • Smith and Wesson and Me

    They just focused on the rear end of the unicorn waiting for the “Free Stuff” to pop out.

  • TED
  • TED
  • TED

    LOL, Exactly!

  • TED
  • TED
  • Dan Northrup

    What about the bigotry of Islam? Who is addressing their need for tolerance of basically any other religion. Somebody tell me if they can find a report where a terror incident was foiled on the tip from another Muslim. They want to lecture us about tolerance and their religion when it is our blood being spilled. What is the muslim community doing to help win the war against extremism? That is why we are left with nothing but a broad brush with which to paint them.

  • TED
  • Graymatter

    Obama is bringing hundreds of thousands of Muslim immigrants into this country. They will have many children, run for local office, build mosques and otherwise infiltrate. Obama is with them as one of them. He ran for office under false pretenses. He never produced his long form birth certificate when showing it would have been the simplest end to all the questions about him. Now it is clear he has dangerous leanings. Will the Republicans simply hold their breath until he is gone and so much undoable and hard to undo damage lies in his wake? Presidents are not this powerful; it is merely that Congress is weak.

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  • Light_V_Dark

    Freddy, the BRILLIANT, GOD-HATING, SYPHILITIC-LITTLE-QUEER, died in an asylum after 12 years there. And, Mr. Obama has been described as a Fabian Socialist…next comment…
    Corinthians 2:14
    14 For a beastly man perceiveth not those things that be of the Spirit of God; for it is folly to you, and you may not understand, for it is examined ghostly.
    15 But he who is spiritual judges all things, yet he himself is “rightly” judged by no one.

  • Light_V_Dark

    For almost a hundred years, England has had a LOVE AFFAIR, with their Home-Grown, God-Hating, Commie-Pinko-F@&$…in the BRILLIANT Fabians, Dudes¿¿

    (Dame John Maynard) Keynes and his fellow debauchees became active pacifists and conscientious objectors during World War I. The socialist position against military service dovetailed perfectly with the homosexual aversion to any kind of physical danger and the manly requirements of military training. Yet, in spite of Keynes’ sheltering of “queer conchies,” and his own refusal to serve his country, he was made the head of an important division of the British Treasury. During March of 1917 he confided privately that he supported the Bolshevik group among the Russian socialists after the overthrow of Czar Nicholas.!%A1#comments

  • Light_V_Dark

    So called Christians are just as goofy as Liberals…

    USborderpatrol In God We Trust @ you an hour ago

    It saddens God’s heart when satan and his people like you play with his Holy words. Satan(sic) little trolls deligght(sic) themselves when they misuse the context of Scripture and take words only by literal text to try to make yourselves look wise. You will note that you seldom ever impressed others with your misuse of Scripture. When we see you get an up vote it is from your ‘guest account.” ………………

    If you would like to learn there are classes you can take. Other than atheist sites on the internet which teach you how to misuse Holy Scripture. Best advise is to get over your bad self, try to learn before you attempt to lecture. Most who post here show much more wisdom than what you are trying to bluff!

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