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Feb 08 2015

Obamunist Transparency: Forty-Seven Inspectors General Denied Documents in Violation of Law

Obama declared that his administration would be the most transparent ever in the same Orwellian spirit that ObamaCare was named the “Affordable” Care Act. Trey Gowdy sounds the alarm on what “transparency” means to a lawless tyrant regarding documents that by law must be provided to inspectors general:

Via Conservative Tribune, on a tip from Ben S.

  • bigpete

    I’m sure if Loretta Lynch is confirmed she will get to the bottom of all this. /s

  • Tchhht!!!

    It’s alway entertaining to listen to Gowdy run his mouth. What would be more entertaining would be to see something actually come of his blathering.

  • He IS the most transparent in history, he has made America’s secrets open to the world. He never said his regime would be transparent to Americans.

  • Jim

    Quit dragging your knuckles.

  • TED
  • Katya Kakhov

    Only 47 ? What about the other 10 ?

  • Just a thought

    But he is transparent to us. We daily see quite CLEARLY that he is a liar.

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