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Feb 18 2015

Snow, No Snow, It’s All Global Warming

They changed the name of the global warming hoax to “climate change” so as to give themselves leeway to continue duping willful idiots even after their phony theory was debunked by the failure of temperatures to rise along with CO2 levels. There will always be weather; now all weather is evidence that taxes must be raised and economically productive activity strangled by regulation lest there be climate change. Weasel Zippers demonstrates how deftly propagandists at the New York Slimes and Washington Compost exploit this flexibility:



The moonbats can’t lose — so long as people’s brains remain out of gear.

On tips from Petterssonp.

  • MicahStone

    Actually, gore has lots and lots and lots of help with this…

  • Agrippa

    It’s hot! Climate “change.”
    It’s cold! Climate “change.”
    Gotta be one immense dumbass to believe anything these hoaxers are spewing!

  • Mr. Mentalo

    Just go to

    Caution: facts reside there. If you’re a Warmist (or would that now be “Change-ist”?), you’re head could explode.

  • Spartan24708

    I had to laugh- the mayor of Boston told everyone to stay inside if they could since people were acting ridiculous in the snow. “This is then city of Boston, not loon mountain” no further comment…

  • TED

    The MOONBATS that aren’t out of gear are SPINNING in the SNOW.

  • TED

    Global Warming/Climate Change, whatever they are calling their line of BS this week took a BIG hit when…

  • TED
  • TED
  • TED
  • SNuss

    I seem to recall being told that “global warming” would cause a massive increase in hurricanes. When we had FEWER hurricanes, that too, was because of “global warming”. IMHO, the Obama regime, and the environmental whackos, are a far greater threat to humanity than global warming.

  • Momster

    Let’s see now. It get’s hot in the summer–Global Warming!!! It gets really cold and snows heavily in New England in the winter–Global Warming!!! (oops, I mean Climate Change–oops I mean Climate Chaos, oh hell, whatever it is this week). And they wonder why so many intelligent people doubt them.

    If I want to hear lies I’ll get into a time machine and go back to my 13 year old son’s room and hear his explanation of how the girly magazine got under his mattress. He was just as adamant about his pack of lies as these hoaxers are about theirs.

    Have they checked out the relative inactivity of the sun lately? Could that big ball of super hot glowing gasses in the sky have anything to do with all of this? Just asking.

  • TED

    NOW they’ve done it, let out their REAL agenda in
    the “Climate Change” hoax. During the newest episode of HELIX they actually
    mentioned it while talking about Ilaria’s effort to kill off 75% of the WORLDS
    POPULATION in 3 months, thus “saving the planet”. A slip or a TAUNT in our
    faces. After all, isn’t that what the LEFT is all about? Abortion,
    (non-breeding) Homosexuals, Ignoring our lethal ENEMY, Their push for
    NON-PRODUCTIVE individuals, eliminating all effective energy sources, DRUGS,
    RACE wars, the push for Communism which ALWAYS results in massive deaths. ALL result in fewer humans. There is no LEFT anymore, all there is now is the FAR

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