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Feb 26 2015

George Mason University Student Representative Fired for Objecting to Instate Tuition for Illegal Aliens

In an ideologically homogeneous environment like academia, certain thoughts cannot be allowed. For example:

A former student representative at George Mason University was removed from his position after tweeting about “illegals” receiving in-state college tuition which was perceived as offensive by some students.

Storm Paglia assumed the position of undersecretary for university dining services last May and on Feb. 13 tweeted his disapproval of the Virginia Senate and House allowing “illegals” to have “in state tuition with an easier process than if I were to apply.”

“And the next time someone tells me the word ILLEGAL is inappropriate please enlighten me on how they haven’t broken our country’s laws,” Paglia continued in a separate tweet.

GMU’s student body president, Philip Abbruscato, released [an] official message on Sunday boasting of the school’s “thousands of unique voices” and the student government’s “variety of backgrounds, cultures, ideologies, academic interests, and more.”

Abbruscato also said that “demeaning” remarks from members of GMU’s student government would “not be tolerated at any level regardless of belief,” and removed Paglia from his position on Feb. 20.

Abbruscato was apparently responding to screeching activists from the Virginia Student Power Network. This outfit denounced Paglia as “racist” for pointing out that it is unfair that we are forced to subsidize the tuition of people who are in the country illegally, and who are given advantages that American citizens do not enjoy.

The people in charge aren’t going to argue with you, because they know they will lose any rational argument. They will simply shut you up, usually in a way that will serve as an example to others who otherwise might hesitate to conform to the official ideology.

Ironically, considering the official contempt shown for American sovereignty and for the fundamentally American notion of free speech, GMU is named after one of the Founding Fathers, who along with James Madison is known as the co-father of the Bill of Rights. GMU’s sports teams are called the Patriots.

Check that. Be a liberal, or be punished.

On a tip from Sterling.

  • david dorian

    Note that being offended by having your money stolen and given to illegals is just fine,.

    No freedom here.

  • rex freeway

    True colors

  • jeff stone

    Free Speech WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! My God I hope he sues the school!

  • Jodie

    Maybe they should change the name to GEORGE SOROS UNIVERSITY.

  • George Lortz

    Storm Paglia assumed the position …….yeah, you got that right.
    B.O.H.I.C.A.—(bend over, here it comes again)

  • Americangirl5

    It is only free when “they” agree with you. Otherwise, you pay the price for sure.

  • Son_of_Taz

    That logo and name must be a source of great embarrassment for the boneheaded “professors.”

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