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Mar 19 2015

UC Berkeley Black Student Union Demands Building Be Named After Cop Killer Assata Shakur

Among the many serious problems plaguing the black community, rowdy University of Oklahoma frat boys using the forbidden N-word are nowhere near the top of the list. But this is:

The Black Student Union at UC Berkeley wants the university to rename a building after a most-wanted cop killer and convicted murderer.

Cop killer Assata Shakur murdered New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster in 1973 and then fled to Cuba.

Shakur was a member of the Black Panthers and is still celebrated among certain far left communities.

The Black Student Union calls her “a symbol of black resilience in the face of state sanctioned violence.”

If constructive, admirable people like Jason Riley, Allen West, Thomas Sowell, Ben Carson, Clarence Thomas, et al. were held forward as role models instead of sociopathic vermin like Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, and Assata Shakur, a whole lot of “oppression” would magically evaporate, allowing blacks to get up off the floor and achieve their potential without having anything handed to them at someone else’s expense. But the liberal ruling class that uses the welfare system to breed blacks for their Democrat votes like chickens raised for eggs will use their control of the media and entertainment industry to prevent that from happening.

A building named after a cop-killing terrorist is only one among a list of demands noisily put forth by the “oppressed” Affirmative Action radicals infesting UC Berkeley, a school most if not all of them would be unable to get into if not for their black privilege.

No doubt their absurd demands will be granted with maximum hand-wringing obsequiousness by liberal educrats. Readers will recall that when Eric Holder took part in an armed occupation of ROTC offices at Columbia, he and other members of the Student Afro-American Society demanded that the offices be renamed the “Malcolm X Lounge.” This demand was granted. Still more outrageously, Holder was later made Attorney General of the USA.

On tips from Rob E and bigpete.

  • MannieP

    Let’s call it the Nathan Bedford Forest Building.

  • wingmann

    Why not include the Bundy building,the Dahmer Dorm and the Dennis Rader Room?

  • Son of the Rabbit People

    It could be worse; they could be trying to get them to name the building after the president or some other totally inappropriate character.

  • AC

    After this, wouldn’t it only be fair to name a building after David Duke?

  • George Lortz

    When are college administrators going to grow some cojones and just tell these groups to FOAD ?

  • TED

    OK, I’ll volunteer to do the PAINTING! CAN’T look until I’m DONE!

  • TED

    When you get admin that ISN’T FOR IT.

  • TED


  • TED

    THEY MIGHT GO FOR IT, the LEFT are the criminals…

  • TED
  • TED

    RIGHT up there with the COMMIE-PROM.

  • MicahStone

    Of course, there are LOTS of great role models for these pathetic, wretched people – but they are way too stupid, ignorant, brainwashed and just plane dumb to realize it.

  • TED
  • Bill T

    Watch for this pardon to come about before he leaves office: Mumia Abu-Jamal

  • unclelou

    I Don’t have a problem naming a building ASS SUCKER HALL after this worthless bitch, I think that would be funny.

  • JacksonPearson

    Yes they are….:

  • bigpete

    The Black Student Union at UC Berkeley wants the university to rename a building after a most-wanted cop killer and convicted murderer.

    You can wish in one hand…

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