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Apr 12 2015

Hate Hoaxing to Cover Murder

Most hate hoaxes are staged or completely fabricated. But in some cases, the crime is real, although the motive has been changed to protect the guilty. One brutal example is Shaima Alawadi’s murderer Kassim Alhimidi, an Iraqi immigrant who assimilated only too well when it came to exploiting moonbattery for personal gain…

Shaima Alawadi was murdered on March 21, 2012 in El Cajon, California in Greater San Diego. She was a 32-year-old American citizen who had emigrated from Iraq in the early 1990s. …

Alawadi’s 17-year-old daughter Fatima found her unconscious, having been brutally beaten, on the floor of their dining room the day of the murder. Next to her was a note which read “Go back to your country, you terrorist;” the sliding glass door was smashed. A similar note had allegedly been left a week earlier; although police were not able to immediately determine whether or not the murder was a hate crime, the note led them to consider the possibility.

When her family took her off life support, she died of the severe head trauma she had sustained.

Some activists and commentators compared the crime to the shooting of Trayvon Martin that had taken place less than a month earlier. The hoodie that Martin was wearing was said to feed into racial profiling that led an armed civilian to shoot the unarmed teenager; Alawadi’s hijab was similarly said to have marked her as Muslim to the person who murdered her.

Unfortunately for moonbat propagandists eager to capitalize on the murder, that’s not what happened. Otherwise Shaima Alawadi would be a household name.

Kassim Alhimidi, the husband of Shaima Alawadi, was arrested on the evening of November 8, 2012 and charged in her death… In April 2014, Alhimidi was found guilty of murder; and in June 2014, Alhimidi was sentenced to 26 years to life.

Better late than never. Kassim Alhimidi is hereby inducted into the Hate Hoaxer Hall of Shame:

Kassim Alhimidi
George Washington University swastika
Adam Hoover
Ambreen Sharif
Charles Blow
Morgan Triplett
Desiree Nall
Mindy Brickman
Oberlin College
Lena Dunham
Rolling Stone/Jackie
University of Chicago Facebook hoax
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Daniele Watts
Keith Jones
Sweet Briar College hoaxer
Grand Valley State University student
Richard Kennedy
Anonymous Hercules Middle-High School student
Joe Williams
Andrea Brazier
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