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Apr 13 2015

Indian Prime Minister Recommends Using Yoga to Fight Global Warming

There is great news for anyone gullible enough to believe that “climate change” (as global warming has been rebranded) somehow menaces the planet. We might be able to stop it in its tracks and achieve climate stasis for the first time in 4.54 billion years through the use of yoga:

India’s prime minister says people will have to change their lifestyles and develop a harmony with nature if the world is to avoid dangerous levels of climate change.

In a speech at UNESCO headquarters in Paris, Narendra Modi said different paths to “economic wellbeing” should be explored by world leaders.

He recommended yoga as one way of fighting climate change, as it offered people a sense of “harmony with self, society and nature” and could create a “social consciousness”.

Lest you think Modi is some kind of kook,

Modi described climate change as a “pressing challenge”, but rejected calls for India to adopt tougher greenhouse gas emission cuts as part of a UN deal, which is set to be finalised in the French capital in December.

Declaring that yoga affects the climate may be a little flaky, but to cripple your own country’s economy in the name of a fictitious crisis you would have to be downright insane — not to mention malevolent.

Narendra Modi
Modi: Better a little flaky than crazy and evil.

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  • Saxon Warrior

    I’m all for it.
    Let’s remove all the green tax, get back to using fossil fuels, allow all the cows that I intend to eat to fart as freely as they wish, and start boosting the coal industry again.
    We can easily offset all the carbon we’ll expel by allowing all the libtards, tree-huggers and various other cranks to sit in the lotus position and chant all day.
    The perfect solution – we’re happy and they’re happy.

  • TED

    YAH, yah, that’s it, YOGA, makes as much sense as the REST of their BS and LIES!

  • TED

    AGAIN, yah, yah, that’s it…

  • TED

    FROM those SAME people…

  • 762×51

    I read that GW can cause a little red dot to appear on your forehead. Better take heed Modi, you are a victim of Western Civilization caused GW.

  • That’s a way better idea than shutting down the coal industry. Since global warming is make-pretend, the fix might as well be make-pretend too. Every liberal should get yoga-ing!

  • BPatMann

    Finally, a logical solution to the Global Warming® crisis.

  • MannieP

    From another site.

  • Jester

    One of the best things Great Britain did for India was to suppress yoga. Now that India has re-imported it from the millions of little moonbat girls who are obsessed with it here, it can further degrade their society the same way it degrades ours. Sigh.

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