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May 01 2015

Baltimore Rioters Evoke Cop-Killer Assata Shakur

This is what civilization is up against in Baltimore:

Assata Shakur (nee Joanne Chesimard) is wicked even by progressive standards. An “activist” associated with the Black Panthers and the Black Liberation Army, she murdered New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster during a routine traffic stop. She was convicted of first-degree murder among numerous other felonies but escaped from prison, reminding us yet again why a promptly administered death penalty is often indispensable.

So hostile is this criminal lunatic to American civilization that Cuba granted her asylum, the UC Berkeley Black Student Union has demanded that a building be named after her, and the taxpayer-supported City College of New York named a community center after her.

Now that Obama has proclaimed that the communist Cuban regime is our friend, Assata could be coming home soon to receive a presidential pardon. Like fellow cold-blooded cop-killer and liberal demigod Mumia Abu-Jamal, she will be a popular choice for college commencement addresses.

There is no question that the likeminded leftists running Baltimore, who have facilitated the recent rioting, would side with Assata against the trooper she murdered, just as they have sided with the feral mob against the police. Ditto for the Obama Administration and the “mainstream” media.

We aren’t up against decent people with a different ideology, with whom it would be possible to reason. We are up against evil.

A heroine to liberals.

On a tip from Wiggins. Hat tip: Young Conservatives.

  • No justic no peace

    No justice no peace! Cops are starting to worry what happens to them if they kill a 12 year old black child playing in a park. I know he was playing with a toy gun so its ok to shoot him.

  • JeffersonSpinningInGrave

    A retired Marine Corpse firearms instructor taught me.

  • Tchhht!!!


  • Mr. Mentalo

    Nah, you don’t think that’s a TROLL do you?

  • MicahStone

    Leftist bottom-feeders dwell only at the bottom….

  • MicahStone

    The non-stop RACIST PERVERSION of the justice system by the lunatic-left…

  • Numb Digger

    How soon until YOU get shot? I’ll reimburse the Cops for their ammo!

  • Numb Digger

    I strongly prefer THIS shirt:

  • Mr. Mentalo

    ‘Scuse me “numb” aka No justic (sic): won’t work. Since no one is taking the bait, you figure you’ll strike the match yourself? Not hardly, Maynard.

    Now go back to the Daily Kos and bask in the glow of social justic.

  • Mr. Mentalo

    Close, but something’s not quite right.

    I’VE GOT IT!

    Just didn’t look smug (i.e. uppity) enough:

  • As long as they all move to Cuba, I don’t give a shit what it says on their tee shirts…

  • WingMann

    Yep, Leftists are psychopaths, devils in human form, pure evil, and it is not immoral to destroy evil. In fact, destroying evil is a good thing, and a moral act.

  • Henry

    Tookie, Mumia, Assata… idolizing criminal negroes is part of their cultcha!

  • Roger

    7.62 @ 2900 FPS + Joanna = justice

  • Jodie

    Tonight’s benediction:

    22 A cheerful heart is good medicine,
    but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.

    23 The wicked accept bribes in secret
    to pervert the course of justice.

    24 A discerning person keeps wisdom in view,
    but a fool’s eyes wander to the ends of the earth.

    Proverbs 17:22-24New International Version (NIV)


  • DJ

    Actually she’s a rather attractive negress; except for the fact you could probably drive a Mack truck up her nostrils.

  • DJ

    Black criminals are the liberals’ favorite heroes.

  • Saxon Warrior

    Yes fuckwit… great comedy comment.
    We hear you…. you’re slightly funny. Here’s a little sympathy applause that we like to give to clueless talentless nobodies:
    clap, clap, (ahem…) clap… (yawn)…

    Now get off stage…. your act is shit!

  • lao

    I’m glad the officers involved are being charged. It turns out they didn’t even have probable cause to make arrest! I know you all love freedom and rights too. Yes, murder charges for them!

  • Saxon Warrior

    According to the (false) prophet Mohammed, Muslims should rinse their nostrils with water every morning after wakening, because during the night Satan crawls up human noses and beds down.
    When Satan saw Shakur’s nostrils he decided to build a new apartment inside and rent them out to tourists!

  • Jester

    Here you have it, folks: another call for violence from the tolerant, peaceful, loving, caring, compassionate left wing:

  • host with the most

    The victims family, thx to obama can now travel to cuba and whack her sorry azz

  • guest

    Nope…sorry, it sounds like a career criminal did not want to go back to jaill… sorry to piss or you marxist campfire

  • R_of_the_H

    bring it
    love to knock you off

  • DJ


    AssHATa = A Satan worshiping slumlord.

  • Smith and Wesson and Me

    To respond to this pathetic losers points.

    1. Have you ever even worked a day in your life? We share your concern about the government “robbing” us all in the form of payroll taxes. Do you realize, you sound like a Republican?

    2. If you don’t like the high prices in the store, either educate yourself and get a better paying job, or move to another part of the country where both the cost of living and job prospects are better. Whu, ya aint gots no wheels, nigga?

    3. Again, educate yourself (not in Kenyan basket weaving, but something useful, like engineering) so you can get a better paying job and buy your own house.

    Pathetic loser bitch.

  • DJ

    By her own words, AssHATa proves she has the intellectual firepower of a two year old … which, BTW, is above average amongst her tribe.

  • Smith and Wesson and Me

    You’re not lao. Not even lao’s mangina.

  • Smith and Wesson and Me

    Don’t you mean, a Cadeeeelac?

  • Saxon Warrior

    Actually, even Kenyan basket-weaving would be a step up. I’m sure there might be a demand for Kenyan baskets. They could be sold like any other marketable product.
    The Black products that aren’t very saleable are ‘chimping out and rioting’, slapping your bitch about, converting to Islam under the delusion that it will improve your nigga life, and smokin’ crack.
    Of course even the first product on my list could be sold if Blacks were willing to live in zoos.
    Chimping out and rioting could be great entertainment and I would willingly pay to see it as long as I was protected by steel bars and a glass screen to protect me from all the flying feces that were thrown in my direction.

  • lao’s mangina

    Hey, I resemble that remark!

  • Logic_Mine

    Oh, my mistake. I thought this was about Fred Gray. But I can see now that its really about RaCism!

    The Black Ku Klux Klan RideS AGAIN!

  • grayjohn

    Assata? More like Asshata. If they revere scum who kill police officers, then why can’t we revere police officers who kill scum? Double racist standards at play?

  • grayjohn


  • Ol’ Uncle Lar

    Hmm, maybe would see about treating Fidel and Raul to a reverse Mariel boat lift and send all of ’em to stay with their “inspiration”.

  • grayjohn


  • VernaWThomas

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  • Viking_61

    That nose in the top picture…LOL…….

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