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Jun 10 2015

The Diversity-Driven Decline of Mickey D’s

The formerly all-American company McDonald’s was once a paragon of capitalist success. Lately however profits have been in such steady decline that it will no longer report its monthly sales figures. VDare puts its finger on why.

In addition to many of the franchises having earned a reputation for violence by mobs of what the media euphemistically calls “teens,”

McDonald’s [has] aggressively courted a reputation as a “diverse” [i.e., nonwhite] company—most notably through its 365 Black campaign. 365 Black was an attempt by McDonald’s to show it was “deeply rooted in the community” by promoting black culture and offering awards, scholarships, and other benefits to African-Americans. …

McDonalds defined “diversity” as a way to keep the company profitable. It boasted that “73 percent of McDonald’s total workforce” is composed of women and “people of color,” as well as 43 percent of all franchise staff and 55 percent of suppliers [McDonald’s Makes Diversity About the Bottom Line, by Aman Singh, Forbes Magazine, September 8, 2010]. In 2012, McDonald’s, with much fanfare, became one of the few Fortune 500 companies with a black CEO, Don Thompson [who left this year]. McDonald’s even has a “Chief Diversity Officer,” one Patricia Sowell Harris, hawking a jargon-heavy book entitled None of Us Is As Good as All of Us: How McDonald’s Prospers by Embracing Inclusion and Diversity.

Unsurprisingly, none of this tomfoolery generated profits. On the contrary,

McDonald’s is confronting reports of declining customer service and even hostility directed towards customers from its non-white workforce [McDonald’s Tackles Repair of ‘Broken’ Service, by Julie Jargon, Wall Street Journal, April 10, 2013]. One of the more recent examples of vibrant cultural displays took place in Chicago: a McDonald’s employee attacked a customer and ruptured his eyeball after an argument at the register [Prosecutors: McDonald’s employee attacks customer, damaging man’s eye, by Geoff Ziezulewicz, Chicago Tribune, March 15, 2015]. …

McDonald’s is increasingly seen as a “black” restaurant…

Once a neighborhood becomes conspicuously “diverse,” whites run for their lives, property values collapse, and soon you have a rotting sinkhole that can swallow whole cities like Detroit and Baltimore. Apparently the same process applies to corporations.

But at least the folks running McDonald’s can pat themselves on their pointy heads for being politically correct.

Has anyone learned from the experience? Apparently not:

McDonald’s Corporation [yesterday] announced the appointments of Robert Gibbs as Executive Vice President, Global Chief Communications Officer and Silvia Lagnado as Executive Vice President, Global Chief Marketing Officer. Both will report to McDonald’s President and CEO Steve Easterbrook.

“Robert and Silvia are both highly-respected, talented leaders who will bring a wealth of experience and outside perspective to McDonald’s as we build a more modern, progressive burger company,” said Easterbrook.

Yes, that Robert Gibbs — the hapless former spokesliar for the left-wing Obama Regime. Whatever they mean by building a more “progressive” burger company, it is likely to entail doubling down on the moonbattery while customers eat elsewhere in ever larger numbers.

Not paying off in profits.

On tips from Ken in Florida, J, and Mr. Mentalo.

  • Henry

    A Tale of Two Burger Joints:

    Double Quarter Pounder w/Cheese – $6.13
    Medium Fries – $2.04
    Medium Shake – $3.32
    TOTAL – $11.49

    Double Double – $4.04
    Fries – $1.87
    Shake – $2.52
    TOTAL – $8.43

    You know what to do…


  • Bob

    A dad with his kids?

  • mark

    Don’t give up on McDonalds. They’re in the process of replacing hostile illiterate blacks with computers and robots.

  • whotothewhat

    More progressive really means more gay, watch for Ronald to come out later this year. Ronald and his life partner Grimace will adopt a handicapped African boy and move to there new Golden arches home. Oh and Golden arches will become rainbows.

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  • jayeS

    The few times I’ve been to McDonald’s, I’ve never seen watermelon on the menu.

  • Son_of_Taz

    McDonald’s time has run out. Regardless of how moonbatty they are, McDs is like Sears. Once a powerhouse retailer that accounted for 1% of the gross national product, their image became stale and didn’t appeal to baby boomers as they aged.
    Now we have a whole slew of new, cooler burger joints, selling better quality meats and other things that appeal to the younger demo.

    In that same vein, so goes Kodak, IBM, Polaroid – the list goes on. Change or die.

  • Tchhht!!!

    McDonald’s doesn’t serve quality, it serves consistency. It’s consistently lousy.

  • Tchhht!!!

    Yeah, but what’s in the back messing with the food?

  • Tchhht!!!

    Hey, maybe McDonald’s could use this business model:

  • Fo-shame!

  • Salma Nella Version 2.0?

  • Heh™

    A black dad seen out with his woman and chirrens is like spotting Jesus in a potato chip.

  • Excellent.

  • MAS

    McDonald’s; When intestinal problems are just not enough it’s also culturally diverse (read: “get out my seat white meat”).

  • White flight happens again! WHO the EFF wants to go to a ‘MickeyD’s’ when there are ghetto fights about to break out?

    Not to mention, their crap hasn’t tasted edible since the 80’s. Now that shizzle all tastes the same because they have food ‘chemical engineers’ that make it extra fakey now. Blech. The Negroids can have at it. BOOP-BOOP-BOOP! Back that thang up Sharkeisha.

  • DJ

    Personally I think they should rename McDonald’s to McIntosh’s … i.e., rename it as a tribute to my man Rayon McIntosh. His unparalleled expertise is in customer relations alone merits it. 😀

  • mark
  • mark
  • DJ

    Funny we don’t hear about ghetto fights breaking out in KFCs. Fried chicken must have a calming affect on negroids, I suppose.

  • 762×51

    Black Culture is a contradiction in terms. Demonstrated by one word – Hip-hop, that’s one word, right?

    I stopped going to McDonald’s decades ago when they capitulated to the libtards and stopped cooking their french fries in beef tallow to make them more ‘healthy. They’re FRENCH FRIES” for crap sake. So they rolled over and started using oils which now we are told contain trans-fats which are even worse than beef tallow.

    Liberalism creates a train wreck everywhere it goes and with everything it touches. Only an imbecile would listen to them on any subject.

  • Jim

    There is an unseen winner in all this fast food competition, Jack In The Box. Yes, Jacques de Box had the distinction of being the fast food restaurant of choice of certain persons of a politically preferred pigmentation for many years. They seem to have lost that title as more “diversity strife” has affected McDonald’s, both in employment and patrons. That’s fine with me, Jacques has better fries.

  • 762×51

    Fa shizzle ma nizzle.

  • 762×51

    Nothing like getting some In-N-Out every day . . .

  • DJ

    LOL! Indeed!

  • MicahStone

    “…hostility directed towards customers from its non-white workforce…”
    The ONLY hope for McD’s:
    It doesn’t bitch, it doesn’t protest, it doesn’t spit on your food because you have “white privilege,” it doesn’t demand an obscene salary just to put a pickle on a bun…AND IT WORKS NON-STOP 7×24!

  • Ferd Berfel

    THIS is why libs hate capitalism. Here’s a classic example of customers rewarding or holding back from a provider that does or does not meet their needs.

    In point of fact I try to avoid any McD’s with a black staff. I’ll drive out of the way to go to one staffed by Mexicans and/or whites. The Mexicans here get the order right the first time and quickly. The knee grows not so much… ever.

  • Ferd Berfel

    already on the way. There’s a few kitchen bots already in the fast food pipeline. With kiosks for ordering and paying pretty soon there’ll be a whole lot less $15 workers needed.

  • Ferd Berfel

    the Law of Unintended Consequences follows them around like smell on a dog

  • Ferd Berfel


  • Fo rizzle!

  • Bwahahahahahaha

    L-tryptophan? =))

  • Uh oh.

    Back to pickin’ cotton!

  • 762×51

    Wet dog actually smells better than liberalism. It is the stench of death and decay.

  • wingmann

    Long term put option should be a good play.

  • nobull

    Fortune 500 companies with a black CEO, Don Thompson [who left this year].

    His outstanding idea – add wings to the menu. Wings at mcd’s = S T U P I D.

  • Exile1981

    Some of the KFC’s have gone 100% halal so that’s not a good option either.

  • Henry

    They have machines for that too…

    Time to send that antiquated equipment back to its point of origin.

  • Send them to the Moon with the Muslims. Surely we can colonize the moon with the misfits? Non? OUI!

  • I guess Mickie D’s…”ain’t loving it,” anymore.

  • TED
  • Agrippa

    Gotta be “progressive,” which of course means “regressive.” Just pitiful, Mickey D! You’re headed for the shithole of business failure, circling the drain right now. Hope you disappear, real soon!

  • Jodie

    In addition to McDonald’s jumping on the “diversity” bandwagon, they were very quick to get in bed with the Obamas. They started with the new Michelle O “healthy” menu items, which most people were not interested in. They then replaced french fries with apple chips. Not many kids were interested in apple chips in their Happy Meals.

    Shortly before the 2012 presidential election, McDonald’s staged their phony, “hiring 50,000 people in one day” stunt. That was total bunk. They were reducing current employee’s hours, in order to avoid some of the Obamacare regulations, thus they hired a few part timers and cut the hours of some long term employees.

    McDonald’s has deservedly gone down hill, not only due to their liberal pandering, but their customer service has deteriorated tremendously.

    McDonald’s is not like it used to be. I worked for McDonald’s when I was in high school. The franchise that I worked for was awesome. They had very strict quality, cleanliness, and customer service standards. Their food was deee-licious back then!

    It’s not the same today.

  • It all started with the McChittlin’…..

  • Nobama

    That old 70’s ad targeting blacks is just classic!! Note the early use of Ebonics…oh, and no tipping too! Hilarious.

  • Hunter

    I can’t think of any culture in history that produced anything of value through ‘diversity’.

  • bkhuna

    How funny. The ad copy sounds just like the beige bozo when he’s talking to an assemblage of his brethren.

  • bkhuna

    Can anybody come up with one good reason to bring back the McRib every year?

  • rex freeway


  • Jodie

    lol! When I read it, I can’t help but hear Hillary’s voice as the narrator, speaking in her best negro dialect.

  • Professor Hale

    The McDs franchises here in Virginia are very racially segregated. That is NOT diversity. The problem is, once a location gets over 30% black, all the white girls quit. Some locations are all Honduran, some all Mexican, Some even Nigerian. And the ones run by non-immigrant blacks are known for their surly slow employees and getting orders wrong.


    Odd. The black “Family” depicted here in this Ad has a black Mother AND “a” Father… Strange by today’s “new black “culture” standards” ….

    I wonder how this ” Ad ” would realistically look by today’s “standards”….??;
    Well, the Ad “could” depict a “diverse minority” figure behind the counter “ATTACKING” a diverse minority CUSTOMER…..or a diverse minority CUSTOMER bad mouthing and Attacking the diverse minority STAFF….the ad might include a get your Coupon for a free meal if you are NOT attacked in any of 25 “visits”…

    My, how far the diverse minority “culture” has sunk….to new lows…

  • Pegon Zellschmidt

    Mama took her two boys to Micky D’s to celebrate her new baby daddy. Looks like Baby Daddy is molesting the youngest boy as mama smiles enticingly at the other man who’s batting his eyes at Baby Daddy. Now that’s ‘relaxin and gettin’ down at McDonald’s!

  • Pegon Zellschmidt

    Get rid of the pictures and write the menu in cursive.

  • Tchhht!!!

    I think Ray Kroc is spinning in his grave.

  • Bill

    Not interested in havin’ my food spit on.

  • Bill

    New bid – neiss model: A food business run by animals. Just might not work.


    I get a MAC-D probably once a year. Not really into ‘fast food’…The last time I got one -Big Mac I couldn’t believe how “thin” the patties were!!! I couldn’t remember them being ‘that’ thin.
    Anyway I live in a state where there are plenty of ‘Diners’ I’d rather eat in a Diner. You get better quality food, better atmosphere for about the same amount of Money and I don’t mind ‘tipping’.

  • Momster

    Just to pizz muzzies off.

  • Momster

    Ohhh geeeez…you stepped in liberalism. Wipe your shoe on the grass. Be sure to get the edges! Better get a stick to scrape it off with.

  • Momster

    More likely to see Jesus. At least you wouldn’t have to give Him a DNA test overseen by Jerry Springer.

  • Progressive burger company means they only use meat from gay cows

  • Paul Kersey

    I used to occasionally patronize two McDonalds restaurants. One near my home and one near my office. I never go to either of them anymore. Over the last several years, the work force at both has become almost exclusively black and the customer service has gone to crap. There are too many other choices to put up with that kind of attitude. If this is a nationwide phenomenon, they are doomed.

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