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Jun 15 2015

Public School Holds Staff Training at Mosque

One of the propaganda tasks public schools must carry out to advance the liberal agenda is to brainwash children into viewing Islam as benevolent, in stark contradiction of current events and 1,400 years of history. Educrats are taking this task seriously:

Dozens of teachers and administrators in Pennsylvania’s Lebanon School District recently attended a taxpayer-funded in-service workshop at a local mosque to learn about Islam and Arabic culture.

About 50 staffers from the district … headed to the nearby Lebanon Valley Mosque to delve into the Islamic religion and join a prayer service with the congregation…

Leftists would demand resignations if public school educrats held a workshop in a church. However,

There was no mention of objections or threatening letters sent to the school district by atheist groups that typically scream foul with religious-themed school events.

Both liberals and conservatives espouse values that are 100% opposed to Islam: liberty, tolerance, women’s rights, et cetera. But to the extent they have the first clue what Islam is about yet promote it anyway, liberal support for these values is less than sincere.

On tips from Jimmie C and Dragon’s Lair.

  • Buttercup

    Astonishing. ACLU, where are you?

  • Son_of_Taz

    Visit these sites and leave a comment for the atheists. Ask why they aren’t outraged and making a lot of noise about this.

  • rambler

    Hello…. parents. Why are you allowing your property taxes to fund schools allowing or promoting this stuff?

  • whotothewhat

    Just another example of life in occupied Amerika. Time to form the insurgency.

  • Mo

    Pathetic how some will do anything for a free meal. In my town senior citizens vote democrat in return for a deli sandwich.

  • Henry

    Without out a doubt, this would never have been tolerated if it were a Catholic church instead of a mosque.

  • Hungjumper

    Maybe they should have gone to Shanksville instead.

  • Hungjumper

    I see they washed their feet. Nice

    I’d have walked a pair of my 13E Tony Llamas through a pile of dog shit and skipped my way all through their ‘lil o’ mosque.

  • TED
    NOT having ISIS training our TEACHERS!!!

  • TED

    PIG shit would be better….

  • TED

    FUNNY too how that BS that is NOT in the constitution about Church and State NEVER comes up in these instances!

  • TED

    AND YUOR money is forcibly taken from you to pay for this BS!! One more way for the left to funnel money to the terrorists!

  • 762×51

    I’m not sure that a culture that has not developed FURNITURE in 1,400 years is worth getting to know about.

  • 762×51

    Friend of mine that was a DevGru operator said when he was in Iraq / Afghanistan, he always made sure to have bacon in the American chow halls. That way if he had to take a dump off base, he could leave a little pork behind.

    Political Correctness, it seems, is not part of the SEAL way.

  • 762×51

    That time is long past my friend. Many of us have been equipping and training for years.

    The civil war I have been warning about is right around the corner.

  • AlanOne7

    Done. Thanks for the tip.

  • wavetheshales

    Don’t forget the bacon….could maybe shine the top of your shoes with that, and bring along a BLT in case you get hungry…..

  • wavetheshales

    Not forgetting NOW and libtard libbers everywhere, too……
    Women’s rights – yeah, we’ve heard of them….. just not in the moose slime world…..

  • wavetheshales

    Makes me think of this:
    Report from a feminist convention on the subject:
    “How do I train my Husband?”

    First commenter:
    “My name is Karen. I said to my husband, ‘Tom, as of now, you do the cooking!’
    On the first day, I didn’t see anything; on the second day, I didn’t see anything; but on the third day, there was a roast on the table!”

    Applause echoes through the hall.

    Second commenter:
    “I’m-a Graziella, say-a to my husband: “Hey-a Luigi, from-a now on you-a clean the toilet!
    The first-a day, I see-a nothing; the second day-a nothing; the third day-a I see-a Luigi with a rag-a cleaning the toilet!”

    Thunderous applause and a standing ovation for the woman.

    Third commenter:
    “I’m Fatima. Say to Achmed, you need to iron your own shirts! …..

    First day, I don’t see anything. Second day, I don’t see anything.
    Third day, I can see a little bit out of my left eye”…..

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