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Jun 24 2015

Mega-Retailers Confirm That Pushing Liberal Agenda Comes Before Making Money

Mega-retailers have confirmed their loyal membership in the liberal Establishment and their willingness to join in an ideological war of annihilation against the very concept of the South by refusing to sell Confederate flag merchandise.

This confirms that like Big Advertising, Big Retail is far more concerned with advancing the liberal agenda than with making money, because thanks to the authorities’ big push to suppress it, the rebel flag is selling better than ever:

Leading retailers including Walmart (WMT), Amazon (AMZN), Sears (SHLD) and eBay (EBAY) have now said they’ll stop selling Confederate flag merchandise. But that follows a spike in sales that caught retailers off guard. On Monday, before Haley announced her change in position on the flag (which still must be approved by the state assembly), Amazon showed just two Confederate flags among the 60 bestselling items under “Outdoor Flags and Banners”: one at the No. 5 spot, and one at No. 43. The following morning, five of the top 20 bestsellers in the category were Confederate flags, including the No. 1 bestseller, a 3-by-5 foot polyester model made by Rhode Island Novelty and sold by a company called Anley. Among the top 60, 12 were versions of the Confederate flag.

Yesterday Vanity Fair admitted that Amazon customers

shot sales of the Confederate battle flag up by 3,620 percent. (That’s at the time of this writing—the number is rapidly increasing.)

That’s not an exaggeration. Here’s a screenshot from 1:55 P.M. EST of the “movers and shakers” in Amazon’s “Patio, Lawn, and Garden” section. For the patio-challenged, this is the section that sells items people publicly display in front of their homes:


Now the Amazon wing of the thought police have purged the forbidden flag, which because it represents the South is considered more “offensive” than the other items they have for sale, including these recently discovered by the Daily Caller:

• The Holocaust Hoax Exposed: Debunking the 20th Century’s Greatest Fabrication
• Swastika skins for your Playstation 4.
• An SS armband for when you cosplay as an SS stormtrooper.
• A Soviet lapel pin, to show your solidarity with the proletariat and the people who killed millions of them.
• A replica Death’s Head pin, just like the ones the SS wore while operating death camps in Poland.
• An iPhone case showing Piss Christ, a piece of art consisting of a crucifix in a jar of urine.
• A trendy pewter Nazi swastika pendant.
• This women’s T-shirt honoring Joseph Stalin.
• A canvas bag celebrating China’s Cultural Revolution, which killed millions.
• About ten thousand different Che Guevara t-shirts.

But of course not even Nazis and communist executioners like Che Guevara are as evil as the independently minded good old boys associated with the Confederate flag.

Liberal sanctimony is as phony as Obama’s grinning mug on a $3 bill.

Remember what moonbats used to admit openly before they became the Establishment: the issue is never the issue; the issue is always the Revolution. Now that they are in charge, the word “Revolution” has been replaced by “Agenda.” Otherwise nothing has changed. Every issue in the Culture War is merely a means to an end that they know we won’t like.

Amazon will sell you this, but not a Confederate flag.

On tips from DinaRehn, Stormfax, J, and Son_of_Taz.

  • Appalled By The World

    Hey now-no mocking St. Che. He was chic for the moron crowd long before Nakba Day (Nov 4, 2008). Too bad at least 98 percent of those imbeciles who wear garb with his puss on it know absolutely nothing about the guy-but then again enlightenment may make him even more popular.

  • MicahStone

    Sadly, the lunatic-left PC police have already desecrated the General Lee into something they can admire…

  • Henry

    I’m loving it! I’ve got a pair of antique, copper enameled Confederate flag lapel pins worn by one of my ancestors during the era. I was just thinking about selling them on eBay (ObrownMao’s economy has not been good to me)… I expect to get twice the price now!

  • Saxon Warrior

    The sole purpose of a business is to make money. No matter how philanthropic and charitable a businessman you are, no matter how non-materialistic you are, you know that if you run a business that you have to put making money a number one priority. Even if you have the urge to give all your money away, you can’t do that unless you make money in the first place. Even if you want to change the World and feed the poor you still need to make money.
    So when businesses put the liberal agenda first over making money, you know that there is something seriously wrong!
    Marxism, like all other forms of Moonbattery is clearly a mental illness. Like Islam, it’s a disease that needs to be eradicated.

  • MrRightWingDave

    Say it ain’t so! No more good ol’ boys never meanin’ no harm?

  • Appalled By The World

    Yes-both partners in the Axis of Evil do need to be demolished. Too bad a way can’t be found to set them at each other’s throats so that we may end up benefiting.

  • MAS

    Never had a desire to own or display one of these…even when living in Texas before the civil rights movement. Now, however, if I find a good sized flag (made in America) I’m going to buy it. That’s right, I’m a rebel…

  • PPs43

    I have a Che T-shirt that I wear proudly, especially when visiting the local college campus. The shirt depicts a portrait of Che with a bullet hole in his forehead (and, yes, I know he was not shot in the face.) The caption reads, “The Only Good Commie.”

    When they actually bother to comprehend the message, the look of collective horror on the faces of our local tribe of liberals is priceless.

    I would hate to see the sale of these shirts banned.

  • Appalled By The World

    Makes one wonder if the Bolivians are made to feel bad for killing this wonderful holy man the way Americans are shamed into apologizing for all their “crimes” around the world by Che’s spiritual compadres.

  • KHarn

    Thank you for this article. It’s true: southerners living today are hated more than Nazis of any era.
    PS: General Forrest freed more slaves than president Lincoln did!

  • KHarn

    Well said! May I borrow your reasoning for future use against socialists?

  • formwiz

    Good. Boycott Amazon and E-Bay.

    Wally World is probably dead anyway if the South and Midwest react as I think they will.

  • formwiz

    Think “Red Dawn”.

  • born in 76
  • PPs43

    My guess is that there’s very little angst among Bolivian socialists concerning Che’s demise. He and Fidel had recently experienced a falling-out over the nature of Cuban communism with Fidel favoring the Soviet model and Che insisting in the Chinese version. With Cuba heavily influencing South American Marxists in 1967, it’s safe to say few Bolivians shed a tear concerning Che’s fate, then or now.

  • Son_of_Taz

    KHarn, you may have a basic misunderstanding of socialists. One, reasoning is something of which they are genetically deficient. Two, socialists are also born without hearing. Try talking to one and watch the blank stare followed by personal attacks.

  • KHarn

    I know, it’s hilarious!

  • Agrippa

    Had the “Prime” membership, and enjoy books from (an Amazon company), but not any more . . .
    Hope you go out of business, Amazon (and the other cowards) — not another dime from me, assholes! Not for any reason.
    Just like Mozilla: run, run away, be very frightened! The mob is coming, and the mob rules now! Good little fascists! There, there (Obozo pats their heads)!

  • Appalled By The World

    True. Still, St. Che has transcended all that in death. They may have their internal squabbles but outwardly they usually present a solid front of commie goodness to outsiders. Sort of like those who follow the Koran-they’ll kill one another over who’s the most pious but then they join hands to kill infidels.

  • BlancheWRoberts
  • BlancheWRoberts
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  • oldguy

    A socialist is really just a rich Communist. They just want to redistribute worker’s money but keep their own accumulated wealth.

  • Saxon Warrior

    Borrow by all means.

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