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Jun 27 2015

No Confederate Flags, but eBay Will Sell You This

The flag that represents the South is banned from sale on eBay, because the South is politically incorrect for being “racist.” However, eBay does offer this less offensive item for sale:


By now we have a pretty good idea where our liberal ruling class is coming from. Possibly because they think we are stupid, they keep grinding it in our faces anyway, just to make sure they have gotten their point across.

“F*** your God” would be a good summary of yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling that imposed homosexual marriage, but that is actually not so much about sexual perversion as about launching a war of eradication against Christianity in the name of suppressing “discrimination.”

On a tip from Sean C.

  • I’d see a shirt like that and I used to think well, free speech, it’s their right. Sure, I’d clinch my hand up real good, and my toe would itch so bad wanting to kick them. But free speech, you know. I’m changing my mind. They don’t respect our right to free speech or to be left alone from their malarkey.

  • PPs43

    The good news is that there will always be jobs for the Winston Smiths of the world at the new Ministry of Truth.

  • 762×51

    Fuck your Supreme Court.
    Fuck your President.
    Fuck your laws.
    Fuck your Marxist ideology.

    OK, so now what?

    Once you reach this point, all that is left is an ass whoppin.

  • Jodie

    Now that the evil ones have “redefined”: marriage, the constitution, freedom, government, education, etc., I think that the next step will be for these disciples of Satan to try to “redefine” Christianity. They are already making strides in changing the message of Christianity to fit their agenda. What we are going to be dealing with is the “one world religion” that the Bible and the prophets have warned us about. It will be a so-called “all-inclusive”, gay loving, Muslim loving, Jesus bashing religion.

    As time goes on, more and more real Christians, who dare to speak the truth about about God’s word will be mocked, ridiculed, punished, fired, silenced, attacked and worse.

  • Donna M

    Oooohhhh nononoooo!
    For the morons who thought this was cool!
    Wait until satan sticks his junk in your trunk!
    He excells in abominations, and is all fired up, ready to troll!
    He’s exceptionally vicious to the reprehensibly stupid!

  • Donna M

    By the way,
    With all the nonsense that happened this week.
    This is the DISORDER of the day!
    More drama coming our way.
    Mass system cascade failure!
    The effects of Obama care don’t kick in until the fearless leader is out of office.
    And we should be expecting Hollywood and all the production companies to start making commercials TV programs and movies….anything in print… To reflect the newly enacted law. I guess EWTN is going to be the only channel, I’ll be able to safely watch without feeling the need to throw up! Ya’ll should be preparing yourselves for the inevitable blitzkrieg in the media on our highly offended senses. I’ll probably be, eventually, getting rid of the tv.

  • Donna M

    We will continue to be faithful unto death!
    To those that continue to persecute us…this is your notice.
    We will not comply…
    You just declared, a civil war!

  • marcus tullius cicero

    ….Jesus told us that His followers would be persecuted in His Name and made fun of…
    By the Cross We All Be Saved…..
    But Jesus The Christ will “TRIUMPH and CAST INTO HELL” His enemies…
    He said so!


    We are already the only group that is legally persecuted in this “land of the free.” Legally discriminated against, openly ridiculed, mocked, our traditions and heritage openly defiled, as we are forced to violate all of our principles.

    We are the second class citizens that are being ever more ostracized, marginalized and scorned – these are the steps that lead to mass executions of “undesirable” populations. Anyone laughing at this progression as some “tin-foil hat conspiracy” has absolutely no understanding of the history of murderous regimes. It never starts with open mass murder, it starts with the demonization of groups.

  • PaulineSValencia
  • Feet2Fire

    Not that it really addresses their hypocrisy about barring Confederate items while allowing anti-Christian items, but eBay usually will respond if enough people call them and complain about offensive items. If you feel strongly about this, find their phone number (they don’t make it easy but it is possible to find their number!) and call them and cite the item you are upset about. Give them details like item number and seller name.
    (Went to the main eBay landing page once and found a bunch of photos and ads for “erotica” that was NOT suitable for general audiences or younger viewers. We called and they dealt with it immediately.)

    BTW, that ad does not show the seller name or item number. Why not?

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