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Jul 01 2015

Connie St Louis, the Fraud Who Took Down a Great Scientist

The tale of Nobel laureate biologist Tim Hunt’s downfall illustrates how frightening it can be to live during the Reign of Politically Correct Terror:

On Monday, June 8, a British academic called Connie St Louis uploaded a sensational document to her Twitter feed. Beginning with the question ‘Why are the British so embarrassing abroad?’, it offered an account of bizarre remarks that a Nobel Prize-winning biologist by the name of Sir Tim Hunt had made earlier that day at a conference in Seoul, the capital of South Korea.

His audience was comprised of roughly 100 science journalists, most of them female, who were being treated to a free lunch by a local trade body representing Women’s Science & Technology Associations.

According to St Louis, who was in the crowd, their meal was ‘utterly ruined’ by the ‘sexist speaker’. She claimed that Sir Tim, having been asked to deliver a toast, embarked on a surreal rant in which he boasted of being a ‘male chauvinist’. …

‘Really, does this Nobel laureate think we are still in Victorian times?’ she asked.

If only.

So began an extraordinary course of events that saw her tweet shared more than 600 times, kick-starting a viral scandal which resulted in the 72-year-old academic, famed for his pioneering work on cell division, being vilified across social media. …

Within hours, Sir Tim was being hauled across the coals in newspapers and TV bulletins across the world.

In no time his career was utterly destroyed.

The days that followed saw him unceremoniously hounded out of honorary positions at University College London (UCL), the Royal Society and the European Research Council (ERC).

Then came the revelation that Hunt was just making an innocuous joke, which the obtuse St Louis had failed to comprehend.

It came courtesy of The Times newspaper, which revealed the contents of a leaked report into Sir Tim’s fall from grace compiled by an EU official who had accompanied him to the Seoul conference.

This individual, who has not been named, sat with him at the lunch and provided a transcript of what Sir Tim ‘really said’.

This transcript vindicates him of the charge of being a sexist thought criminal.

But St Louis is sticking by her story:

As a result, this explosive controversy now rests on a single, straightforward question: which of these two, first-hand versions of events is true? Either the anonymous EU official is telling the truth, in which case Sir Tim is a hapless victim, guilty of nothing more than telling a misjudged joke. Or Connie St Louis, the architect of the witch-hunt against him, is in the right. In that case, [vindictive intolerant liberals who insist on absolute ideological conformity] will continue to argue that he got what he deserved.

St Louis has gotten only two people to back up her story.

Strangely, given that there were more than 90 other journalists present at the fateful lunch in Seoul, no other detailed accounts of the toast have emerged.

Rather than make assumptions from that based on the overwhelming left-wing bias of the media, let’s figure out who is more credible — a great scientist or Connie St Louis:

A good place to start is the website of London’s City University, where St Louis has, for more than a decade, been employed to run a postgraduate course in science journalism.

Here, on a page outlining her CV, she is described as follows:

‘Connie St Louis . . . is an award-winning freelance broadcaster, journalist, writer and scientist.

‘She presents and produces a range of programmes for BBC Radio 4 and BBC World Service . . . She writes for numerous outlets, including The Independent, Daily Mail, The Guardian, The Sunday Times, BBC On Air magazine and BBC Online.’

All very prestigious. Comforting, no doubt, for potential students considering whether to devote a year of their lives (and money) to completing an MA course under her stewardship. Except, that is for one small detail: almost all of these supposed ‘facts’ appear to be untrue.

That her curriculum vitae consists mainly of lies is documented in detail by the Daily Mail. An accurate CV accounting for her professional success would consist of only a few words: “Connie St Louis is a woman of color who spouts moonbattery.”

Nonetheless it is doubtful that Hunt’s career will be restored. Once you have been branded a thought criminal, getting your career back is almost as hard as it was to get your head back after a trip to the guillotine during the original Reign of Terror.

But some good has come of this. Connie St Louis finally has a legitimate accomplishment to put on her CV. She made the Hate Hoax List:

Connie St Louis
Rachel Dolezal
Tahera Ahmad
Phony University of Minnesota rape victim
Sarah Silverman
Kassim Alhimidi
George Washington University swastika
Adam Hoover
Ambreen Sharif
Charles Blow
Morgan Triplett
Desiree Nall
Mindy Brickman
Oberlin College
Lena Dunham
Rolling Stone/Jackie
University of Chicago Facebook hoax
Adam Saleh and Sheikh Akbar
Daniele Watts
Keith Jones
Sweet Briar College hoaxer
Grand Valley State University student
Richard Kennedy
Anonymous Hercules Middle-High School student
Joe Williams
Andrea Brazier
Genesis Hernandez
Danya Morales
Toni Christina Jenkins
Dylan Bleier and Matt Alden
Meg Lanker-Simons
Olander Cuthrell
Charlie Rogers
Sharmeka Moffitt
Joseph Baken
Alexandra Pennell
Aimee Whitchurch and Christel Conklin
Quinn Matney
Aubriana Banks
Sarah Marshak
Floyd Elliot
Tawana Brawley
Crystal Gail Mangum
Kerri Dunn
Leah Miller
Ahmad Saad Nasim

Connie St Louis: What now passes for a “British academic.”

On a tip from rpp. Hat tips: iOTWReport, Breitbart.

21 Responses to “Connie St Louis, the Fraud Who Took Down a Great Scientist”

  1. Doom says:

    Come on. Don’t you get it even here, now, or yet?

    You are defending this leach from a fellow leach. He was mocking what he was being attacked regarding. His sorts of attacks, and support of them, regardless of the outcome, is exactly why we are in this mess. It has become so topsy-turvy, that now when these self-same sex haters (like race traitors but based on sex) go to poke us real men in they eye, they get balled.

    I think this is absolutely splendid. I think this women… or… whatever… should be sent to every politically correct science event on the planet (pretty much all of them). A little bomb gift they developed by themselves, for themselves. This is only ever topped by the suicide bombers who blow themselves and bomber classmates up.

    This is poetic justice. Neither side even gets it. I just wish you, and others, did. This is the good doctor being eaten by the very monster he helped develop, feed, and send forth on an unsuspecting world. Thankfully the world basically rejected it, and sent it back home.

  2. Smith and Wesson and Me says:

    Go back to your mud hut in Africa if you don’t like it.

  3. Jodie says:


  4. Jodie says:

    She certainly looks British.

  5. 762x51 says:

    So she not only defamed the Dr. but has falsefied her credentials which she uses to attract paying customers.

    I’m applying for a job at London City University. As a white male who identifies as a transracial, transable, transgender, handicapped black woman, I can offer a lot to their programs. My double Nobel Prizes in neurosurgery and nuclear physics complement my experiences as a Navy SEAL and former Ambassador to Libya . . . .er . . . I mean China.

    Apparently, that is all it takes these days to be successful. Makes me wonder why anyone would pay the exorbitant tuition these useless colleges charge if phony claims will get you the job anyway.

    PS: I know a REAL guy who has claimed to be ALL of those things to me on various occasions, except the Trans stuff. He works at my local Home Depot.

  6. 762x51 says:

    I thought the same thing, incomprehensible.

  7. Vic Kelley says:

    Next time, please warn me there will be a photo when I scroll down. I feel like I just took a punch to the huevos.

  8. Rotohammer says:

    Given this, it’s not hard to imagine how the PC global warming hoax gets so much traction.

  9. Jon Sobieski says:

    Rather than be fired, she will get a promotion. #blackprivilege works!

  10. Smith and Wesson and Me says:

    “Feminist” faces tend to do that, don’t they.

  11. JeffersonSpinningInGrave says:

    Unaccomplished person tears down a giant who has made considerable contributions to human health and prosperity. The quintessence of leftism.

  12. formwiz says:

    Just remember, Le Terreur eventually devoured its own.

  13. Appalled By The World says:

    I’m surprised she isn’t running some university the way the world is these days. She certainly is “qualified” for it.

  14. chuck_in_st_paul says:

    a sheboon with a chip on her shoulder….. *yawn*

  15. Appalled By The World says:

    Ooh, the 1st “lady” getting up in the morning, complete with yawn.

  16. cjkcjk says:

    She looks like she can’t spell her own name.

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