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Jul 11 2015

New Jersey Democrat Official LeRoy Jones Punches Blind 75-Year-Old Veteran in the Face

This should give you an idea of the caliber of people running the parts of our country that have essentially been lost:

“I hear this rumbling, ‘Where the blank is Bill Graves? I’m gonna kick his butt!’” Army veteran Bill Graves told WABC. Graves told the New York ABC affiliate he was deliberately sought out by his attacker after working as a poll watcher last month in the East Orange, N.J., primary. …

Graves was attacked by LeRoy Jones, chairman of the Essex County Democratic Committee. What makes the attack especially troubling is that Graves is completely blind in one eye, and legally blind in the other due to cataracts and glaucoma. …

Jones was interim chairman of the committee when the incident occurred. He was elected to a full term the following week, according to a press release on the committee’s website. “There is a time and season for everything, this is LeRoy Jones’s season to lead our county party,” said Democratic Assemblywoman Sheila Oliver at the time of Jones’ election. Oliver is the former Speaker of the New Jersey State Assembly.

Good thing there is video. Otherwise, there would be no chance of justice, even for this:

On a tip from Wiggins.

  • marcus tullius cicero

    …Help stamp out DemocRAT bullies!

  • Rotohammer

    It wasn’t white on black, so it never happened. And if it did, it’s a resume enhancer for a Democrat, anyway.

  • formwiz

    Be interesting to see that tried on a 25 year old vet.

    Lefties are bullies.

  • Disgusted

    This is a Black-on-Black and Dem-on-Dem assault.  NHI.

    Nothing to see here, move along.

  • ray

    Yep, it’s the season of Sheila Oliver and Leroy Jones. The season of the witch and her bitch.
    They probably torture little boys, too. Then call it progress and civil rights.

  • George Lortz

    He’s got his hat on backwards. Did you expect anything less from a feral negro thug?

  • Jester

    I love Progressives. They’re so compassionate, caring, kind, nonviolent, diverse, thoughtful, open-minded, and they always stand up for the little guy….

    Yeah…. (cuckoo! cuckoo! cuckoo!!)

  • Henry

    Low IQ and low impulse control is a dangerous combination…

  • retire05

    WTH? A blind poll worker? What’ next? Blind school crossing guards?

  • Rock ThisTown

    Nothing out of the ordinary here . . . our President has been poking America in the eye for 6+ years now.

  • SheriKThomas484
  • Larry Sheldon


  • bob e

    young dude be bad .. juss axe ’em ..

  • bobdog19006

    It takes a real warrior to beat up an old blind guy armed with a dangerous cane. Only America has such an abundance of such patriots. It’s what makes America the most feared and respected country in the world. For the same reason you don’t interrupt somebody’s psychotic episode.

    Reached for comment, Jones said, “What is best in life? To lay our enemies at our feet and hear the lamentations of their women.”

    Time Magazine’s next cover boy, probably.

  • Motherfucker. Seriously. That’s where his little brother came from.

  • uselogic19

    They’re always bullies…plural. Get one alone and it’s another story. Mostly chicken-shift. Unless they’re picking on an old blind person.

  • Donna M

    Outrage, huh?
    Progladites have a very long history of “eating” their own.
    Hey, how about those black abortion statics?
    Also, keeping an ongoing count of the latest black on everybody violence.
    Oh, oh yeah, I forgot…
    Talk is cheap. And getting even cheaper.
    Its only the “whites” who are to say, “black lives matter”…
    Because, the blacks, themselves, sure don’t believe it.
    So sorry,
    Sayin’ it, isn’t gonna’ make it happen…
    But if it makes ya’ feel all warm and squishy inside, please by all means…
    Continue to focus on just that!

  • SNuss

    Another of Obama’s sons?

  • KathleenWJolle
  • creeper

    Re-read the article. The man is blind in one eye and “legally blind” in the other. I am legally blind in both eyes but my vision is correctable to 20/20. If he couldn’t see, he wouldn’t be working the polls.

  • teapartydoc

    Typical Democrat

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