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Jul 26 2015

Obama and Kerry: Traitors

If this country is to be restored to its former greatness, Barack Hussein Obama and Hanoi John Kerry must be tried for treason. It doesn’t take Wild Bill for America more than a few minutes to make a strong preliminary case:

Hat tip: Call Me Stormy.

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  • Lou Hodges

    I’m the same generation as wild bill. Bill, the kiddies were brainwashed, so now we have to wait until they wake up and smell the coffee. Of course he should be tried for treason, but you have cronies in Congress and the courts protecting him. Jarrett was outted as a communist, nothing. Obama cuts a treasonous deal with Iran, barely an outcry. Go enjoy yourself. I quit writing a weekly Op Ed because it’s a waste of time. Now I just tip off other journalists and spend my time enjoying life, which is exactly what they don’t want anyone to do. CSe are supposed to stay focused on Obama and the media 24/7. I turn it off. It’s all gonna hit the fan because unstable treasonous governments never stand. Eventually they all start killing each other. You watch, the fun is just starting.

  • SNuss

    IMHO, Obama could commit high treason on the National Mall at noon, with live video coverage, and the RINOs wouldn’t charge him, and even if they did, the Leftist Dems, plus the Senate RINOs, would never convict him. That is too bad, as there is no President (IMHO) that deserves it more than Obama. And his actions will have set a precedent for future Presidents to abuse and expand their powers even further.

  • Bill T

    Lafayette Shooter Was obama Supporter: “I Was For His Re-Election, I Liked His Spending”

  • ThisObamaNation

    Wild Bill is absolutely right. Obama should have been arrested and placed on trail for treason on the day that he uttered his forged birth certificate. Unfortunately that is never going to happen. What we all need now is a good exit plan, because this country is going down.

  • SusieRGarrett
  • 762×51

    He already has but on national television, no response from conservatives.

  • 762×51

    Notice the OPERATIVE part of WB’s solution – “To FORCE the issue”, the arrest and trail of these traitors.

    Looks like WB is finally seeing and saying what I have been telling you for years. Civil War cannot be avoided now, except by slavery. FORCE means MILITARY action, there is no other way to remove them as WB points out.

    My weekend consisted of high altitude training, you haven’t trained until you have worn body armor above 10,000ft., it sucks ass from the ground up in every direction. It included night ops, moving against an objective silently through the forest against teams of former Force Recon / Scout Snipers equipped with night vision, without getting caught.

    What have you done this month to increase your combat effectiveness?

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