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Jul 29 2015

Facebook Declares That Marine Corps Emblem Violates Community Standards

Just how liberal are the moonbats running Fakebook? This should give you an idea:

Late Monday, Facebook unpublished the popular pro-military “Locked and Loaded” page, while telling administrators that a picture of the United States Marine Corps emblem with a ribbon marked “In Remembrance” violated their community standards. Jason Light, an administrator from Atlanta, Georgia, told Examiner in an exclusive interview the page was covering the funeral and burial of Marine Lance Corporal Skip Wells, who was killed in Chattanooga.

Administrator Robert Combs also received a three-day ban over the image of the Marine Corps logo.

Other times, Fakebook takes a more libertarian approach:

[I]t once said that a page calling for the murder of a Texas Tech cheerleader who hunts big game does not violate its standards.

However, they become stern with countermoonbats:

In 2013, Facebook banned one conservative blogger for 30 days over a link she never posted. Another conservative was punished for simply saying “thank you.”

For many it is still necessary to use Fakebook. Hopefully it won’t be for long.

The offending image.

On a tip from DinaRehn.

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  • Henry

    Kill your Facebook, today.

    Years ago, when I wasted my time with a Facebook account, I had a friend who got blocked for a few days because he posted a picture of the Statue of David. FB said it violated their community standards.

    No one needs Facebook – 10 years ago, it was just a college hook-up site that no one had even heard of. Stop wasting your time feeding information into a government surveillance site, and kill your Facebook today.

  • Bully

    Agreed. Fartbook should have died a long time ago.

  • jarhead

    The left wing commies hate our military! screw facebook!

  • SineWaveII

    Conservatives should boycott facebook. And no conservative site should use facebook for commenting or in any way promote them. I notice even this site has two facebook buttons up there (share and like)… it shouldn’t. Nobody should support facebook in any fashion.

  • Tchhht!!!

    Farcebook has even been known to cost people their job. One place I worked there was a bitch in the executive secretary’s office who would look for Facebook pages of job applicants. If she didn’t like what she saw, she would throw the person’s application in the round file. I know of one person who was fired because of a perceived negative comment made about the organization on Facebook.

  • Cameraman

    This offends Me..screw Fakebook!!!

  • formwiz

    Who do you want on your side in a fight?

  • depwavid

    You couldn’t pay me enough to start a DefacedBook account!

  • Logic_Mine

    So, what was once a vehicle for only social exchange of ideas is now used as a vehicle of unjust persecution and social destruction.

    (Exactly why I DON’T have an account.)

  • JJA

    Even though FACEBOOK has become a nauseating symbol of cultural ruination, and clearly nothing they could do would shock a sober Marine …I would suggest anyone with an interest in this particular story check Snopes.

    “While current evidence is insufficient to discern exactly why the Locked and Loaded Facebook page was suspended, it’s more plausible that an earlier post (which violated Facebook’s community standards) triggered an avalanche of complaints about the page’s overall content. The USMC emblem itself (which the page’s operator blamed for the suspension) is not only obviously not banned by Facebook, but it is widely and frequently posted by both Facebook users and the USMC itself on their verified page.”

    What I found most entertaining about the above is the reference to a COMMUNITY. For those who were born too late …those were once found in great abundance in almost every state.

  • Saxon Warrior

    I would advise anybody with a Facebook account to either close it or abandon it. You can’t delete a Facebook account so any information that you already have on there will stay there.
    Post nothing more on Facebook ever, NOTHING at all. When the World becomes a liberal or Muslim tyranny the information will be used against you. If you quit now and abandon the account (you don’t have to close it -closing it may arouse suspicion) then you may save yourself grief later. When people die their accounts stay open for a very long time, there are just no new posts.
    People who use Facebook every day (especially the ones who publish pointless self-centered posts) are revealing their personalities and their daily habits to everyone.
    They’ll know what you like to eat for breakfast, where you work, what time you travel to work, where you live and what your hobbies are – you can be psychologically profiled very easily.
    Die to Facebook completely. My own personal account was abandoned over a year ago. To anybody who reads it, I simply disappeared off the face of the Earth and never touched it again.
    I can always stay in contact with my REAL friends by other means.

  • Karin_A

    Yes. I abandoned mine a while ago and it will continue to remain abandoned. This story is outrageous. I won’t be responding to anybody else’s Facebook posts either. I know a few people who need to see this.

  • MAS

    Face what?

  • Son_of_Taz

    While this type of deletion is offensive, I’ll mention again that the takedown is an automated function that responds as the result of a flood of “flaggings” by the brain-dead leftist trolls. Rush Limbaugh claims he has information that the number of people that flood Twitter and other social outlets with leftists crap is relatively few, maybe as few as 25-30 people. Using dummy accounts, and often changing IP address, they cause posts to be reported and the Facebook algorithm deletes the post. Only when there’s a boatload of complaints does a human get involved and correct the deletion or sustain it.

    I have to respectfully disagree with Saxon Warrior’s post that you delete or abandon your Facebook account, if you have one. No one is going to use anything I post there against me, unless they want a mouthful of lead. Posting things that support the conservative view of life does influence people connected to you, who are often low information voters. If they “unfriend” you, so be it. Liberals use emotions as way to get what they want and to suppress your right to speak. There’s nothing more irritating than having a liberal relative who posts left wing drivel instead of family photos and news. I say fight fire with fire and post pics and news stories of Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, even Donald Trump.

    I’ve had a few relatives block my posts, one has unfriended me. I could care less, I’ll keep tossing it their faces just to educate them. When one of the lib family members responds, he or she gets it back in spades – with all due respect of course.

  • 762×51

    Fighting fire with fire would be to also flood FB and the rest of the mongoloid socialist media sites with complaints, flags or what ever stupid thing they call them against the left. Target Hillary, Media Matters, Centers for American Progress, Planned Parenthood, etc.

  • 762×51

    Ahhhh, the tolerance of “liberalism”.

    This the equivalent of burning books in the digital age.

    Progressives never change – ironic isn’t it?

    Socialist Fascists book burning – Old School.

  • MrRightWingDave

    And yet they won’t get rid of the “Jesus Should Have Been Aborted” page. Sick bastards.

  • MrRightWingDave

    Got rid of mine over two years ago, and never looked back.

  • Son_of_Taz

    Absolutely. I’m afraid that too many traditional thinking people are fearful of becoming activists. The left has no such fear and they are often seen as winning the war – and it is a war – for the minds of the voters.

    I realize many are fearful of activism because of jobs, school and damaging family ties. The usual reason is “I don’t have the time” and they are right. It takes time to be an activist, but if one cares about the future of the US, it’s time well spent, even if it’s just a letter, email or one phone call. It all adds up.

  • Son_of_Taz

    Find 50 or more people to flag it and it will be gone. That’s the hard part.

  • Son_of_Taz

    Dave Blount has Moonbattery on Facebook. Many gun clubs, gun manufacturers, flag manufacturers, and pro-life groups do as well. Read my post above and see what’s up. I’m not defending Facebook, but the reason for the deletion is not so clear cut.

  • MrRightWingDave

    There’s been petitions, etc. To be honest, I don’t know if the page is still up, but I do know that FB initially stated that the page was valid free speech and would stay.

  • MrRightWingDave

    Lefties have nothing better to do (most are on the dole, or living on the hard work of their deceased relatives). But I do think it’s time we on the right start making some serious sacrifices for the cause, or we will lose.

  • 762×51

    Most so called conservative Christians are simply scared, they are cowards, which makes them neither conservatives or Christians. Those chicken shits are lower than progressives as far as I’m concerned.

    They are also full of the excuses you mentioned, “I have to get the kids to soccer practice”. I wonder how that excuse will play out on the day of their judgement?

    “Well God, I was just too busy getting the kids to soccer practice. I didn’t have time to confront, battle and defeat the evil of selling dismembered babies or enslavement”.

    Maybe he will buy it. What could go wrong?

  • While it may seem ‘below us’, we should too get together and have calls for flagging certain FB posts, as a crowd. The game can be played both ways.

  • Son_of_Taz

    Activism can most certainly and should be a two-way street. Part of the reason the left keeps coming up with this type of crap is because they think we won’t do anything, and often, they’re right.

  • Doug Riggins Seriously…it’s not the pic…it’s the hate-filled and ignorant crap all over your site that got you flagged. but go ahead and deflect from that reality with your imagined victim-ness.

  • Doug Riggins

    You DO realize that fascists, like the Nazis, have FAR more in common with you wingnuts on the right-wing edges, right? The nativist fearmongering, the hatred of all those who don’t look and talk and think like you…yeah, those are the hallmarks of “fascists” and their modern “neo-con” and “theo-con” brethren.

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