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Aug 05 2015

Hate Hoax: Lesbians Burn Down Their Own House

Yet another hate hoax for the files. From Vonore, Tennessee:

The community rallied behind a same-sex couple after their home burned to the ground, but in a twist, a jury found the couple intentionally set fire to their house.

After five days, a jury found Carol Anne and Laura Stutte deliberately set fire to their home, blaming the fire on their neighbor. On May 13, 2011, the Stutte’s insurance company filed the lawsuit in federal court saying they found evidence the couple deliberately set fire to their property and claimed the insurance money.

It was not just insurance fraud, but ideological fraud:

In September of 2010, the Stuttes said the fire was a hate crime after the word “queer” was spray painted on their garage. They filed a lawsuit claiming their neighbor, Janice Millsaps, harassed them and even used the same derogatory word in the months leading up to the fire. They say they felt like they were targeted because they were lesbians. Millsaps filed a counter lawsuit against the couple, denying she harassed the couple or set the fire.

Apparently Carol Anne and Laura were not ideal neighbors. But they should get along well enough with the rest of the characters on the Hate Hoax List.

Carol Anne and Laura Stutte pose heart-wrenchingly by their handiwork.

On a tip from S_O_T_A.

  • alohasteve

    Mark Levin: Obama Has Planted The Seed Of War World 3 – Iran Nuclear Deal

  • Henry

    Just like Chamberlain…

  • Henry


  • Steve Schultz

    Of course they weren’t ideal neighbors….they’re lesbians! The kind of lesbians that think the best strategy to spread their ideology is by intimidation. I can really see them just pushing and pushing and being nasty because “you know we’re right”! I bet they have a “hardon” against “normal” people and they were intent on making the “norms” accept them.

  • Rotohammer

    Nice going. The bank wants to foreclose on the ash heap, the insurance company isn’t paying a dime, and the neighbors will likely win their civil countersuit, which may involve monetary damages.

  • bigpete

    Hey, let’s commit fraud and blame the straight neighbor. A two-fer!

  • Henry

    No jail time for arson? For fraud? Defamation?

  • Wilberforce

    Forget gold, Victimhood is the best-paying currency out there!

  • Ol’ Uncle Lar

    When they rebuild it’ll be a REAL Lesbian house….all tongue and groove not a stud in it.

  • RKae

    Gee, will they even have any money left over for a gay cake?

  • RKae

    “Queer” is a word of hatred?

    Then what’s the “Q” doing on that “LGBTQ” list?

    I guess it’s one of those words that only they can use.

    What a stupid culture.

  • JoeK

    I see from their attire that they both work in the medical field. Well isn’t that speecial!

  • JoeK

    Wow!! You’re good!! I once saw a comedian at Go Bananas Comedy Club in (north) Cincinnati, Ohio, he was from Illinois, my very first small Comedy Club act was Uncle Lar!! He was fucking highlarious!! Most of the rest sucked in comparison!!

  • Feet2Fire

    What won’t they think of next, to try to perpetuate and profit from their ‘wild and crazy’ lifestyle!?

  • bkhuna

    I hope Ms. Millsap prevails in court and sends these two to the poor house.

  • Robb

    with year-over-year returns that would make wall st. blush

  • Wraith

    “Peace in our time”

  • whotothewhat

    So just ignoring the freaks is not enough, they have to somehow rope you in to some conspiracy.

  • Michael Onoo

    They will recoop losses by suing a florist and baker for refusing to supply them with gay black burnt rose bouquet and gay burnt house cake

  • James Myers

    Let’s see, a family bakery was sued and fined 135k for not baking a cake. What happens to the gay couple in the Millsaps civil trial.

  • James Myers

    I didn’t want to laugh. But I did.

  • Son_of_Taz

    Interesting how Dave’s list is growing quite fast these days. What – three new additions this week alone?

  • kerri

    It is getting difficult to figure out which hoaxers are the worst…blacks,gays,or the raped

  • Saxon Warrior

    Burning your own house down? That’s stupid!
    Now let’s hope that more moonbats cut off their own noses to spite their faces in an attempt to perpetuate a lie.
    I have a suggestion that every moonbat on the Planet should claim that they are receiving death threats from conservatives and then immediately kill themselves!
    That would solve a million problems overnight!

  • kerri

    Karma !

  • Saxon Warrior

    Much worse than……

    Chamberlain:- naive, well-meaning fool who took the coward’s way and unwittingly betrayed his own country.

    Obama:- malicious fool who took the coward’s way and deliberately betrayed his own country.

  • Son_of_Taz

    You win the internet today!!!

  • Grunt

    And tell me, how, exactly, is this behaviour not a hate crime? They did all that with the intent to ruin another person’s life for their personal preferences and their opinion!

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