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Aug 05 2015

Hate Hoax: Homosexual Burns Down His Own Nightclub

When a business owner of the homosexual persuasion has his business burned down and claims are made that homophobes are to blame, the insurance company is advised to send out its best investigator:

A bar owner admitted he set his gay nightclub on fire in Oak Park [Illinois].

Frank Elliott pleaded guilty to arson and insurance fraud for the fire at The Velvet Rope Ultra Lounge in 2012.

Prosecutors said Elliott doused the bar in alcohol, wrote gay slurs on the wall, then lit it on fire.

Why the “gay slurs”? To throw off investigators of course, but also to advance the homosexual agenda by adding to the phony evidence that gays, to whom our most sacred institutions have been sacrificed, are somehow put upon. Then of course there was the fundraiser playing on public sympathy.

This might be a reason too:

He was sentenced to two years’ probation and has to pay back $107,000 to two insurance companies.

Two years’ probation for arson and insurance fraud? Maybe the prisons are so full in the Chicago area that judges have to be lenient. Then again, maybe reminding everyone that he is a member of a top caste under the system of political correctness did Elliott some good.

It also earned him a spot on the Hate Hoax List.

Cute purse, Frank.

On tips from Billybob Bob and Xavier.

  • Silence Dogood

    ONLY two years probation? Are you kidding me? If a straight person did this they would get the book thrown at them… Justice? My ass….

  • Caliman

    My my that list is sure getting longer. Silly progs. Not claimants???

  • 762×51

    The max penalty he could have received was 14 years in prison for two counts of arson PLUS 15 years for insurance fraud or 29 years total. You have to assume that his criminal record was clear prior to this or he would never have gotten a liquor license.

    However, from 29 years imprisonment to two years probation is a very large gap. Considering how many people could have been injured or killed in a city the size of ChIraq. It’s not like arson is a petty crime, he wasn’t shoplifting. Plus he deliberately planned the crime and tried to throw off authorities with the gay slurs angle.

    Make him pay the insurance companies and give him probation or a suspended sentence on the fraud count but ARSON, TWO COUNTS, must be punished by imprisonment.

    Chicago is Latin for corruption.

    This isn’t even a slap on the wrist.

  • MAS

    So don’t you wonder if he had Homo smut on the Judge/prosecutor?

  • concern00

    Here’s another for your hate hoax list. I would hate for the good professor to miss out on this honor.

  • maudieNmandeville

    The terms of condition for the two years of probation is to service the judge twice a week.

  • The p00fters, the blax, the m00zlums and the heespaneeks [say that with some phlegm for extra authentic emphasis] are really upping their faux victim game now.

    The Left have definitely ratcheted up st00pid to eleventy.

  • Nome Sane

    Obola had a nightclub? Who knew?

  • cecilhenry

    Is he going to be charged with a hate crime??

    The motivation for hoaxing this crime is exactly the same as a so called ‘hate’ crime.
    So why the hypocrisy????

    He was on the attack against ‘homophobes’ and wanted to use his perceived victim status and negative connotiation to ‘homophobe’ to get get his way.

    Every bit as bad.

  • Son_of_Taz

    Probably shouldn’t mention your ass when commenting on homosexuals……just sayin’ 🙂

  • Bill

    What a dick.

  • 762×51

    It was a sports bar. Not sure whether he was a pitcher or a catcher.

  • Jodie

    I just can’t control where my mind goes sometimes. I look at the picture of that guy and all I can think of is that I bet he smells like poop.

  • grayjohn

    Gay and stupid. Boy you hit the jackpot in the douche wad lottery.

  • grayjohn


  • Xavier

    His favorite line.

  • LMAO!

  • guest

    Notice the slightly distended belly too.

  • IslandLifer

    Better start renting your rear queer, that’s a lot of $ to pay up. Bet you can’t control your bowels after you’re done whoring yourself to sodomites.

  • Karin_A

    What is it with these guys and arson? I knew another gay dude once who burned his restaurant down for the insurance money. Didn’t get away with it, either. Guess it goes to moral rot.

  • MAS

    Yeah probably buys his sneakers only at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

  • MAS

    Or accelerant and sulfur.

  • The_Grimster

    WAIT… WHAT? “He was sentenced to two years’ probation and has to pay back $107,000 to two insurance companies.”
    This jackwagon should be in prison, if this was a true crime as this loser says it was, do you really think the people convicted would get probation? Hell no, they would be wasting away for at least 10 years… justice is kind to the homosexual persuasion… if a straight white guy did this, he would be hung by the balls…

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