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Aug 09 2015

Jeb Bush Tied to Planned Parenthood Money Funnel

Don’t like the inhuman activities that Planned Parenthood has been engaging in? Then Bleb Bush is not your guy:

Until the eve of his presidential campaign, Jeb Bush was director of a philanthropy that gave tens of millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood and financed its advocacy of “unrestricted access to abortion” around the world. The charity also approved money to global abortion providers while he sat on its board.

In 2010, Jeb was named one of the founding directors of the Bloomberg Family Foundation, established as a tax-exempt foundation to advance the vision of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. He resigned from the board at the end of 2014 to prepare his presidential campaign.

While a Bush spokesman has responded to concerns by saying that Bush would not have voted on every initiative of the foundation, a pro-life leader told LifeSiteNews it “stretches credibility” that Bush was unaware of the foundation’s pro-abortion work, given the centrality of such work to the foundation’s mission, and its scope.

The vision of Michael Bloomberg is not a pretty one. He is a leftist who distinguished himself as NYC mayor by pushing his totalitarian impulses to the point of self-parody with authoritarian jihads against cigarettes, salt, firearms, trans fats, soda, soup, food donations, baby formula, escalators, earbuds, Styrofoam, sparklers, and even soda drinking in Mexico. A specific vision that he shares with Bleb is the nationwide imposition of Common Core. He reached office by temporarily calling himself a Republican, highlighting the danger of electing RINOs.

Bloomberg has described abortion as a “fundamental human right,” elevating it to a make-or-break position. “On this issue, you’re either with us or against us.” He once cited abortion among his reasons for endorsing Barack Obama in 2012.

Despite their differences on abortion policy, the billionaire has had no reservations supporting Jeb Bush’s candidacy – even before there was one.

Last spring, he called Jeb and Hillary Clinton “two quality” candidates and “the only two who know how to make the trains run.”

At least Bloomberg knows his history:

Say what you like about Mussolini, he made the trains run on time. That was the famous last excuse for Fascism, conveying the idea that while dictatorship might not be very nice, at least it got things done.

Mussolini didn’t really make the trains run on time; that was a myth. Under rule by Shrillary, we will be lucky if trains run at all. Bleb is a member of the same club.

A shark-eyed cross between Michael Bloomberg and the Pillsbury Doughboy.

On a tip from Rob E.

  • Son_of_Taz

    Never was a viable candidate from where I sit.

  • Pat

    2 Bush’s = 2 disappointments ….enough already!

  • Same-same. I’m so ‘Bushed’ and ‘Clintoned’ out at this point I’d vote for Mr. Potato head. At least he could c0mmie core count to potato!

  • grayjohn

    Bloomberg is a 4 star asshole who needs to piss off and Mind His Own Business.

  • Feet2Fire

    No more Bushes. No more Clintons.

  • WarEagle82

    I will never vote for Jeb Bush.

  • Henry

    ^^ This.

  • MAS

    Sometimes the face of absolute evil simply looks goofy…

  • Mr. Freemarket

    Look at that sweet face. Jeb Bush may or may not be a useful idiot, but he certainly is an idiot.

    Sorry for offending all the idiots out there.

  • TruDat

    If he’s the Republican candidate I won’t vote for the first time in my adult life.

  • jarhead

    He is a Nazi!

  • MAS

    “It’s true we are not a bright people but we make up for it with good intentions” from Mom and Dad Save the World.

  • MicahStone

    TheJEB and Kermit – Why is ONLY ONE of them in prison ?????

  • When Jeb Bush first stepped into the national spotlight I liked what I saw. But the more I’ve gotten to know what he’s about, the less I like him and the only reason I would even think of voting for him would be that not to vote for him would mean Clinton or Sanders or someone worse would get in. And that would be under protest.

    I could not believe that anyone would seriously run either a Clinton or a Bush, though you have to admit that despite her serious flaws Clinton has a huge advantage in multiple ways in a Bush/Clinton Presidential election. Mainly that her likely voter base is too stupid to know better.

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