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Sep 03 2015

Fact-Checking Curt Schilling’s Tweet

The liberal Taliban put a dent in baseball great Curt Schilling’s broadcast career after he dared send a tweet comparing the threats of radical Islam and Nazism.


Aggressively leftist ESPN characteristically threw him off the air, although only temporarily.

Schilling disappointingly apologized for the tweet. However, he later clarified that he was apologizing for the forum he used, not for the contents of the tweet, which he continues to stand by, whether our Islamophile ruling class likes it or not.

But should he stand by it? David Cole finds some problems with the numbers.

According to PolitiFact moonbat Jon Greenberg, 9% of Germans were members of the Nazi party. But how do you define the percentage of Muslims who take their conspicuously violent ideology seriously enough to be “extremists”?

One way might be to do a poll asking whether “suicide bombing/other violence against civilians is justified to defend Islam from its enemies,” as Pew did last year. Percentages answering yes:

Palestinian Territories: 59%
Egypt: 59%
Lebanon: 54%
Jordan: 44%
Bangladesh: 61%
Israeli Muslims: 46%
Tanzania: 45%
Malaysia: 33%

As for Muslims who have infiltrated the West, a 2206–2007 Pew study asked 18- to 29-year-olds, who commit most of the violence, whether they support suicide bombings. Positive results:

U.S.: 26%
Great Britain: 35%
France: 42%
Germany: 22%
Spain: 29%

Given the popularity of ISIS among Muslims in the West, the percentages being somewhat lower is more likely the result of taqiyya than of moderation.

Nazis are distinguished from other oligarchical collectivists like communists and Democrats by the Holocaust. But only a small percentage of those who brought the National Socialist German Workers’ Party to power actually wanted to inflict violence on Jews. In contrast, all Muslims by definition strive to follow the example of Mohammad, whom they consider the perfect human being. It is no secret among them that Mohammad openly called for killing Jews, and personally oversaw the execution of Jews in numbers large enough to easily qualify as genocide (e.g., the Qurayza).

If Schilling wants to apologize, it should be for understating the problem — and for letting down his fans by having anything to do with ESPN.

On a tip from David S.

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  • Stosh

    Only those that kill Jews are extremists, those that support and cheer on the extremists are considered “moderates” and should be respected….in a pig’s eye.

  • Daniel

    I thought the numbers were wrong too. I actually believe that until proven otherwise, ALL Muslims are extremists based on what their beliefs are. What’s more, to deny those beliefs could mean death to them and I don’t see that many courageous Muslims out there denouncing Islam.

    The religion itself is EXTREMELY explicit about the things we consider “extreme” and they are not optional.

    The religion was created as an ALL or NOTHING faith. Convert or die. That’s it.

    There is some grey area in that taqiyya inhibits any non-Muslim from being able to trust any Muslim…at all… ever.


    deception; the islamic word for concealing or disguising one’s
    beliefs, convictions, ideas, feelings, opinions, and/or strategies.

  • Tchhht!!!

    Brigitte Gabriel weighs in…

  • Appalled By The World

    At even 1 percent we have a major problem. Look what just 19 of the “peaceful ones” were able to accomplish on 9/11.

  • Appalled By The World

    Conversion or death are only 2 of 3 options. Mo generously offered a 3rd option-life as a 2nd class citizen under his dictates in your own country. Wasn’t that swell of him? Just pay the jizya and obey ALL the rules no matter how crazy or unfair and you’ll be fine. Sort of reminds me of the way normal people live in the Obaman People’s Republic now that I think about it.

  • Daniel

    That’s just a delay of the death option.

  • Appalled By The World

    Sort of. I think they actually like having ‘infidels’ around so they can extort money from them and feel superior by oppressing them-there are major self esteem issues with this bunch as their god treats them pretty much like garbage. Illah is a demanding deity-total obedience all of the time with lots of punishments being meted out for all sorts of infractions. No wonder these people are always filled with hate.

  • KHarn

    Yes, let’s do the One Percent” thing:
    ONE PERCENT OF TOTAL (Those who agree with their “holy war”): 15 million.
    ONE PERCENT OF “RADICAL MUSLIMS” (Those who would fight the war): 150 thousand.
    In military terms, 150,000 is roughly equal to 12 divisions, or 3 corps or 1 “army”.

  • Appalled By The World

    Yeah, but these numbers are “nothing”. After all, one percent is such a tiny percentage.
    So the esteemed media tells us over and over again.

  • DJ

    I wish FNC would give Brigitte her own show.

  • Jude

    I like her, but her voice is grating.

  • Eddie_Valiant

    Not sure who’s right here. The local Fox station reported tonight that Schilling has been dumped from the entire baseball schedule, but the SI cover says he’s covering Sunday Night Baseball.


  • Big Sam

    Pray for Bond…

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  • Lou Hodges

    Hitler formed an alliance with the grand mufti of Jerusalem to kill jews so apparently ESPN is stupid

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