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Sep 10 2015

Why There Are Relatively Few Women and Children Amid the Endless Hordes of Islamic “Refugees”

The majority of the refugees pouring out of the Islamic world are young men of fighting age. This is alarming when you consider the likelihood of many of them engaging in terrorist activities in the countries they are invading, but at least the absence of women should mean fewer next-generation welfare-dependent terrorists. By the way, what happened to all the women? Don’t they want to escape the mess Muslims have made of their own countries? Mad World News offers a clue:

Europe and North America have been overwhelmed by floods of Muslim migrants from the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. Boats, trains, and planes continue to transport loads of alleged refugees. But when the new arrivals began stepping onto Western soil, there were no women and children, no persecuted minorities. There were only thriving Muslim males with selfie sticks, fashion sunglasses, and Nike shoes. There were no women — at least not any who had initially boarded the flotillas.

When the Titanic was sinking after striking a massive iceberg, the men placed the women and children on the few lifeboats available. After the boats were filled, the remaining men died with dignity, knowing they had courageously saved their families. They lived as men and died as men.

However, such is not the case with the Islamic “refugees.”

French newspaper Le Figaro reports that Muslim men have been throwing women and children overboard to drown at sea because of the cramped conditions on the ships.

By now no one will be surprised to hear that not only women and children, but also Christians tend to get chucked into the sea.

It is a thought crime not to believe that all cultures are equal, except for Western Civilization, which is less equal. So you won’t mind having your culture steadily replaced by the culture that has kept the Middle East bogged down in the Dark Ages for the past 1,400 years.

The “refugees” the media wants us to weep for.

On a tip from seaoh.


    The Le Figaro link is to another story. I can’t find any publication about Muslim drowning women in children, not that I doubt the veracity, but I can’t find any support for it.

  • Donna M

    Oh yeah,
    We know this back story…
    It’s all about the adult, “Muslim male”!
    And it’s an “invasionary army”!
    The deal is, they are going to be welfare supported, too!
    Pakistanis, Iraqis, Yemenis, Kouthis…
    All posing as displaced Syrians!
    The only way to relatively, prove location of racially genetic origen,
    Is a genetic blood test.

  • Dan Northrup

    Buying stock in range rovers with LV interior upholstery, sunglass hut, hair gel, and gold chain emporiums NOW.

  • Appalled By The World

    “This is alarming when you consider the likelihood of many of them engaging in terrorist activities in the countries they are invading, but at least the absence of women should mean fewer next-generation welfare-dependent terrorists”.

    Not exactly. There are a lot of stupid women out there who will gladly marry these jihadist invaders and even convert for them while making ever more jihadists for the future. These Progressive women are the ones who keep voting in the same traitors who allow this invasion in the first place, further cementing the Progressive-Islamist Axis of Evil.

    Too bad the media is in on this insanity-otherwise the media could have asked the $64 question: Why isn’t the UMMAH taking in their “refugee” brethren?

  • Donna M

    And even that has common genetic markers…


    Can’t wait for the feminists, who openly voice their hatred for Western men, to be sold as wives amongst their new friends. Let the gang rapes begin!


    Found it… “We were crammed in a boat 150 planned for 60 says the boy. On the way to Lampedusa, twelve girls were thrown into the sea. Then I was transferred to Sicily, I escaped and I took the train. But now I have more money then tonight, I also go by the beach “Their sole obsession. Cross the border. “Most want to go to France, Belgium, the Netherlands or Scandinavia, confirms Gaetano Scullino, the mayor of the town came oversee operations. That is why we must solve the problem with Europe, it is not only the case of France and Italy. “Meanwhile, the elected official has assumed its responsibilities. “It was the image of our city and the tranquility of my constituents, but it was mostly a humanitarian issue, we could not sit idly by!” And while his city was the scene of Saturday demonstration of support to Tunisian immigrants, in which regional organizations of the extreme left have called for the opening of the French border, Gaetano Scullino already feared afterwards. “Since the government has decided to clear Lampedusa, thousands of Tunisians have escaped from Puglia, and they’ll come here!”

  • Petey the First

    And over the coming years all these 100,000s and millions of new European young men are going to want women. And they’ve already proven to have the mindset of – I want, I take. Young men in that position are also quite likely to take up arms, regardless of jihadism.
    Interesting times.

  • Appalled By The World

    That should prove quite amusing. The feminazis are always quite silent on the wonderful treatment their islamic sisters get-here they will get to experience it firsthand for themselves at long last.

  • Mike_W20

    Two interesting links:

    Not for the squeamish,

    Weapons being smuggled into Europe disguised as “refugee aid”,

  • Mike_W20
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  • TED

    AND the LEFT are making sure the women are UNARMED!

  • TED

    ANOTHER case of Careful of what you WISH FOR. ROTFLMAO!

  • TED

    Where it all begins…

  • TED
  • I’m surprised they aren’t handing out AK-47’s to these bums just so they’ll feel at home.

  • Xavier

    “Where be all da white women?”


    They are in the next round of refugee aid, along with beheading knives.

  • Xavier

    Any Jews in Europe need to leave now. Shoah v2 is coming.


    I doubt you ever read Paul Bowles, but he wrote about just such a scenario in Under a Sheltering Sky, the theme was whitewashed in the movie. In the novel a pissy English woman who hates her husband runs off with a Muslim trader and becomes one his harem. She loved being confined, abused and raped along with his other wives.

    Tampering with gender roles in the West has some very bizarre consequences. The more Western men are emasculated, the more Western women want to be dominated by anyone. I actually had a woman I ‘dated’ tell me this. How she wanted to be “controlled.”

    Something akin to a child acting up because they want to be disciplined, when no discipline comes they continue to act up and become infuriated.

  • Lentenlands

    Dave, you are a hero and a great American. Thank you for the truth you reveal daily.


    Paulie had it right:

    Paulie: You can’t do that, man. I mean you don’t abuse ’em once in a while they’ll shit all over you. I don’t mean you walk around morning to night whackin’ ’em upside the head like someone from the other side, but you terrorize ’em once in a while just to keep ’em in line. Know what I mean? Like sometimes, when they embarrass you in front of your friends, you whack ’em with a backhand. You’re not in the middle of the road like some fucking animal, but nice, in the bedroom. Ba-boom! “What am I? Some kind of fucking asshole? Get your coat on fast and you don’t say goodnight to nobody! You understand me?” That’s to keep them humble. When you don’t let them say goodnight to nobody, they walk out looking at the fucking floor. [beat] Chaaaaaaaaarlie, they took my thumb!

  • BillyBob Bob

    Only thing missing in the photo is Obama.

  • rambler

    islam is a culture of males for males. Women are broodmares. Western women are to be targeted.

  • Rotohammer

    I’m reminded of the painfully naive lyrics in Sting’s One World (Not Three):

    We can all sink or we all float
    ’cause we’re all in the same big boat.
    One world is enough for all of us [repeat ad nauseum]

    Muslims don’t seem to see it this way, and now they are climbing in to our boat.

  • Aletheia

    “There were only thriving Muslim males with selfie sticks, fashion sunglasses, and Nike shoes.”

    That sounds a bit “gay” to me (if you know what I mean.)

    That would explain the lack of women and children coming ashore with the young men. ;D

  • MAS
  • R_of_the_H

    In 2016, The European Spring is going to be one to remember.

  • Michael Onoo

    All young men ripe for Obama bathhouse

  • Petey the First

    The real explanation is far worse. They never made the voyage. Women and children, and Christians, are simply being thrown overboard. Boats that are designed for 60 are crammed with three times that number. During the crossing there is any danger of swamping, well ….

  • Petey the First

    This is a standard behaviour women have shown throughout history when invaders come.

  • 762×51

    He is on his hands and knees in the back, that’s why you can’t see him.

  • Momster

    As Ben Franklin said “We must all hang together or we will hang separately.”

  • Momster

    Wearing a goat suit.

  • Momster

    Is it any surprise? Under Islam a man may have up to 4 wives, if he can support them all equally. Therefore, the rich dudes get multiple wives. Since roughly equal numbers of male and female babies are born, that mean that there are fewer marriageable women (that is any girl over 6 years old) available for the guys with less money. The less money a guy has, the less chance of ever marrying. (And there are only so many goats.)

    Soooo, long story short, these guys are trying to get themselves some females from western non-muslim countries. Of course, they prefer Germany, England, and Sweden where the population has been dumbed down and also has shown a willingness to put up with Islamic BS like no-go zones and a push for Sharia law. The original, advance invasion guard softened up the native population and now begins the deluge.

    Well, English roses, German frauleins, and Svenska Flickas, better get used to head scarves, burkhas, and getting “clipped.” It’s coming–right now–on a train!

  • TED

    VERY TRUE! The Feminazis got what THEY wanted but ruined it for the STRAIGHT women.

  • seaoh
  • grey wolf

    Mmmmm, maybe because these are fighters taking up their positions.


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    Much of the world needs to take a different perspective, a much more cautious one when it comes to the middle east…many times it has been pointed out the Koran teaches it’s followers to lie, be devious, to fabricate (even to it’s own followers 72 virgins? – Not God?? – Come on)

    Time and again the people, the leaders have been caught in various lies…Lies created to PROMOTE SYMPATHY…only to have them react like the poisonous snakes they are.

    Why does anyone think there are “just men” INFILTRATING” – INVADING as “migrant refugees” ….Stupid Stupid leaders of Europe.


    The huge problem in the “EU” once they “get to” one of those countries, they can easily move about an border cross…NO PASSPORTS REQUIRED….

    What a nightmare they have on their hands…Europe does…like roaches…

  • Elleblue Jones

    Under NO circumstances can your comment about gang rapes be considered civil??????? Would you be alright if this was directed at your female relatives or friends??? Apparently you are leading this assault.

  • saulalinsky

    Awesomely funny!

  • CassandraBird


  • Andy Capp

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