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Sep 16 2015

Obama Exploits Ahmed Mohamed

I thought I had strengthened my stomach to the point where nothing liberals could do would make me want to vomit anymore. Then I read how they are exploiting the story of Ahmed Mohamed:

A 14-year-old Muslim boy was arrested in North Texas after a high school teacher decided that a homemade clock he brought to class could be a bomb.

Ahmed Mohamed, who enjoys tinkering with electronics, proudly brought his homemade clock to MacArthur High School in Irving on Monday. But a teacher raised concerns that it looked like a bomb, prompting the school principal and several police officers to question him, search his belongings and march him from the school in handcuffs.

Sounds like everyone involved overreacted, although the details of why authorities believed it was a bomb are still not clear. What is clear is that Obama’s exploitation of this incidence would make a vulture lose its lunch.

You know you are a useful pawn for the advancement of the islamoliberal agenda when you get invited to the White House over something this trivial.

Nauseatingly, #IStandWithAhmed is trending on Twitter. You would think the police publicly crucified him, as is done to Christians in Islamic lands, so avidly are moonbats milking this inconsequential mishap for every drop of CAIR-endorsed jihadist propaganda value.

There have been 26,892 and counting lethal Islamic terror attacks since 9/11. But no worries; our fears are only due to stereotyping. Ahmed proves that Muslims are not terrorists but merely victims of political incorrectness. So let’s let our guard the rest of the way down and continue to import a quarter of a million potential terrorists per year.

Islamophiles are getting major mileage out of Ahmed’s clock.

On a tip from Merchant of Venom.

  • TaterSalad

    I wonder if American Airlines would allow this kid with this electronic device board a plane with a one way ticket? Would Barack Obama allow one of his daughters sit next to this kid with this electronic device? I guarantee that this kid would miss the first flight out until the device was thoroughly checked by the Secret Service!


    It’s just a clock!

  • Mike_W20

    Probably set the whole thing up.


    Obama forces your kids to sit next to little Mohameds every day as they plot to kill us kaffirs.

  • SineWaveII

    There is nothing homemade about that clock. It’s just a digital clock that’s been removed from its case and its guts placed in a brief case. Obama’s speed in reacting to this says “set up”. Watch and see if ahmed and his family doesn’t start to receive benefits and payoffs now.

  • TheChaoticStorm

    I do feel for this kid. He didn’t do anything wrong and the school grossly overreacted. I hope the incident doesn’t kill his love for science.

    However, to be fair, the thing does look like a Hollywood-esque bomb. It’s likely the school has a policy that you can’t bring anything resembling a weapon. One teacher warned him not to show it to other teachers because it looked like a bomb, but he had to when the clock’s alarm went off. I imagine he would have been arrested regardless of his appearance.

    Also, for once I agree with Obama. We SHOULD be inspiring kids to be innovative – using their minds critically instead of just repeating mindless facts and figures.

  • The kid is innocent, but just another example of how Islam doesn’t fit into American culture. The school over-reacted, but hard to blame them- you never know what to expect from these people

  • Torcer

    So if a kid makes anything resembling a firearm?


    Imagine getting suspended for biting a pop tart into a gun?? And THAT school system refused to let THAT kid appeal the suspension on his record…A POP TART gun??? We live in upside down world.

  • Torcer


  • Lou Hodges

    That isn’t your ordinary clock – that’s a timer in a briefcase

  • Lou Hodges

    Yeah I don’t generally put my clock in a briefcase

  • Hans Pfall


  • Lou Hodges

    I agree

  • Irving

    A mental cripple with a strange surname over at the Daily Yeast called the kid a “hero”.

  • JeffersonSpinningInGrave

    Want to bet that if anyone brought that to the White House, the Secret Service would give it a good thorough look before it came anywhere near the Holy Personage?

    Not that the schools response, especially after it became clear that it was just a clock, was anything but insane. Kind of like the pop tart gun or considering prosecution for sexual assault when one six year old kisses another on the cheek. Yes, the left will milk this for all it’s worth, but it’s still another example of the authoritarian insanity that has taken control of our public schools.

  • Hans Pfall

    (a) The kid was a Moslem. Strike one.
    (b) He brought a suspicious electronic device to a school. Strike two.
    (c) Suddenly the Prez…who could give a sh** what happens to Christians…is all over this rather obscure story and inviting little Ahmed to the White House. Strike three.

    A total set up. Let’s get sympathy for the poor Islamists before we import all those 18-25 year old male “refugees”.

    “Cool clock, Ahmed. You can use it to tell time or detonate plastic explosives!”

  • Spartan24708

    It’s over reaction for sure but the liberals have their underwear in a wad about “racism and islamophobia”. I feel for the poor kid- they could be non practicing Muslims who like many Christians only show up for holidays, if that. I have a family member who got into trouble in school over a similar situation- a main difference was that they were over 18 by a couple of weeks. They now have to write the TSA any time they want to renew professional licensure and it’s a real pain in the ass. Meanwhile they’re waiting a call from president Obama but nobody is holding their breath.

  • Agrippa

    “Cool clock, Ahmed!” Too bad it looks just like a fuckin’ bomb that would have killed 40 or 50 people, most of them kids, had it been real. But, no, no reason to check it out (on the Monday after the anniversary of 9/11 on Friday), cause we sure wouldn’t want to offend a Muzzie (a member of the Religion of Pieces); yeah, much better to let all those kids die rather than checking things out.
    No apology is necessary, school officials, and if you make one, you’re just as big a traitor to your country as Obozo hissef.

  • BPatMann

    There is a very good reason for people to be worried about Muslims with things that go “tick tick tick …”

  • Maurice Miner

    Poor Ahmed! Bringing a circuit board, battery and timer to school, when he would not have done so if he was boarding a flight – the little fucker deserves to still be in cuffs.

  • daPenguin

    rumor has it that his Dad is an Imam

  • Spartan24708

    That changes things somewhat. Not that it’s going to happen but I’d investigate the mosque they attend.

  • Jodie

    Great idea! I think Ahmed should take his “cigarette lighter” invention to the White House and light Obama’s cigarette with it.

    Here is the prototype:

  • Henry

    White House visit for sure…

  • Torcer

    White House briefly on lock down after scare over ‘unattended package’ via @MailOnline

  • K.E.Miles

    He named the clock “Trial Run.”

  • Son of the Rabbit People

    In all fairness, it is a clock AND a detonator.

  • Son of the Rabbit People

    …and these are just harmless little clay animals, not plastic explosives or anything to worry about….

  • Donna M

    What the “hell”!
    That’s a clock?
    Now wait just a minute!
    Is that or isn’t that Ahmed’s “clock”?
    Or a reasonable facsimile?
    What’s he trying to do?
    Build a remote control timing device via briefcase?
    Hey, Ahmed, ya moron!
    The dead give away is the electric cord coming out of case…
    For best practical application…
    Batteries are better hidden for nefarious purposes!

  • Jodie

    Hey, junior jihadi “genious”, digital clocks have already been invented.

  • Donna M

    Tell that to Ahmed!
    The real “dummy”!
    “I kill you”!!!

  • Jodie

    That is who I’m telling.

  • Donna M

    By the time this kid finishes his “education”,
    He’s going to be lookin’ like Jeff Dunham’s, Ahmed, the “Terrorist”,
    Before too long! 😉

  • BPatMann

    People get nervous about Muslims with things that go “tick..tick..tick….” for a reason!

  • 4th Estate

    If the police actually thought this was a bomb, shouldn’t they have called the bomb squad?

  • Lou Hodges

    That’s a “timer” not a clock

  • TED

    Well, ya know what Nancy says…

  • TED


  • TED

    For GOOD reasons!! This is more whining about profiling while THEY profile US in every WAY!! Profiling is a VALID scientific method used ever since there has been science! BUT only when it is used WITHOUT an AGENDA!

  • TED

    WONDER what they would have done if he tried to climb on a plane with it!!

  • TED


  • oldguy

    The left made a big mistake allowing this picture to be exposed. They are losing their grip.

  • TED

    Of course, they couldn’t miss an opportunity to call a terrorist Jr. HERO!

  • TED

    EXACTLY!! Pop Tart assault weapon! But THAT is OK, he wasn’t one of the PROTECTED!

  • TED

    I do not BLAME THEM ONE BIT! WHAT if he tried to board a plane with THAT?!!!

  • TED


  • TED


  • TED

    yes, I’d like to see him invite one to the White House and THEN BLOW HIS ASS UP!!!

  • TED


  • TED

    The White House ARAB want’s to make it EASY for them, plain and simple!!

  • TED

    OBOZO’S NUKE deal with the schools!

  • TED
  • Rotohammer

    inspire more kids like you to like science

    What’s that supposed to mean? If a Republican president said that, the media would be all over it.

  • Rotohammer

    The purpose of terrorism is to inspire fear. Well played, Ahmed.

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  • chuck_in_st_paul

    liberal teachers are the second most ignorant people on the planet right behind “journalists”. What else did you expect from a panty wetter??

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