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Sep 17 2015

Same Day Obama Stands With Ahmed, White House Locked Down Over Coffee Cup

Yesterday moonbats took pro-Islamic propaganda to the last cloying extreme by exploiting the case of Ahmed Mohamed, who was detained by police after bringing to school a device that looked like a bomb but turned out not to be. The nauseating hashtash #IStandWithAhmed trended on Twitter. Obama even invited the kid to bring his device to the White House.

The same day, the White House went into lockdown over a “suspicious package” that turned out to be a coffee mug:

The White House briefly went into lock down on Wednesday afternoon after an ‘unattended package’ was discovered in the park across the street.

The object inside the package turned out to be a coffee mug, the Secret Service said. …

The suspicious package was declared safe and the lock down ended at roughly 3:35 pm. At that time the affected area was re-opened.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, the package was discovered in Lafayette Park.

Imagine if Ahmed had left his device in Lafayette Park. They would have evacuated the entire Beltway.

Yet school officials are demonized as Islamophobes for overreacting out of caution, as if to shame us into dropping our defenses.

For all the #IStandWithAhmed crowd knows.

On tips from Torcer and GregorMandelbaum. Graphic compliments of Stormfax.

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