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Sep 18 2015

Hate Hoax in Buffalo: Nostalgia for Jim Crow

I didn’t realize they once had Jim Crow in Buffalo, but they must have, because a hate hoaxer of politically privileged pigmentation looks back on it fondly as a time when the ideology of black victimhood actually had some grounding in reality:

A student at the University of Buffalo ignited controversy Wednesday for hanging “White Only” and “Black Only” signs on bathrooms and drinking fountains in Clemens Hall that houses offices and classrooms for the College of Arts and Sciences. The signs, which campus police removed after receiving complaints, were posted as an assignment for an art class. …

Ashley Powell, a graduate student in fine arts, came forward as the individual behind the project at a meeting of the Black Student Union on September 16. Powell, who is black, hung the signs as a project for her “Installation: Urban Spaces” class, which requires the creation of an art installation in a public space.

Powell explained that her purpose was to “get a reaction out of people.”

Yes, that is usually the purpose of hate hoaxes. The reason the hoaxes keep happening is that the tactic of providing liberals with even the phoniest evidence that their point of view has validity provides that reaction in spades:

Congrats, Ashley. Your “artwork” won’t make it to the Louvre, but at least you will be remembered for a little while as one of the lying losers on the Hate Hoax List.

On tips from Sterling B, Rusty Bill, Jack Bauer, Henry, Billybob Bob, Steve A, rpp, Artfldgr, and Torcer.

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  • JeffersonSpinningInGrave

    “This was posted on a public bathroom at UB. Not only is this a hate crime, but it is also an act of terrorism.”

    There we go again, a piece of paper on the wall is terrorism, just like a bomb or mass shooting. Speech =/= violence. And being offended doesn’t give you the right to use force to shut someone up. F off, fascist.

  • Rotohammer

    Move over Ashley. Our liberal handlers are more concerned about the other sign there – the one that says “Men”.

  • Jim

    OK, to show solidarity with Ashley, enforce her signs.

  • KHarn

    =Powell explained that her purpose was to “get a reaction out of people.”=
    Too bad the reaction wasn’t a punch in the nose or being run out of town on a rail.

  • AlanOne7

    Let’s go with it. This clown should not only be expelled from campus but face criminal charges for vandalism at least and threatening to start a race riot at worst.

    Oh wait, she’s black, right? In that case she’ll be invited to the White House, because hate crimes only apply to white people.

  • Maurice Miner

    Well, it’s obvious, isn’t it? “White Only” – just look at the male symbol on the original directional sign – it’s white!

    All toilet directional signs which show white imagery (male, female, disabled, LGBTWXYZ etc) should immediately be torn down as racist and/or condescending to others.

    Talk about “shovel ready” jobs – there must be millions (if not billions) of these racist directional signs that require removal and replacement.

  • hiram

    Big thumbs up for the official Hate Hoax List having its’ own page.

  • TED

    What gets me is how he has it all compartmentalized! This FRIGGIN’ sheep asshole has ISSUED ALL THE APPROPRIATE LEFTIST BUZZWORDS and NAME-CALLING. What would they do if they had to actually think of the names to call in this situation??!!! He just got out his BIG BOOK OF NAME-CALLING and checked off, from the list, the names needed. OMG, if ONE of them, had to think for themselves they ALL would die on the spot!

  • TED

    Oh yes, the LEFT ALWAYS forget THEY wrote the the JIM CROW LAWS!

  • TED
  • Saxon Warrior

    Hoaxes? Yes of course. Truth does not need a crutch only lies do. If your message is incapable of being given without the use of a lie then your message is not worth listening to.
    Hoaxes, lies, falsehoods, fantasies and deceit are the bread and butter of Liberal ideology. Without these things Liberal moonbattery would cease to be.
    Come on now, be fair. How are you supposed to portray Conservatives as evil and racist if you can’t make stuff up about them and how can you portray your own ideology as being correct if you can’t spin a few yarns?
    As that great philosopher and all-round ‘boy next door’ Adolf Hitler once said:

    “I may kill ein Jew or two, but I’m a nice cuddly guy underneath!”

  • uiaiuazxcjm

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  • Jack

    No six months in prison for black racism like the White noose placer.

  • bobwhite

    Art my buttocks! That was a deliberate attempt at stirring up even more racial discord in this country. As if Obama hasn’t done enough by himself that idiot had to chime in.

  • bobwhite

    That would make a good mugshot photo.

  • DJ

    The doctrine that asserts all black failure can be traced directly to white racism has been for all intents and purposes debunked because there is virtually no REAL white racism/racial discrimination in existence anymore. This presents a big problem the professional victimologists. What to do? Out of desperation, manufacture it; fake white racism. Yeah, that’s the ticket.
    The truth is black failure is due to their innate inferiority. As soon as whites — both liberal and conservative — accept that fact the sooner we can solve the race problem.

    Why the truth about black dysfunction is so important

    Why do I [Lawrence Auster] focus so relentlessly on these endlessly repeated stories of the massive cover-up, followed by the massive exposure, of black criminality and black failure—which is, we should point out, failure by white standards? Beyond its immediate interest and obvious importance, the truthful communication about black dysfunction and violence also serves the larger purpose of this website, which is nothing less than to save the American nation.

    In my view, the greatest single factor driving whites to national suicide is their false guilt over black inferiority. Because whites believe—as modern liberalism has taught them to believe—that all groups have equal inherent abilities, they also believe that the actual inferiority of blacks in almost every area of accomplishment and behavior must be caused by something bad that the whites are invidiously doing to blacks, or by something good that whites are selfishly refusing to do for blacks. However expressed, it all comes down to the idea that black failure is caused by white racism—the transcendent sin of the modern world. And because black inferiority continues, and is even getting worse, the conclusion is that white racism is continuing, and is even getting worse.

    The final result of this woefully mistaken thought process is the paralyzing racial guilt which makes whites feel that they have no right to defend and preserve their civilization, no right to defend and preserve themselves, but that they must instead self-sacrificially open themselves to and empower, not only blacks, but all nonwhites. This self-sacrifice takes numerous forms, including denial of the truth of black anti-white violence, denial of the tyrannical and murderous reality of Islam, and unquestioning acceptance of the mass Third-World immigration that is steadily turning America into a non-European country in which whites and their civilization will be steadily weakened, dispossessed, and destroyed. Therefore, as I began saying in the mid 1990s, if whites could see the truth that blacks’ lesser intelligence and other lesser civilizational abilities are not whites’ fault but are inherent in blacks themselves, it could literally save the country, by freeing whites from their suicidal guilt.

    Read more>>

  • TED

    LOLOL, Yep

  • ronwf

    “Not only is this a hate crime, ….”

    How can it be a hate crime if it is not a crime in the first place?

  • grayjohn

    it’s a hate crime against White people.

  • grayjohn

    Wait…I thought it was a mug shot.

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