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Sep 28 2015

University of Delaware Will Not Let Go of Debunked “Hate Crime”

Because there is so little factual information that supports liberal ideology, moonbats find it very difficult to let go of phony hate crimes, even after they have been debunked:

Students at the University of Delaware are taking it hard after the discovery that an alleged hate crime was just a misunderstanding. Some students even insist a hate crime still occurred.

The incident happened Tuesday night, when students thought they found several nooses hanging from a tree. Word quickly spread as campus officials swiftly released a statement condemning the foul hate crime. But come morning, police said a short investigation had led them to conclude the “nooses” were really just the remnants of paper lanterns from an event held all the way back in June.

Here’s how a hysterical error was escalated into a hoax:

Unperturbed by the truth, students launched an assembly following the incident to speak as though the hate crime really did happen. According to The News Journal, a local paper, the assembly was held “to find ways to change the campus climate” in the wake of the bad atmosphere apparently exposed by a fictional hate crime.

“We are here today because we’re not returning hate with hate,” Black Lives Matter protester Ayanna Gill said Wednesday, according to The News Journal. “But this is not the end.” It’s not clear what hate Gill was avoiding the return of, since no hate crime happened.

One administrator said the climate of hate at Delaware was exposed by the mere fact he could even believe the alleged hate crime occurred.

If you didn’t just burst out laughing, you might want to go back and read that last sentence again.

Squeaks UD Director of Government Relations Rick Deadwyler:

“The image and the idea that something like that was plausible on our campus was concerning.”

Is the hanging of nooses considered plausible because the University of Delaware has been infiltrated by the Ku Klux Klan? No. It is considered plausible because useless moonbat apparatchiks like Deadweightler keep lying that racists are everywhere, deviously conspiring to make blacks be offended.

As we have seen with the global warming hoax, progs never let a crisis go to waste, even after the crisis has been exposed as totally fake:

As a result, [UD Vice Provost for Diversity Carol] Henderson said, the college is planning to launch a new “diversity action plan” as soon as it’s approved by school officials.

College students, you have my sympathy.

The entire University of Delaware makes the Hate Hoax List.

On tips from J, DM, and Jester.

11 Responses to “University of Delaware Will Not Let Go of Debunked “Hate Crime””

  1. SNuss says:

    Cognitive dissonance creates an alternative reality for the mind-numbed Left.
    The fact that no such hate event occurred, or was actually fabricated by one of their own to bolster their deranged agenda, is completely irrelevant.

  2. UD Grad Class of 1983 says:

    Things have definitely gone downhill since I graduated in 1983. Hopefully, none of the engineering students (my major) are part of this nonsense. If this idiocy continues, I think that the UD needs to change their mascot from the Blue Hen Chicken (the gamecock mascot of the brave Delaware Continental Regiment of the Revolution) to something more appropriate–like Chicken Little. The school colors should be modified from the Blue and Yellow of the Delaware Regiment to just plain yellow. Captain Robert Kirkwood (an early graduate of the UD’s predecessor) is probably rolling over in his grave over this incident (–he definitely did not go around chasing phantoms. Then again, he is just another “dead white male”, so the current crop of children posing as adults at the UD would just write him off as being an unfair receipt of “white privilege”.

  3. UD Grad Class of 1983 says:

    The link did not come out correct the first time.

  4. cecil11 says:

    How do you tell if someone is a witch?? Drop them in water— if they drown they weren’t a witch.

    If they survive— then they are a witch.

    That’s what we have folks. Witchfinders and tyrannical nut jobs.

  5. DJ says:

    The following comment is relevant to the above story; it sheds light onto the mindset of radical egalitarians. Radical egalitarians are, indeed, very dangerous mentally ill moonbats.

    The Church With No Salvation

    Every successful religion offers its adherents a path of salvation that seems attainable to them. Some combination of virtue, participation in sacred rites, and spiritual enlightenment will lead you to eternal bliss, an upgrade in the next round of life, or whatever the religion posits about your destiny.

    In the latter half of the 20th century, our civic religion was egalitarianism. If you got accused of the sin of racism, you could atone. And as long as he hired a few token women, paid off the Rainbow/PUSH coalition, engaged in ritual recitation of of “I Have a Dream,” or voted Democrat, a heterosexual white male could atone for the original sin of his birth.

    The problem is that in the last ten years, the Cathedral has undergone a doctrinal reformation. The old creed, “Race is only skin deep,” has been replaced with a new one, “To be white is to be racist.” The means of salvation have been taken away, and it is now taught that there is literally no way for a straight, white male to find salvation, to get right with the god of the age, to be restored to respectability.

    Why follow a religion that offers no redemption? Why listen to its priests or care about its rites? The cult of equality is losing its grip on white males, because more and more of us are realizing it offers nothing to us whatsoever. Its condemnations mean nothing now. A church with no salvation is a church with no adherents.

  6. Pyrran says:

    Their utter stupidity is breathtaking. Anyone who sees this and lets their kid attend the University of Delaware would be better off just flushing their savings down the toilet.

  7. Bodhisattva says:

    Now hold on just a minute. While I agree 100% with most aspects of what you said, there’s one point that was missed that is critical and I don’t know if anyone else caught it because I don’t have time to read the other comments right now.

    Here it is:

    You miss the point there absolutely IS a typical and pervasive climate of hate at this liberal bastion that is always ready to bubble to the surface at the slightest provocation, even if that provocation proves absolutely false or contrived. It absolutely does need to be addressed immediately and seriously.

    That a group called “black lives matter” even exists and is able to bring about such nonsense is clear evidence of what haters they are, how desperate they are to incite false conflicts for no reason whatsoever other than their own self-aggrandizement and how it is critical that this sort of nonsense be nipped in the bud not only here, but anywhere it springs up, immediately and thorougly.

    This “black lives matter” nonsense is the same sort of rage and hatred continually created out of whole cloth by Democrats (“occupy” was one other example) and their victim/entitlement mentality and it must be treated the same way any California wildfire should be treated – all resources must immediately be brought to bear to snuff it whenever/wherever it appears.

  8. Xavier says:

    Even if the nooses had been real, would it have been a hate crime?

    Of course not – just like 90% of reported hate crimes are just snowflakes hearing truths that make them uncomfortable in their own skins.

  9. JeffersonSpinningInGrave says:

    With rare exception, it’s like this all over the higher education system.

  10. JeffersonSpinningInGrave says:

    The last paragraph is the most important. It’s very difficult to snuff when they have all the apparatus of power (medial, government, education system) at their disposal. A true grassroots movement is perhaps the only way to fight back, but the penalty for speaking out is professional and personal destruction, with a real possibility of legal action as well. We need to have a better network of support for people who speak out.

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