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Oct 10 2015

Haakon Gisvold Hate Hoax Confirmed

The case of Haakon Gisvold, who claimed he was beaten up by fraternity members at the University of North Dakota for being a pervert of politically preferred sexual orientation, inspired sanctimonious homophilic posturing from UND President Robert Kelley, but has been confirmed as a hate hoax:

[L]aw enforcement has investigated the matter thoroughly and found that it was the alleged victim who instigated the fight and then was something less than truthful about it with police.

“Investigators with the UND Police Department and Grand Forks Police Department identified more than 150 people who may have been at or near the fraternity at the time of the alleged incident and conducted interviews which led police to determine Gisvold had not been assaulted, according to the release,” the Grand Forks Herald reports.

The paper also reports that police found no physical evidence to back up Gisvold’s claims, nor any evidence to substantiate accusations that the fraternity brothers displayed derogatory or discriminatory conduct towards gays.

What a relief.

The police did present evidence to prosecutors that Gisvold provided false reports to police, but charges aren’t being pursued.

They rarely are in these cases. One reason there are so many hate hoaxes is that the politically privileged hoaxers have little to lose.

Once again we see that if a story is too good to be true from the point of view of supporting the liberal narrative, that is almost certainly because it is a lie.

Gisvold’s spot on the Hate Hoax List is now secure.

Haakon Gisvold
Haakon Gisvold, narcissistic hate hoaxer.

On a tip from two_amber_lamps.

18 Responses to “Haakon Gisvold Hate Hoax Confirmed”

  1. Saxon Warrior says:

    So why aren’t charges being pursued? He gave false evidence. Perhaps if charges were made it might stop other hoaxes in the future.

  2. Big Al says:

    I would tell him to go suck one but he would probably take me up on it.

  3. MAS says:

    So an obnoxious member of the Gaystapo starts a fight, loses, and then files a false police report? Then local law enforcement is going to do nothing? Shame on you UND police but then you are probably very accustomed to being pretend police aren’t you?

    Tip to the frat, you can (and should) sue the little wiesel for defamation of character. Not sure about the SD law but even in Commiefornia these actions can be brought to Small Claims Court.

  4. MAS says:

    University police departments are notoriously light on campus crime…especially politically correct crime and when covering for the gangsters on the basketball team (if you catch my drift).

  5. Grumpy Cat says:

    I’m beginning to think that homos do this to themselves only because they know they deserve to have the shit beat out of them.

  6. Donna M says:

    Wait until one of his “lovers” give him the once, twice, three times over abuse!
    He’ll be walking around with a funny “hitch” in his step and you’ll never hear a “peep” outta’ ’em!
    ‘Cause these “buggers” never go to the police over that “crap”!

  7. Donna M says:

    Its a matter of pure progladite perspective and sensibilities…
    For them its “always” their thumb on the scale!
    They give themselves complete autonomy to abuse, at will..but,
    They don’t allow us any sensibility or “right” to be offended, ever!
    Anticipate, that any and all their actions, are based solely upon their convenience.

  8. Daniel says:

    American’s used to support VIRTUE not VICTIMHOOD.

    People look at me like I’m a puppy-killer when I point out that it is stupid to enable this victimhood mentality. But there’s a REASON why I take that position. It is not being a victim by itself that makes anyone a hero or worthy of any sort of recognition. It is how they deal with it that matters.

    It’s appropriate to say that “victims didn’t deserve it.” It’s NOT appropriate to say “victims deserve something special.” We can ALL claim the PUBLIC DEBT of victimhood if we dig, twist and spin the stories of our lives. But the public owes no debt to victims. None.

  9. bkhuna says:

    We need a loser pays judicial system. This turd burgler needs a couple of years in prison, where his particular “skills” will come in useful at the an(u)al prom.

  10. BobSmith101 says:

    When you put a prize on being a victim (lawsuit), you get a lot of victims.

  11. Andrew Flanders says:

    Why are charges not being pursued? And why isn’t President Kelley resigning his position immediately?Or apologizing to said fraternity?

  12. Saxon Warrior says:

    I agree.
    My European ancestors were working class. They probably suffered during the Industrial Revolution and were forced to work twelve-hour days on slave wages.
    My great-grandfather was killed in the trenches of World War one, barely twenty three years of age and murdered like a sitting duck as him and others like him were used as cannon fodder by incompetent privileged-class generals.
    My grandfather worked in a coal mine for fifty years and within one year of retiring developed a terrible lung disease caused by years of breathing in coal dust. He died a slow and painful death and was given no industrial compensation.
    I myself have also had my share of misfortune in life as have most people.

    I’m entitled to reparations as much as any welfare-dependent negro making whining noises about slavery or any Native American bawling about European colonialism.
    However the amount of compensation that I’m actually entitled to is a big fat zero, so that makes nearly all of these whingers entitled to the same!

  13. Saxon Warrior says:

    Beaten out of them? Well it makes a change from being packed tightly further inside of them.

  14. Clear Thinker says:

    At my fraternity and for many decades, orientation has never been an issue. The reporting of a false crime, very bad. In this case there is a conspiracy by the father and son to pervert the course of justice and to obstruct it. The president of the school has made his stand, he is never to be trusted with the truth. The fraternity should pursue civil action, from the grand chapter to the local chapter against the loser son, loser dad, and the president.

  15. Cameraman says:

    Are we importing Phags Now?

  16. bubba says:

    What a mincing little Nancy boy.

  17. WalterBannon says:

    criminal libel

    he should be arrested and his legal guardians sued into bankruptcy

  18. Jean Hargis says:

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