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Oct 19 2015

Academic Racial Justice Warriors Melvin and Angelica Hale Added to Hate Hoax List

Even in academia, it is possible to push blacks-as-victims B.S. too far over the top:

An assistant professor who has been embroiled in controversy with Emporia State University for months over allegations of racial discrimination has filed a federal lawsuit accusing the school of hurting his reputation and damaging his career.

In a lawsuit filed Wednesday, Melvin Hale, an assistant professor in the university’s School of Library and Information Management, accused Emporia State of defamation and invasion of privacy. He is seeking a jury trial in Topeka.

Too bad he can’t get a change of venue to the South Bronx. He could sue for $billions and win. As it is, he is demanding at least $150,000.

Hale and his wife, Angelica, who are black, have alleged someone wrote a racial slur on a piece of paper in the office of Angelica Hale’s graduate assistant in April. … In September, the university said an investigation of the incident and its aftermath found no evidence of a hate crime or racial discrimination.

Looks like we have yet another hate hoax on our hands.

Melvin Hale alleges in his lawsuit that the university’s findings damaged his reputation by portraying him as a liar and a fraud.

Even if being a liar and a fraud isn’t enough to get him fired, being an obnoxious jackass might be.

Hale, who has been allowed to teach only online classes from home this semester, said he has been told he would be fired if he did not take several steps, including changing some behaviors in the workplace and retracting public statements naming a university employee as the person who most likely wrote the racial slur. He has said he would not meet the conditions.

He won’t be the first race-baiting Hale to get canned:

The lawsuit comes about a month after Angelica Hale, whose position as assistant to the dean of the library information department was not renewed, filed a complaint with the Kansas Human Rights Commission contending she was called derogatory names because of her race and terminated in retaliation for complaining.

Downtrend provides sensible analysis:

The Hales were campus agitators that constantly complained about racism that didn’t exist. They likely staged a hate crime because they couldn’t prove their claims of racism any other way. When the university investigated and found that the hate crime was bullsh** and that the Hales were probably behind it, Melvin Hale filed a lawsuit in an attempt to save face. They should be arrested for theft because they just stole a page out of Al Sharpton’s playbook.

These two “racial justice warriors” just made things a lot harder on legitimate prospective black employees. Whether Emporia State will admit it or not, they will think twice before hiring other black professors. If it comes down to two applicants, one black and one white, with equal qualifications, they’re going with the white one. After all of the stink and grief caused by the Hales, they’d be crazy not to.

Congratulations, Melvin and Angelica. Even if ham-fistedly overplaying the race card destroys your careers, at least you made the Hate Hoax List.

Melvin Hale, obnoxious pseudo-victim.

On a tip from two_amber_lamps.

  • NotKennedy

    There may have been a reason that African ancestors offloaded defectives.

  • Henry

  • JeffersonSpinningInGrave

    “If it comes down to two applicants, one black and one white, with equal qualifications, they’re going with the white one.”

    As someone who has been on both sides of the hiring procedure in an academic setting, I doubt the above statement. I doubt it very much. If they have a black candidate for any faculty position, and that candidate is anywhere near qualified, it won’t matter who else applies for the job. The black candidate will get it.

  • Appalled By The World

    “Hale and his wife, Angelica, who are black, have alleged someone wrote a racial slur on a piece of paper in the office of Angelica Hale’s graduate assistant in April”.

    LOL. For some reason I find this hilarious.

  • studyhardkids

    That’s a professor? Should he at least have a tweed jacket on?

  • ouch!

    The Hales sound like perfect candidates for a WH invite.

    Hell, it worked for Ahmed LeFaux.

  • MAS

    Melvin Hale suffers from mouth breather syndrome…just look at his pic.

  • Mike_W20

    Pretty sure I saw this guy in the 1989 film, “The Gods Must be Crazy”, when he was younger and leaner.

    Was someone upset about him teaching using the Bushman click language I wonder.

  • Donna M

    Isn’t it, just, “ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!”,
    That academia that demotes higher education, has such stupidly incompetent “MORONS!” In it!
    Like really? Isn’t that the whole problem?
    They can’t “figure” themselves, a way out of a paper bag!
    They’re not quite, the brightest lightbulbs in the room…to begin with?
    Soooo…they conspire amongst themselves to “dim” the other lights around them, so they appear to be “brighter”, than they are!
    Unfortunately, their illumination is extremely “weak” and very haphazard!
    The surrounding area is highly “incidentally dangerous and accident prone”!
    Then, when something “unexpected” happens, they conveniently, put the blame of their incompetance on anyone or anything “other” than themselves!
    Truly, in dealing successfully with the wholesale idiocy these people…for us is…
    That we continue, unwaiveringly, to see them for what they are and act appropriately and accordingly…
    And “NOT” cave to their lowered expectations of generalized, abysmal incompetance!

  • NotKennedy

    Are you thinking about the little clocksucker with no jewels in his movement? Another poster boy for Planned Parentocide.

  • grayjohn

    He looks like the Uncool Ice T.

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