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Oct 20 2015

Probable Hate Hoax Targets Georgia Tech Frat

As we learned during the Duke lacrosse phony rape farce, just because it is almost certainly a hoax is no reason not to punish alleged racists when demographics prove they must be guilty:

Georgia Tech has placed restrictions on a fraternity with a history of disciplinary penalties, over what the university says was discriminatory behavior.

In early August, a black student at the university said three members of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity yelled racial slurs at her from windows of the fraternity house.

An investigation led to Phi Delta Theta’s sanction, termed “suspension held in abeyance,” which lasts through August 9, 2016, according to a release posted to the university’s website Wednesday afternoon. …

Under the restrictions, the chapter may continue “recruiting new members, holding meetings to conduct chapter business and service activities,” but may not participate in Greek Week or homecoming, nor host, co-host or participate in social events on campus, with or without alcohol.

Chapter members will be required to complete specified training to get the restrictions lifted.

“Training” means P.C. brainwashing, most likely intended to be as degrading as possible.

All that for yelling “racial slurs” — and it is unlikely that anyone yelled any slurs.

The fraternity says the windows in the house where the black student claimed the racial slurs were made were locked or inaccessible, video surveillance does not show the student in front of the house, and that the dean conducting the investigation predetermined the fraternity’s guilt before the investigation began.

Actually it was the race of the accuser that predetermined the fraternity’s guilt.

Even if the anonymous supposed victim of “racial slurs” hasn’t quite succeeded in getting the entire fraternity shut down on a probable whim, at least she has a spot on the Hate Hoax List.

On a tip from Steve A.

8 Responses to “Probable Hate Hoax Targets Georgia Tech Frat”

  1. artfuldgr says:

    Missing Georgia Tech student found alive, left for dead along railroad tracks

  2. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    White Men have no Due Process in Fundamentally Transformed Land. An accusation is sufficient for a State lynching these days of any White Men. With KILL WHITEY the official State religion, we are just the blood sacrifice.

    We have to stop being so civil and become the Blue Eyed Devils that are feared in every way. We’re going down, may as well take some of them with us.

  3. jeffunde says:

    …dean conducting the investigation predetermined the fraternity’s guilt before the investigation began.

    This is from the playbook of Obama.

  4. Tsquare says:

    This is how the social predators act; falsely accuse, stir up the other predators, bushwhack innocent person who happens to be a member of the falsely accused and leave them for dead.

    The sad thing is the Phi Delta Theta House has video of the accuser walking past the house on the date of the alleged incident. There was not any frat boys present. Just the social predator female.

  5. IslandLifer says:

    Would be nice if it were felony for making such false accusations

  6. BPatMann says:

    Double secret probation.

  7. Bill says:

    The kid has admitted to train-surfing. No crime was committed except trespassing. I am very glad he wasn’t killed. I’m a GT alum.

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