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Oct 20 2015

A Walk in the Park in Fundamentally Transformed South Africa

South Africa was a civilized country until recently. Then the international left launched a propaganda war against it. A communist terrorist murderer, deified by liberal fools, was brought to power. Still worse leadership followed. Now we read stories like this:

Two couples walking in Rhodes Park in Kensington, east of Johannesburg were accosted by a gang of 12 savages. The women were gang-raped, while their husbands, who were tied up, were forced to watch.

The incident occurred on October 17, 2015 at 18:45.

After the ordeal, the savages hurled the two men, who were still bound, into the park’s lake.

The women were forced to watch their spouses drown.

At last word, the suspects were unsurprisingly still at large.

Liberals’ success at using political correctness to reduce a prosperous Western nation to a Third World hellhole is truly horrifying, especially considering that other countries will follow, prominently including our own. First they need to use immigration and welfare policies to reduce whites to minority status. From there it will be easy.

Rhodes Park must have been a nice place, back in the day.

On a tip from ridd.ANC.e.

  • not.mamby.pamby

    Any description of these black suspects…. oops, I gave it away.

  • ramrodd

    callers from S Africa called a talk radio station to talk of the horror
    in that country..

  • Maurice Miner

    They should have changed the name of the park…


    South Africa is paradise now that the evil White Man and his government have been removed by Bono, Sting and Danny Glover… #WHITLIVESDON’TMATTER

  • Dan Northrup

    I can’t Imagine a worse way to go.

  • NotKennedy

    This is like the African version of #BlackLivesMatter. Just imagine if the CBC and some their stellar “representatives” could inflict against “white privilege”. Emanuel Cleaver, Foghorn Clyburne, Andre Carson, John Lewis? Ah no, hell no, they would never do anything like that. After all, Islam is a religion of peace and all that kind stuff.
    Term limits, get them out, and keep them out. No one should be in Congress more than 12 years. Just look what happened to Paul Ryan!

  • seaoh
  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Buy Shell Gas.

  • Hungjumper

    Did a lot of business there in the late 90’s. Cars equipped with kill switches to prevent care jackings, rape gates in your home (iron barred-barriers) that separated the sleeping area from the rest of the house, private security forces of ex-SA and Rhodesian paratroopers and SAS members armed with FN FALs and MP5s answer the call when your home alarm is tripped….

    All while the whites in power are replaced by ignorant savages one generation out of the bush.

  • whotothewhat

    Coming soon to a park near us? Well for the most part already happening here. That’s why I will not be disarmed by this or any government now or in the future. I have CCL and went to a park last weekend near my home with the wife and kid and was carrying my Beretta 9 mil concealed in my 5.11 Holster shirt. Its very comfortable to wear and gives good access. It was also cool out so wearing a coat helped a lot.
    But I think I will look at a Beretta Storm sub-compact for next purchase.

  • TED

    Ah YES, BLACKS in charge, what else need be said!

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