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Oct 25 2015

Man Named Woman of the Year by Glamour Magazine

How are progressives supposed to progress any further when political correctness has already achieved the final extreme of self-parody?

Glamour magazine named Caitlyn [a.k.a. Bruce] Jenner its “Woman of the Year” on Wednesday.

Along with Reese Witherspoon, Jenner will be featured on the publication’s December issue to celebrate 25 years of the magazine’s prize, Gossip Cop reports.

Bruce Jenner is and always will be a man, even if he undergoes a sex change operation, which he has not. Liberals make a pageant of their slavishly obedient political correctness by pretending he is a woman in defiance of objective biological reality. These same pod people denounce the last remnants of opposition to political correctness as enemies of science.

Jenner reportedly did a “top secret photo shoot” with the magazine, and they are expected to announce their selection soon.

The results of the photo shoot are not likely to be kind to our stomachs.

A man in a dress is still a man, obviously.

On a tip from Steve A. Hat tip: American Irony.

  • juandos

    I wonder if Bruce/Caitlyn will follow in the Kardashians’ footsteps and become a mud-shark also?

  • 762×51

    So the left, long home of feminazi’s everywhere, has defined womanhood for us. Apparently, all that is needed to be a woman is a pair of plastic boobs. Somebody call NOW and ask them if they are comfortable with that.

  • Saxon Warrior

    Caitlyn Jenner cannot become woman of the year, in fact Caitlyn Jenner cannot become anything because Caitlyn Jenner does not exist, being merely a figment of deluded moonbat imagination.
    There was Bruce Jenner the champion athlete and now there is Bruce Jenner the mentally ill man…. there never was and never will be a Caitlyn Jenner!

  • Noovuss

    The Kardashian women are evil and now Brucee joins the herd.
    I wonder if he will get butt implants to attract a colored lover like the rest of the clan?

  • Noovuss

    The science is settled, DNA never lies.
    It’s a male and an insane one.

  • Appalled By The World

    I’ll be glad when this thing dies already.

  • juandos

    Butt implants?!?!


  • marcus tullius cicero

    …have one ready….

  • JoeK

    Colored lover?!?!?!


  • William Morrissey

    This is hardly shocking from a magazine that’s covered this territory, having previously named Michelle Obama as WOTY.

  • JoeK

    Somebody should photoshop Brucee wearing a dress with a big boner bulge in the front!! KInda like moochell obama’s!! Or better yet, show Brucee in a GIF as Marilyn Monroe with the wind from the subway tunnel grate blowing his skirt up! As it blows higher up, it exposes a cartoonish dick and balls!! Now that would be sickly funny!!

  • Noovuss

    I agree, but they are popular.

  • Leonard Jones

    What is the hardest part of a male to female sex change operation?

    Inserting the anchovies.

  • rex freeway

    They worship a dammed freak

  • Chish

    Nothing says glamorous like a guy in a dress with size 14 high heels. LMFAO

  • Chish

    That’s Wookie of the year, right?

  • BPatMann

    If it is OK for a 65 year old man to dress up as a British princess, then why is it wrong for a sorority girl to wear a sombrero?

  • BPatMann

    You mean like these?

  • gary

    he can’t wear short skirts, his balls will show

  • BPatMann

    If Bruce Jenner really wants to complete the costume, he should get Chastity Bobo to dress up as Prince William.

  • MicahStone

    “Man Named Woman of the Year by Glamour Magazine”
    —MOOCH was 1st runner-up

  • juandos

    No kidding, that sort of procedure can’t be cheap, right?

  • juandos

    Its also damned dangerous too…

    Is diversity worth dying for?

  • Noovuss

    Well breast implants aren’t cheap and these are much bigger.
    My guess is that they can’t be cheep.
    In Kardashians case, they must weigh about 30 pounds each.

  • juandos

    In Kardashians case, they must weigh about 30 pounds each“…

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Excellent!

  • Lady parts? We ain’t got no lady parts. We don’t need no stinking’ lady parts. Apologies to “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre”.

  • whotothewhat

    Well you can say that in today’s Amerika it takes a real man to be a women.

  • nobull

    The end must be neigh… my head is exploding.

  • Cameraman

    Bruce was heard to have Said” If I don”t get WOTY they can suck my Dick!!!

  • JoeK


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