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Nov 01 2015

Journalism School Dean Dorothy Bland Joins Hate Hoax List

The failure of white police officers to support the narrative by oppressing persons of color threatens to undermine the liberal agenda. Fortunately for moonbats, this failure is easily rectified by the use of hate hoaxes. For example, Dorothy Bland, a woman of politically preferred pigmentation, was endangering her own life (not to mention behaving like a lunatic) by walking in the road in her hoodie with her back to oncoming traffic, wearing earbuds so she couldn’t hear the cars coming up behind her, and flapping her arms like some kind of deranged dodo bird. Two police officers politely suggested that she walk facing the oncoming traffic so as not to put herself at risk. Since Ms. Bland is the dean of the University of North Texas journalism school, she knew enough to recast the episode as a tale of oppression:

Knowing that the police officers are typically armed with guns and are a lot bigger than my 5 feet, 4 inches, I had no interest in my life’s story playing out like Trayvon Martin’s death. I stopped and asked the two officers if there was a problem; I don’t remember getting a decent answer before one of the officers asked me where I lived and for identification.

I remember saying something like, “Around the corner. This is my neighborhood, and I’m a taxpayer who pays a lot of taxes.” As for the I.D. question, how many Americans typically carry I.D. with them on their morning walk? Do you realize I bought the hoodie I was wearing after completing the Harvard University Institute for Management and Leadership in Education in 2014? Do you realize I have hosted gatherings for family, friends, faculty, staff and students in my home? Not once was a police officer called. To those officers, my education or property-owner status didn’t matter. One officer captured my address and date of birth.

I guess I was simply a brown face in an affluent neighborhood.

According to Dean Bland, she was stopped and harassed for “walking while black.”

As for what actually happened, Corinth Police Chief Debra Walthall set the record straight:

“My officers, a field training officer and a recruit, observed Ms. Bland walking in the roadway wearing earbuds and unaware that there was a pickup truck directly behind her that had almost come to a complete stop to avoid hitting her,” Walthall wrote.

“The driver of the truck looked at the officers as they passed and held his hands in the air, which implied ‘aren’t you going to do something about this?’ The officers turned around and drove behind Ms. Bland.”

That’s when the officers turned on their dash camera and emergency lights. They never sounded the sirens. The officers approached Bland respectfully, explained she was impeding traffic, and politely asked her to walk against traffic so she can see when vehicles are coming and move out of the way, if necessary.

See for yourself, if you doubt it:

They could have charged her with a class C misdemeanor for impeding traffic.

That someone of this woman’s caliber would be made a college dean underscores how quickly political correctness is flushing the country down the toilet.

Bland may not deserve to be a dean, but she does deserve a spot on the Hate Hoax List.

On a tip from seaoh.

  • Saxon Warrior

    She told a big lie, that’s no surprise.
    Never trust a single word that comes out of a moonbat’s mouth – never, ever, ever!

  • Stephen

    I know the area well, it’s nice, middle class and mostly white.

    I notice that many blacks who pontificate most loudly about white racism have the means but not the desire to leave their mostly white neighborhoods for more vibrant communities.

  • NotKennedy

    Nasty-ass ho!

  • Deathstroke

    Maybe the stresses of academia have gotten to her.

  • Mr Didnu Nuffn

    They tell her it’s for HER safety but all of a sudden it turns into a case of ‘being ignorant while black’.

  • Summerwarmth

    and of course if someone would have ran her over out in the middle of the road wearing dark clothing except for white soaks the can barely be seen that would be a hate crime too instead of a Darwin Award trophy.

  • Musicmaven

    Why do people run or walk in the road when there is a sidewalk ?

  • cecil11

    They need attention.

    They don;t do these things for nothing!!!!

  • Rick_Masters

    “Do you realize I bought the hoodie I was wearing after completing the
    Harvard University Institute for Management and Leadership in Education
    in 2014? Do you realize I have hosted gatherings for family, friends,
    faculty, staff and students in my home?”

    Do you realize that she’s full of racist black horse shit?

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  • AlanOne7

    And either her or her surviving relatives would sue the driver / city / homeowners association / police / hospital for not caring about the lives of their black citizens.

  • So does that mean a ProgLeftist who’s always busy trying to run everybody else’s life has a small brain? Hmmmmmmmm……

  • Streetwalkers don’t use the sidewalk.

  • Wocka Wocka

    Hey blacks, the American people aren’t buying your “whoa is me” act anymore. Now you’re just p*ssing us off.

  • verbena

    i think she’s prancercising….

  • hank

    I loathe Liberal Ass Hats. I wonder after all her “outrage” does she have the Moral Fiber to apologize to the 2 officers ?
    I wonder if a Dean of a University Journalism department has any responsibility to be truthful ?
    Thank Goodness for the Dash Cam. She would have been very happy to have them fired as she would go about re telling her encounter with the Racist white police. The Faculty Lounge denizens would have been agog with her close encounter with death at the Hands of the KKK.
    I guess the video puts the Kaybash on her interview with Don Lemon.

    Black Lies Matter.

  • Deathstroke

    I just had a thought. The only thing the police had to do with Trayvon Martin’s death was securing the crime scene so that an ambulance could take his body to the morgue.

  • Deathstroke

    Do YOU realize you’re not a special snow flake Ms. Bland? If you fuck up in the eyes of the law, it doesn’t matter who you are

  • -snapr

    Trying to make something from nothing and hit the jackpot justice lottery.

    Who knew she was black through the hoodie, gloves, pants, etc?
    Only her.

  • Toa

    Black underclass types seem to have a thing for wandering in streets and getting in drivers’ way.
    This is not a sarcastic remark- it happens a lot.

  • liz

    Ever wondered what sidewalks are for, lady?

  • Ronnie

    She needs to be downgraded from her present position!
    What she did was terrible

  • Noelle’s Bootcut Kittenpants

    This happened in my town.

  • bobwhite

    It was a set up.

  • Barbara Morrow


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  • ApopkaFlash

    Walk “facing traffic”, or, hey…maybe try that nice sidewalk that was built for people WALK ON?

  • Typical fool colored. She mentioned the police, herself, and that she didn’t want to get trayvon’d. I bet she thinks cops killed tupac, biggie smalls, and martin luther kangol too.

  • Giorgio Palmas

    Perhaps a new term should be coined- lawsuit phishing. These clowns including Mohamed Clockbar and loosie cig seller I believe create an incident to reap a payday with a settlement. Didn’t go as planned for loosie goosie.

  • Jester

    Wow. I’ve heard many times that USN drill instructors used to call their cadets “Shit Birds”…. but never thought I’d actually see one! Thanks, Van Helsing 🙂

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