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Nov 09 2015

Probable Hate Hoax at Berkeley High

Berkeley High School students were offered an opportunity to cut classes when a thought criminal wrote something racist:

At least 2,000 of Berkeley High School students walked out of class Thursday in protest of a racist message left on a computer screen a day earlier, district officials said.

The message referred to the Ku Klux Klan, using derogatory language related to African Americans and threatening a “public lynching” on Dec. 9.

The message was discovered Wednesday afternoon. Principal Sam Pasarow said in an email to the school community late Wednesday that the school is giving the investigation the “utmost attention,” and it has filed a report with Berkeley Police Department. …

District spokesman Marc Coplan told the San Francisco Chronicle ( that an estimated 2,000 of the school’s 3,000 students had left school grounds to participate in a march, which moved to the University of California, Berkeley campus late Thursday morning.

“We really understand the students’ pain, their anguish and their fear and are doing everything we can to work with Berkeley police and other agencies to figure out what happened,” Coplan told the newspaper. “Our students are hurting tremendously. They’re weeping. They’re crying.”

The massive investigation soon found the evildoer, who was surely due for draconian punishment. But then nothing happened. The media won’t tell us who the culprit is. No punishment appears to be forthcoming. The frenetically angry school protestors have gone silent. As an LA Slimes article blubbered over the hurtfulness of racism, a reader zeroed in on the most likely explanation:

This reeks of a hoax perpetrated by a black kid. Why else would they not be sure if there will be charges or not? Why else would they already be sure that the kid had no intention of carrying anything out? There is no other reasonable conclusion.

We’ve seen this show many times before. Yet the hate hoax tactic still works.

School officials will host assemblies Dec. 9 to talk about diversity and race, and black students and staff will be given their own space to talk about their concerns and how the threats are affecting them, Coplan said.

The day will be used to “empower our students of color and send out the message that we are united against any form of racism and hate,” he said.

If there are any high school students in Berkeley who aren’t moonbats, I hope they have strong stomachs.

Berkeley students protest the phony crime. Note the communist salutes.

On a tip from Artfldgr. Hat tip: NewsBusters.

15 Responses to “Probable Hate Hoax at Berkeley High”

  1. whotothewhat says:

    “Our students are hurting tremendously. They’re weeping. They’re crying.”

    Really? I doubt it honestly just a day out of class I wish I thought of it back in the day. .

    But never the less just another sign we are DOOMED as country as culture, as species. Take care of yourself and your tribe but F@#$ the rest we can always rebuild and find allies once the dust settles.

  2. MAS says:

    I used to just get caught smoking on campus…good for 3 days and no need to cry!

  3. Femghazi says:

    Whiny brats. Universities have become a waste of time and money. Shut em down and send these kids to Africa. There they can learn the true meaning of oppression.

  4. Dan Northrup says:

    Man people love to talk about the KKK. They are a tiny meaningless organization of inbred social retards. Yet the media and SJWs love to act like every single white male that hangs to the right is some kinda card carrying member or something.

  5. Vic Kelley says:

    Pain, anguish and fear. All from something displayed on a computer screen. Most probably didn’t see it, they just heard about it from others.

    It’s a hoax. It’s not as big a hoax as what passes for public education in America, but still a hoax.

  6. o0Nighthawk0o says:

    ” and black students and staff will be given their own space to talk about their concerns and how the threats are affecting them”

    Nothing like talking about racism and segregation by segregating the student body and staff. SMDH.

    And if these fragile flowers were really weeping over a message on a computer screen, heaven help them when they get to the real world.

  7. sileceal says:

    Hey, it’s working at Mizzou and Yale (all with the help of Soros and BLM) why not try it at Berkley. This whole butthurt, microaggression POS is going to mushroom now. This country is sooooo screwed.

  8. JeffersonSpinningInGrave says:

    Never let a good crisis go to waste. And if you don’t have a crisis, manufacture one.

  9. When I was in college, it was called ‘winter break’. Now they can call it ‘whiner break’.

  10. oldguy says:

    You middle-aged people in authority think you can be young again by listening to children.

  11. Jim says:

    Somebody better tell those students that the KKK was founded by, and still is the terrorist wing, of the democrat party.

  12. Jester says:

    Wow. That awful “KKK” boogeyman…again. For only the millionth time.
    OOOOOH! I’m so scared, so very scared, and after Halloween even!

    Here’s a burning question for everybody: When was the last time anyone in the KKK was actually convicted of ANY capital crime?? The 1930s? 40s? 50s? 60s?

    Once again, more tired, washed-up, worn-out, used-up ideology from the party that self-proclaims to PROgress into the future, not REgress into the past, which is exactly what they do on a daily basis…..

  13. Donna M says:

    Well geeeeee-wizzzzz!!!
    Had I known how easily it is to “offend” the weak kneed left…
    I, surely, would have spent more time perfecting my strategy to “insult” idiocy more diligently!!!
    Like, who knew the young were soooo feeble minded???
    They fold like lawn chairs…
    As soon as “discouragement” hits their ears!!!

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  15. Son of Uncle Sam says:

    I know a couple of Klansmen, their in their 80’s and have not been active since the @1970’s and when asked if the Klan is still around they will honestly answer no. The Klan has been dead for so long it belongs in the same category as the Headless Horseman and Dracula.

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