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Nov 10 2015

Savages Claim University President’s Scalp

Grunting thugs of the Black Lives Matter stripe have claimed the scalp of a university president:

The University of Missouri president and chancellor stepped down Monday after weeks of unrest over ambiguous accusations that they had been insufficiently responsive to racial “oppression” on campus.

That is, “oppression” of the most conspicuously privileged group in the world, the blacks who are condescendingly pampered and weirdly revered by the liberals in charge.

University system President Tim Wolfe stepped down after weeks of campus protests, including a hunger strike and boycott by 30 black football players who accused him of showing “negligence toward marginalized students’ experiences.”

If only someone would learn from this that college football players are not students, but merely minor league NFL trainees. Many of them would have only a 50-50 shot at holding a book right-side up. Letting them determine who the college president will be is insane.

Hours later, Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin, who leads the Columbia campus, announced that he would step down at the end of the year after nine university deans called for his resignation.

These deans are cowards who will do anything to placate the feral Black Lives Matter mob, in a desperate and despicable hope that the crocodile will eat them last.

But critics said the specter of university officials forced out for not doing more to combat “systemic racism” on the flagship Columbia campus demonstrates the waning authority of university administrators and the growing power of left-wing protest groups.

In other words, the animals are eating the zookeepers and will continue to do so as long as there are any left to eat.

The pretext for the unrest is a few minor incidents of alleged racism, any or all of which could well have been hoaxes.

Mr. Loftin responded to the incidents by ordering mandatory diversity and inclusion training starting next year.

But this absurd and tyrannical brainwashing was not enough to placate the mob, because nothing will ever be enough so long as the mob keeps getting its way.

In its letter calling for Mr. Wolfe’s resignation, the Missouri Students Association said, “While no isolated incident led to this moment, the continued offenses at the University of Missouri have accumulated into irreparable damage to the student experience.”

In other words, “We are demanding his resignation for no particular reason other than to show who is in charge here.”

The most specific accusation against Wolfe appears to be the claim by the black power agitator group Concerned Student 1950 that he “reported he was ‘not completely’ aware of systemic racism, sexism, and patriarchy on campus.” That is, that he did not embrace the most preposterous aspects of leftist ideology with sufficient enthusiasm.

It would have been much easier to put up resistance when these fascistic goons first started bellowing outrageous demands back in the 1960s. From here it will only get more difficult, until the thugs themselves are directly in charge.

Look for a name change from University of Missouri to Michael Brown University around the time the last Caucasian is forced out of a position of responsibility. Classes will then consist of remedial reading, victim studies, and football practice — until they drop remedial reading on the grounds that books are for racist white people.

Tim Wolfe
Wolfe won’t be the last to lose his scalp for insufficient enthusiasm.

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  • RayNAiken

    The man is a victim of his own policy. An other wise intelligent man that is unaware of the steps he put in place that led to the results.

  • mike191

    How many alumni will donate to the College after this fiasco? How many parents will reconsider sending their children to Missouri ? How many students will transfer from this college after seeing mob rule ruin their employment chances upon graduating?

  • Femghazi

    Loving this! Absolutely freaking great! Destroy the universities, all of them. A bigger cesspit of evil, left wing puke has never been found.

    The left eating itself, outstanding! Give me moar!

  • Irving

    They’re reaping what they’ve sown. I’m laughing.

  • MAS

    Unintended consequences…they were supposed to love the professor and hate you and I.

  • Christmas Ape

    odds that both of them are 100% moonbat? 99 out of 100

  • MicahStone

    Leftist extremism still running rampant. Remember this incident when the Mozilla CEO contributed a small amount of his own money to support NORMAL / NON-PERVERTED marriage and WAS FIRED IMMEDIATELY ?

  • Exile1981

    The deans are all looking at the lion and decided that by tossing the president to the lionthat they may go another couple days with out getting eaten.

  • Shuckk_N_Jive

    Everytime single time I see a sackless little pantywaist like Tim F’n Wolfe I think of these men. And all the men like them. It makes me really angry.

  • Torcer

    “Muscle” and Jungle Law at Campus
    Students at the University of Missouri have taken over the campus in a bid for total power. They are now employing “muscle” (their word) to keep everyone away from them including the press.

    As the concept of civilization fades from living memory Jungle Law, might is right, will further engulf every aspect of our lives. To collectivists all the world is one great big jungle and the only means to survival are to be the largest meanest animal in the jungle.

    As the idea of civilization fades jungle law, might is right, is again spreading all over the world – creating chaos and suffering. The whole world is going crazy as the idea of civilization is lost.

    The students of our universities, with no concept of civilization due to their indoctrination into collectivism, are trying to form themselves into the largest meanest animal in the jungle of collectivism.

    All they understand is Jungle Law and “muscle.” They don’t see the civilization all around them. All they see are animals in the jungle of collectivism fighting other animals over power and possession. And they have a name for the big bad animal they imagine they are in a death struggle with for King of the Jungle. “White patriarchy” is the big bad animal ruling the jungle, they imagine.
    The jungle is closing in all around the world. – See more at:

  • Leonard Jones

    This is right out of the pages of Destructive Generation: Second Thoughts
    About The Sixties by Peter Collier and David Horowitz. Each time the
    administration capitulated, another list of demands followed. The
    heads of these colleges were universally on the side of the radicals,
    but none of them managed to keep their jobs.

    The colleges where governors were not afraid of sending in the National
    Guard fared much better but nothing calmed the savages quicker than
    Kent State!

  • Torcer
  • TED


  • TED


  • TED


  • TED

    Colleges are a friggin JOKE now days anyway!!

  • Jack

    The school will continue to ignore packs free-tuition blacks beating down White male students and gang raping White women on and off campus.

  • Stephen

    This is an interesting and precedent setting event, possibly a crossing of the Rubicon or at least a jumping of the shark moment in history.

    Brandon Eich, , the Yale prof caught in the halloween imbroglio, etc…..all attached by the mob for some specific action or statement.

    But Tom Wolfe? I think he’s the first to eaten by the zombies for being insufficiently proactive in serving their desires. There’s no reasoning with them, and no appeasing them now.

  • Bill T
  • Iman la glass

    I’m laughing at the people that paid tuition at that school.

  • J.j. Cintia

    They used to call prison Nigger University, but now apparently colleges are Nigger Universities too. Do you want to spend $100,000 to spend four years at prison run by niggers? No? Say good-bye to higher education people, its just ancient ruins like Detroit now. When you go black, you go broke. Every. Single. Time.

  • 762×51

    “the student experience”, that’s rich. Did he fail to provide enough beer bongs to the little bastards?

    #BLM is just another Marxist front in the Progressives war on America.

    I hope they don’t expect these guys to back them when the shit hits the fan.

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  • Niggers and ignorant white trash will turn that place into a ghetto overnight.

  • Americangirl5

    Bet they couldn’t even decipher the Roman numeral date on the school shield behind him. Not enough fingers on their hands to do the calculating.

  • 762×51

    Probably not. Those guys can only count to 21 if they take their clothes off.

  • Agrippa

    Football? Nah, that’s so “un-PC” to the Libtard crowd (basically pussies with male genitalia, even if it rarely, if ever, gets used other than for self-aggrandizement). Football’s gotta go, as well! Soon, attending Mizzou (I hate this for you graduates, but it’s coming soon to all our alma maters, so don’t feel too bad) will consist of Victimology 101 through 402, community organizing (the only actual “work” these dolts are capable of) and maybe tennis (that’s okay isn’t it, PC Gods? I mean, the Williams sisters play tennis, don’t they? Yeah, so that will be fine, so long as you’re of the preferred skin pigmentation).

  • Agrippa

    Irving: As Rush noted today, the whole Mizzou/Michael Sam incident has been utterly forgotten, the university being praised for being so “progressive” in Sam’s case just months ago (the first openly “gay” football player; always sounded to me like Sam was using that to get his 15 minutes, however, so who knows). Now, because the cowards in the administration (to include the Chancellor and President) aren’t “moving” fast enough (with what is hardly specified), they’ve gotta go, baby! Chaos rules! Perfect examples of “useful Idiots” all around . . .

  • Agrippa

    Don’t think they even teach Roman numerals any more, Girl. Note that it’s SuperBowl 50 this time (not “L”) as probably 90%, if not more, of college-age students cannot decipher Roman numerals, and likely don’t care to learn them (they can thank God we no longer use the Julian Calendar!). Why learn anything useful when King Obozo and the DemonRats will care for your every need, life-long? Besides, that’s so “white,” ergo, racist.

  • Femghazi

    They will run up against a wall that will not back down and then the fun will start. You don’t negotiate with them, you don’t appease them and you don’t show them mercy. These bloviating idiots will learn humility in time or they will meet their maker.

  • Eddie_Valiant

    Make that 20 1/2.

  • Eddie_Valiant

    The proper way to handle this type of situation:
    Tear-gas ’em
    Handcuff ’em
    Charge them with malicious destruction
    Expel ’em
    Send them a bill for the above actions

  • octa bright

    According to the WSJ if the university did not have a football team show up to next game they would face a $1,000,000 penalty. That, to a large extent is what this is about.

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  • JeffersonSpinningInGrave

    So, turns out the grad student hunger striker bemoaning the oppression of “white privilege” is a rich kid. Surprise, surprise.

  • JacksonPearson

    My same exact thoughts…. :o)

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  • octa bright

    The school that they are scheduled to play 11/13/15 is BYU.

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