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Nov 10 2015

Campus Blacks Denounce Whites, Demand Repeal of Constitution

If they had not just deposed the President and Chancellor at the University of Missouri, it would be hard not to laugh at the malevolent but cartoonish designs of wicked idiot children

The multi-university Afrikan Black Coalition is calling for black people to engage in revolution and overthrow the Constitution, citing the need to “stop white people” in the “white supremacist world” of America.

“It is our human right to overthrow a government that has been destructive to our people,” the Coalition claimed in a November 4 post titled “A New Constitution or the Bullet.”

To get an idea of how destructive America has been to their people, just compare the lives of blacks in the USA, even the laziest and most unemployable of whom owns a cell phone and a wide screen television, with their lives in their African homelands, where if they work really hard, maybe they won’t starve.

“If America fails to allow all people of this nation to write a new constitution, then it will be the bullet. Revolution is inevitable in a society that does not value the lives of all people,” the Coalition threatened.

The Coalition goes on to declare that institutional racism (the same ‘evil’ the student protestors at the University of Missouri claimed to be combatting) can’t be overcome unless the Constitution is overthrown.

The Constitution really does impose “racism,” to the extent that it limits tyranny. Politics runs on a spectrum between liberty on one end and equality on the other. The more liberty you have, the less equality you will have, because people will be free to rise or fall according to their merits and efforts. This does not work out well for the useless sort of morons who are drawn to leftist politics.

There are a few exceptions. In any tyranny, all the equal people need to be held down to the lowest common denominator by someone. That’s where the oligarchy comes in. Every one of these campus black power thugs expects to be part of it, ruling over the white wealth producers they envy and can barely comprehend like the communist cretins running Zimbabwe and South Africa.

But they are only tools; the leftist oligarchy is already in place, controlling all of the supposedly racist institutions, most notably education and the media. The oligarchy consists mainly of elitist whites who exploit Black Lives Matter and Afrikan Black Coalition like the dispensable pawns they are, playing them off against the core population according to cultural Marxist strategy.

On tips from Jimmie C, Torcer, and Rob E.

  • They say revolution but they mean race war, don’t they? Are they too scared to use the term race war? They shouldn’t be scared, as their recent ancestors started it in the 1950s. Nothing else explains the incessant violence and prevalence of black-on-White crime here. Nothing else.

  • Lentenlands

    I have some suggestions for glorious handicap outfits these scum should wear before being deported to cuba, china, russia or whatever socialist hellhole they prefer…

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  • Andrew Flanders

    Talk ,talk, talk ,threaten, threaten, threaten, if they really want to be destroyed I suggest they quit pissing around and bring their bullets already as most of us White folk are hardly afraid of them. And we know how to shoot.

  • Clear Thinker

    come get some tray-shondra.

  • DJ

    “The oligarchy consists mainly of elitist whites who exploit Black Lives Matter and Afrikan Black Coalition like the dispensable pawns they are […]”
    Exactly. And more to the point, I’d bet a dollar to a donut George Soros and his Open Society Foundations are working behind the scene organizing, writing the vile rhetoric, and funding this.

  • Chronos Z. Wonderpig

    isn’t advocating the overthrow of the Constitution considered treason?

  • George Lortz

    “If America fails to allow all people of this nation to write a new constitution, then it will be the bullet – See more at:

    Bring it, moolie. Ther’s more of us than you, and I believe we have more guns.

  • walt

    Free men are not equal.
    Equal men are not free.

  • Well, black folks. Congratulations on being even more repugnant to non-blacks than usual.


  • Not if you’re from the ‘protected class’ of ‘people’.

  • Don’t forget La’Queefa and La’trine.

  • Henry
  • Henry

    Bring it, spooks.

  • Giorgio Palmas

    I’ve met many people from Africa who love and treasure living here. They all have mentioned the utter repulsion they had interacting with the vulgar ghetto trash who do nothing but whine and complain about racism. Perhaps we should send them there to live in a dung hut and eat bugs.

  • DJ

    RACIST! /s

  • J.j. Cintia

    Yeah I can see why they had Apartheid, Segregation and Jim Crow laws now. Thanks for clearing that up for us. Lets repeal all those silly Civil Rights laws now, and strip them of any benefits and citizenship and give them a one way trip to Africa where they can enjoy the freedom of rape, war, starvation and disease like their ancestors without the racist oppression of Western Civilization and Modern Medicine.

  • DJ

    “Bring it, moolie. Ther’s more of us than you …”
    Whoa there cowboy! As Dave B has pointed out here at MB more than once, if a race war were to actually happen more whites would join in on the black side than fight for the white side. In reality, we whites are out-numbered.
    Do you deny the power of political correctness?

  • :-) Ninja


    If it’s bullets they want..


  • :-) Ninja


    Who cares? The whites on their side are worthless, militarily speaking.


  • Jim

    Will somebody tell “them” the only thing keep “them” alive is the Constitution they want to destroy.

  • 762×51

    On this Veterans Day, I’m reminded of my oath taken so many years ago.

    “I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.”

    I don’t recall ever being released from that oath.

    Anytime these bastards think they have what it takes, my brothers and I are ready for them. We’ll see who wets their pants when the bullets fly.

  • MAS
  • moby
  • 762×51


    One of these groups is expert at threatening violence, the other is expert at inflicting violence.

  • 762×51

    Actually, overthrowing or threatening to overthrow the GOVERNMENT is illegal, not the Constitution.

    That means that people like me, who advocate removing this rogue, criminal government by force and RESTORING the Constitution are violating that law. Fits nicely into the totalitarian fascist playbook.

    Fortunately, I don’t care.

  • Should have picked our own cotton….now look at the shit we have to deal with.

  • wiggar, please!

  • Eddie_Valiant

    Save your breath. Anyone who says such things is waaaay tooo stoooopid to grasp that concept.

  • alohasteve
  • Useless niggers and scumbag race traitors.

  • Agrippa

    So many morons, so little time. Repeal (or otherwise do away with) the U.S. Constitution, and your precious little lives of luxury (whether you know they’re luxurious or not is irrelevant) are fucking over! Follow Prof. Mike Adams’ advice and get the hell out — Africa beckons, as does starvation, never-ending slavery to a black “Massa” like Mugabe and his idiot ilk, AIDS, Ebola, and on and on . . .
    Hope you have a good time, and DLTDHYOTWO! See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya!

  • Nan

    The politically correct are afraid of guns. Someone might get hurt.

  • barfomer

    Obama and these punk thugs are turning more folks racist faster than any other enemy in recent history.

  • bobwhite

    I took the same oath and there is no expiration date on it.

  • bobwhite

    Well put.

  • bobwhite

    I’m not for overthrowing the Government. We have the best form of Government ever invented by man. I am for removing the traitorous dogs that have hijacked our Government. By force if necessary.

  • DJ

    Let’s get real here. There aren’t any organized pro-white groups to speak of — military or otherwise. Pro-white groups are verboten in the Amerikwa. That’s a given. OTOH, the entire US government apparatus is designed and organized to protect minorities from the majority. Let’s face it, whites, as a group, are atomized and the US government intends to keep it that way. Any attempt to form lasting and effective armed white militias will be squashed like bugs under the US government’s jack boots when they deem it necessary. Absent a catastrophic event, any thoughts of overthrowing or overpowering the existing pro-minority prog order should be considered a product of pure fantasy.

  • DJ

    WTF are you talking about? The politically correct have proven to be — BY FAR — the most murderous bastards that ever existed.

  • NotKennedy

    They wonder why the N word persists.

  • liz

    If only (your wish could come true)…

  • That makes them criminals and traitors. Treat them as such.

  • whotothewhat

    If I or some other person of whiteness said this as a leader of a organized group of white persons, the Feds would be all over me or other person of whiteness. Really I am glad people on the left who are black are saying this. it show’s us whites what is in store for us if they can consolidate their power and actually are able to carry out their white genocide plans.

    I will be able to go all Rick Grimmes on their AZZ and give a whole lot of full metal leaded push back. I will not grovel at their feet I will not cower under my bed it will be on and I suspect we would be wining the first round or two up until the Feds or the UN seeing the protected class getting shellacked come to their rescue.

  • whotothewhat

    That’s the plan and its working very well.

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  • Exile1981

    The head of the Afrikan Black Coalition is an inner circle member of the Nation of Islam. So they are a campus recruitment group for Farrakhan.

  • TED

    MORE BLM’S, BLACK LOUD MOUTHS! AND HEY – They don’t matter!

  • TED


  • TED

    THEY just keep EARNING the title! MAYBE, if THEY quit using it….

  • TED

    “THE GREAT UNITER” Keeping in line with the usual leftist way they EXACTLY the opposite of what they claim.

  • TED


  • TED


  • TED

    I’ll bet that would work with the MUZZIES also!

  • TED

    Side-way shooters! ROTFLMAO!

  • 762×51

    No they aren’t, they just want to be the only ones who control them. PC is a police state by definition. They need to disarm the population thereby removing our means of resisting their totalitarian rule. Their police forces will still have guns, just as the old Soviet Union and Communist China prove.

  • 762×51

    See, this is where we get lost in semantics. The FORM of government as defined by the Constitution is fine. It is the execution that is effed up by the people who currently run this government.

    I am absolutely in favor of removing this government by force because it no longer follows the FORM as specified by the Constitution. This rogue government, i.e. the people who run it, must be removed from power in order to restore the Constitution.

    So what you said, but we have to be careful because not everyone realizes the meaning of the words we use.

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