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Nov 19 2015

Violence in South Africa Against Immigrants From Zimbabwe

How nice that power has been pried away from xenophobic white people and placed in the hands of enlightened blacks in South Africa, a nation fundamentally transformed by political correctness. Now everyone there holds hands and lives in harmony. Oh wait…

Why are so many people fleeing Zimbabwe, the erstwhile Breadbasket of Africa? Because it isn’t Rhodesia anymore; the white oppressor was overthrown way back in 1980. When South Africa catches up to Zimbabwe on the road to utopia, the refugees will head for Europe and the USA.

On a tip from DJ.

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  • Hungjumper

    I did business consulting in SA several years ago not too long after apartheid ended. Uneducated blacks were taken out of the townships and thrust into positions of power and authority. The graft and corruption was stunning. Most whites wound up living in gated community with private security forces, “rape” gates in their home that separated the living from the sleeping area, and anti-hijack devices installed on every car of value they owned.

    One morning two police lieutenants came to work and were headed out to patrol. Unfortunately one of the supervisory patrol cars was in the shop. They got into an argument about who got the remaining car; one pulled out his service weapon and shot the other, got in the car, and drove off to patrol.

    While I came to admire and respect the Zulu’s, Mandela’s ANC (which hated the Zulu) were the most bloodthirsty and criminal by far of the blacks. Communist-inspired and tyranny-driven. If white, you stayed out of their areas, even in daylight.

  • alohasteve
  • Fiberal

    Yes…. give that man a banana.

  • Appalled By The World

    “Uneducated blacks were taken out of the townships and thrust into positions of power and authority.”

    Hmm-sounds a lot like Washington DC, 2009.

  • TED

    THIS also works with Muslims…

  • TED

    And take away the AK-47!

  • TED

    Sounds like MANY cities in THIS country, Goes for MEX areas also…

  • TED

    HELL, with everything handed to them HERE they can’t live with each other! That’s why they move into YOUR neighborhood and crap it up!

  • TED

    WHAT A TYPICAL START TO THE STORY, it’s the police’s fault they didn’t arrive soon enough!!! MAYBE, if the assholes could get along with each other was NEVER MENTIONED!!

  • Gypsy

    Black folks killing “other” black folks.
    “You will tell no one what you see…”

    Georges Rutaganda River Road Bodies

    President Clinton later apologized for turning a blind eye to the genocide. So sorry, so sad, too bad. Clinton will never be held accountable for ignoring the butchery.

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  • whotothewhat

    So they kill or chase off the white farmers that kept them fed in Zimbabwe so they then flee to another Post white governed country of South Africa were white farmers are being killed or chased off because it still has some stuff left for them to eat.

    This is only a small sample of what is in store for them and the rest when western culture is no more.

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