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Nov 16 2015

Black Lives Matter Fascists Make Studying Impossible at Dartmouth

It isn’t just the moonbat Mecca Columbia. Behold what other Ivy League universities have been reduced to by the cancer of political correctness:

A group of Black Lives Matter protestors at Dartmouth College led a violent protest Thursday, hurling racial insults at students and pushing them up against a wall as they tried to study in the library, The Dartmouth Review reports.

“F*ck you, you filthy white f*cks!” “F*ck you and your comfort!” “F*ck you, you racist sh*t!” they reportedly yelled.

About a 150 Dartmouth protesters shouted as they marched through Baker-Berry Library at Dartmouth College. Students who didn’t join in on their protests were harassed, one woman was pinned to a wall by protesters who shouted, “filthy white bitch!” in her face. Students who were seated were told to, “Stand the f*ck up!” “You filthy racist white piece of sh*t!”

Again we see that the dictionary definition of “racist” has nothing to do with the way the word is actually used. It has become a synonym for “white,” just as “antiracist” is a synonym for “antiwhite.”

Fortunately for the fascists, America’s oldest college newspaper The Dartmouth predictably whitewashed this appalling spectacle — or should I say blackwashed — so as not to alarm sheep too witless to have realized yet that the Black Lives Matter movement represents sheer idiot malice.

At this point you could get a better education in a prison. Dinesh D’Souza sure did.

Imagine trying to learn in this environment.

On tips from Henry, Sean C, and JusttheTipHQ.

  • alohasteve

    Graphic Language – John Oliver – Paris terror attack

  • Mike_W20

    Slightly off topic:

    Dinesh D’Souza: Obama did teach me a lesson


  • Irving

    Coming soon, to a lunch counter near you…

  • liz

    The fact that none of the students harassed by these malicious idiots fought back proves the alarming level of brainwashing in college students.
    The bullies need to be “set up” – the next time they stage one of these protests, replace all the students with hard core Tea Partiers and ex-marines disguised as wimpy gender- disphoric “students”, and see what happens.

  • Mike_W20

    Apart from the reference to the power of French pastry, I heartily concur.
    Don’t underestimate the power of French heritage to mobilize future resistance.

  • JayMS

    Seriously, what is it with moonbats and chanting? I guess the silver lining in all of this is at least the moonbats get to see what the inside of a library actually looks like

  • Mike_W20

    It stops independent thought.

  • Kale Dolfin

    Today’s colleges are Fascism Factories. Nothing more.

  • Bad_Mr_Frosty

    Google “Boer Genocide” if you want to see where this is going.

  • Henry

    Negroes seem to believe that repeating the same phrase over and over has some sort of supernatural power. Like verbal voodoo, if you will.

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  • Scar

    “Stand the f*ck up!” “You filthy racist white piece of sh*t!” – See more at:“Stand the f*ck up!” “You filthy racist white piece of sh*t!”

    So, any charges for racist hate against the protesters?

  • JoeK

    I have a fantasy about running up to these loud mouth fucking idiots and swinging a metal baseball bat right into their open, chanting mouths!! Each and every one of them gets a turn at my batting practice!!

  • Giorgio Palmas

    If you look at The Bureau of Justice Statistics, you will see that “Hate Crimes” against WHITE MALES are the #1 victim. An inconvenient truth?

  • JTW

    if you’re faced with a horde of almost certainly armed barbarians and you’re yourself disarmed because you’re in a “weapons free zone” you have no choice but to frequent in order to get the data needed for your coursework and going to be subjected to a zero tolerance policy if you’re found wearing so much as a fruit knife, what’d you do?
    If you so much as swing a fist at the barbarians you’re going to end up lynched and afterwards charged with assault and “hate crimes”.

  • MAS

    Pepper spray would take all the fun out of screaming in your face.

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  • You carry anyway and, Churchill-wise, take some of the subhuman Proglodytes out because it is better to die on your feet than live on your knees!

  • They might as well have been yelling “Cheetah bunduolo! Kreagh! Ook, Ook, Ook!” The mental level is roughly equivalent!

  • Or a good squirt of green Tabasco, right in the eye, if the administration has banned pepper spray. Or the hell with the administrators and show ’em the business end of a .45!

  • Batter up! And a home run for the good guys!

  • That assumes a great deal about the capacity for independent thought inherent in these specimens, an assumption that appears unjustified by the evidence.

  • oldguy

    Blacks shutting down classes in the colleges may well be doing the white people in college a big favor. It will go a long way to prevent the enstupidation of white people.

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  • DJ

    The low IQ Negroids are feigning outrage in an attempt to cover up the real cause of their academic failure and social dysfunction – that being their innate low IQ coupled with low impulse control. IOWs these disruptions serve a twofold purpose: 1) A diversionary tactic. I.e., to divert attention away from the real causes of black failure onto bogus causes,; viz: white racism/white skin privilege. and 2) a winning through intimidation.
    The doctrine negroes — and the radical egalitarians — so depend on asserts black failure can always be traced to white racism. Of course REAL instances of white-racism against blacks are very rare, hence, anti-white leftists created the bogus concept of “white skin privilege” as an excuse to cover up the fact Negroids are, on average, MUCH LESS intelligent than whites.
    Until we Americans (all of us) accept the inconvenient truth that only 10% of Negroid-Americans posses an IQ over 99 and deal with that fact in an appropriate manner, the mayhem will continue.
    FWIW, the term “racist” was invented by Lev Bronstein a/k/a Leon Trotsky for the purpose of using it as a weapon against his ideological enemies.

  • StarTripper

    The entire Ivy League should be shut down, the buildings razed to the ground, and the ground salted. Some cancers you just cut out.

  • grayjohn

    Black lives don’t mean shit to blacks. Black education means nothing to blacks.
    Don’t mean shit to each other. Why am I supposed to care about their so called “Cause”? The white students need to file a class action suit against the school for allowing these scum to disrupt their education. Sue for damages and a refund of all tuition paid.

  • Mannie

    Shoot more of them.

  • Silence Dogood

    People need to start fighting back and beating these worthless POS’s within an inch of their pathetic lives.

  • headonstraight

    The convenient and accurate truth is that YOU are a disgusting racist swine!

  • MAS

    Getting kicked out of a restaurant or out of a college for defending oneself would be an act of kindness on their part (if we are stupid enough to be there in the first place) and a badge of honor on ours. CCW and pepper spray (the bear spray one) no matter what…damn the permits and the permissions just do it.

  • DJ

    Thank you comrade Trotsky. I wear the racist label proud.
    Another inconvenient fact is the average IQ of Negroid-Americans is 85. That means half of their population has an IQ less than 85.
    Up until 1973 the American Association of Mental Deficiency (AAMD) set the threshold of mental retardation at 85. HALF of the Negroid-American population were deemed mental retards to one degree or another. The threshold has since been lowed to 70 due to pressure exerted on the medical profession by the Office for Civil Rights.

  • liz

    Well, its still fun to imagine!

  • That’s pretty much my default mode. What the authorities don’t know won’t hurt anyone but the Thugs.

  • Xscilune

    I would!

  • Xscilune

    I like bear spray paired with a set of brass knuckles.

  • Xscilune

    Can I play? Pleezzzzze!

  • Xscilune

    You wear lots of heavy “biker” rings.If you have to defend yourself you don’t have time to remove them.I would have beat the first one that touched me so bloody that the others would have run!

  • ATDavidD

    It might be a little too soon to call them Fascists–they’re not a paramilitary organization as of yet; they would do well, too, to remember that the Night of the Long Knives preceded Kristallnacht by several years….

  • liz

    Yep. Somebody needs to stand up to them! They would probably wilt at the first sign of resistance, anyway, and start whining about their “safe space” being invaded.

  • Mr. Eman

    Probably the first time any of these foul-mouthed fools have ever set foot in a library.

  • The “Bell Curve” distribution defies the attempts of the Left to explain it away. When it comes to intelligence, statistics explains most socioeconomic pathology!

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  • Todd S

    You’re right. They’re not fascists–yet! But history may very well repeat itself!

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