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Nov 17 2015

Racist Noose Found at Louisiana State University Turns Out to Be Ground Wire

Some hate hoaxes are deliberately mendacious bids to advance the cultural Marxist agenda and gain sympathetic attention. Others are more likely to be the result of hysteria, low IQ, and a desperate eagerness to find evidence in support of liberal ideology. Clarke Perkins may be a moonbat and a moron, but don’t call her a liar:

LSU student and Reveille [a student newspaper] columnist Clarke Perkins freaked out on Twitter [Thursday] as she mistook a lightning ground wire hanging over a branch for a noose. Yup. You can’t make this up. She tweeted [Thursday] morning:

THERE IS A NOOSE HANGING FROM A TREE AT LSU BY COATES. I shouldn’t have to see this walking to class. WOW.

The ground wire was hanging high in a tree because it came loose after a branch fell on it.

Typically, the liberals in charge capitalized on the incident to reinforce their commitment to rigidly intolerant “tolerance” even though they knew it to be yet another false alarm. Louisiana State University educrats blasted out a righteous email:

Earlier today, LSU was notified of the potential that an extremely offensive symbol had been found on campus.

Though this proved not to be the case, we want to emphasize that racial intolerance will never be permitted on our campus.

Also typically, even after she grudgingly and belatedly admitted that the wire was not a noose, the phony victim brayed that her foolish misperception constitutes evidence that she is in fact oppressed:

I was wrong, it was a wire that fell. But if black students were more accepted here, I wouldn’t have thought a noose.

She imagines the oppression is real, therefore it is real. This literally insane reasoning is encouraged by the P.C. authorities.

Clarke tweeted piteously about racism, yet the only racism that can be found in this story is her own tweet from last year:


Congrats, Clarke. Even if your hoax wasn’t deliberate, it was so stereotypical in every other respect that you make the Hate Hoax List.

On a tip from Artfldgr.

  • Hans Pfall

    Well, you go right on the hell ahead, soul sistah. The Popeyes is all yours. I don’t like when noisy, thuggish black people are around where I’m eating, either. We’re in total agreement.

  • MAS

    Oh my eyes…there isn’t enough booze on the west coast to make that work.

  • Chronos Z. Wonderpig

    wait, I thought black people eating fried chicken was supposed to be racist??????
    I’m so confused………

  • 762×51

    Hey Clarke, in recognition of your ignorance, I’m going to Popeye’s. I hope they aren’t out of watermelon.

  • Henry

  • Xavier

    Popeye is a white male. I see trouble ahead.

  • Henry


  • ThisObamaNation

    But I love Popeyes Chicken and Mexican Food. I even love Middle Eastern food, but honestly I just don’t trust anyone who dresses all in black and keeps 2/3rd of their face covered to prepare my meals. Hey I know of a new job for illegals, it’s one that Americans just won’t do. Its called food tester.

  • NotKennedy

    Just to set the record straight, you can get better chicken at Church’s Chicken and share a table with anybody you like. I dined at their store in Baton Rouge, on LA-73, weekly, and never met an asshole like this young hussy.

    Tell her to wrap her greasy-ass chicken between a couple of pieces of white bread and she can share the leftovers with a dog, just to meet someone of her own class.

  • NotKennedy

    A white man who earned his money from providing a reputable product in the fine tradition of New Orleans cooking. As a budding/butting jornogirl, work is beneath her stature.

  • DJ

    “I don’t like it when people eat Popeyes.” ( –C. Perk)
    Fried Chicken nigga.

  • NotKennedy

    Are the strings on those ponderous thighs to hold her dollar bills? One of those hooters is bigger than Mrs. Obama’s entire head and probably just as bouncy.

  • NotKennedy

    Hehe, I bet she’s French. Voulez-vous coucher avec elle?

  • cory raskel

    its been all downhill since nooses.

  • DJ

    OMG! You’re gonna offend the PC conservatives!

  • Xavier

    OMG just saw the underboobs. ~~~shudder~~~

  • 762×51

    You suppose she might figure that Popeye’s is just whitey holding her down? I hope not.

  • marcus tullius cicero

    …not raaaaaacist?

  • marcus tullius cicero

    …no true Black person eats Popeye’s Chicken in my town -Jackson- it’s
    Church’s Chicken!

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  • Doug Hagin

    HA! My Great Aunt Flora made the best fried chicken period! It is a Staple of Southern food, like cornbread, collards, etc.

  • AlanOne7

    Greetings from Florida. We have Popeye’s, Church’s, KFC, Bojangles, Chick-Fil-A and Maryland Fried Chicken. Plus numerous grocery stores sell their own chicken.

    Best strips: Popeye’s. Best nuggets: Chick-Fil-A. Best whole meat: KFC. Best value: an entire rotisserie from WalMart for five bucks.

    I didn’t care for MFC and Bojangle’s was too salty.

  • Clyde_Frog

    “But if black students were more accepted here, I wouldn’t have thought a noose.”

    No, if you weren’t a racist you wouldn’t have thought a noose.

  • MAS

    Mon dieu, non non non monsieur.

  • Momster

    Where even the trees and downed wires are racist! What’s the world coming to? Oh, the humanity.

    These are obviously people who don’t have enough to worry about. They have to go around imagining this $#!T.

  • bkhuna

    I don’t like it when blacks to to ______________ (movies, restaurants, sporting events, school events, etc.) and disrupt the peace with their pack like caterwauling.

  • NotKennedy

    Me neither!

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  • SineWaveII

    ” I Yam What I Yam and that’s all that I Yam”

  • harbqll

    “I was wrong, it was a wire that fell. But if black students were more accepted here, I wouldn’t have thought a noose.”

    Dear Clarke Perkins: Fuck you, you goofy little racist bitch.

    I went to LSU for undergrad: 1996-2000.
    Unless you want to make the argument that the campus has become significantly MORE racist in the last 15 years, then there is no problem with black students being “accepted”. If anything, then like most universities these days, the situation is quite the opposite. Let me give you a couple personal anecdotes…

    My girlfriend at the time was a journalism major (she wised up and got over it) and was dismayed at the fact that there was a black student journalist club, an asian student journalist club, and woman’s student journalist club, but nothing at all for the white guys. So, as a goof, she printed up a flier which copied exactly the text from a flyer for the black student journalist club – but with the word “white” instead.
    She put her own phone number on it, just to see what would happen.

    Guess what happened, you little airhead? She got hate-mail-type phone calls for TWO MONTHS. All hours of the day and night; she had to turn the ringer off just to get any sleep. Accusations of racism, cussing out, even death threats. Again: for two months, even though the flyer was only up for 1 day.

    What race is it that isn’t accepted again?

    Here’s another – I needed 3 credits in humanities, which had nothing at all to do with my major in the hard sciences, but it was required anyway. I chose Professional Ethics, thinking I might actually get something out of it. I was wrong about that, but one day in class, the professor started gushing about how great it was that our classroom was so “diverse”: we had several races present, not just white kids.

    Because, ya know, blacks just aren’t accepted there.

    The interesting part was, the black dude he pointed at during his speech was my roommate, so I knew him pretty well. We looked at each other and started to laugh. The prof asked what was funny, and my roommate told him that he had been born in Baton Rouge, lived there his whole life, was going to college there, and had only even left Louisiana ONCE in his entire life, on a week’s vacation to Disneyworld. So the question was, how exactly does he contribute more to the diversity of the class than I did…seeing I was born in Texas, raised in Alaska, went to high school in New Orleans, and had just gotten back from having lived in Germany for four years.

    My favorite line, which I will never forget, was: “You think my black skin makes me
    fucking magic, or some shit?”

    What race is it that isn’t accepted again?

    I could go on, but I’ll close with this. If you think I’m going to stop eating at Popeye’s, you can go fuck yourself.

  • Silence Dogood

    I have just about had it with these racist little turds. If they want a race war, they’re gonna get one and they’re going to lose badly. Keep it up douchebags, we bitter clingers are only going to take so much more of it before we snap…

  • Hey – I love Popeye’s chicken. And watermelon, for that matter. So bite me, you Nubian nincompoop…

  • Jane Dough

    I know I’m an anachronistic troglodyte, but what’s wrong with a noose? I realize its implications, but so what? Nobody must get offended, ever? It’s not an act of violence since nobody gets hurt, and the argument that it could lead to violence applies equally to any episode of Bonanza, NCIS or Les Miserables.

    I love popping PC bubbles, and we as a nation gotta grow a pair. The only “hate speech” is people who hate free speech.

  • emjee

    I friggin LOVE IT. thanks for the smile of the day

  • emjee

    I had a gramma Flora and she made the best fried chicken I’ve ever had.

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