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Nov 17 2015

While Defending Islam in Aftermath of Paris Attacks, Obama Refers to Himself as a Muslim Again

While defending Islam in the aftermath of the Paris atrocities by continuing the farcical charade of pretending that it does not explicitly advocate the violence it has been inspiring for the past 1,400 years, Obama seemed to refer to himself as a Muslim:

This wasn’t the first time:

There are other examples of Obama speaking as a Muslim. Then there is the ring.

Whether Obama actually aims himself at Mecca and grinds his face on the floor five times daily, I wouldn’t know. But at this point there is no doubt whatsoever that he identifies with Islam and sides with it against its historic enemy, Western Civilization — if only because of his allegiance to the Third World.

On a tip from Stormfax.

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  • seaoh

    Where’s Archie when we need him?

  • Jim

    There is another victim here. For twenty years, Obama sat in church listening to Reverend Wright. Poor Wright. He thought he was an influence. When all he was doing was feeding Obama’s moslem hatred.

  • rex freeway


  • rex freeway

    worst pres ever

  • rex freeway

    Watch as he speaks. None of it is teleprompter. He is making this hate speech up as he goes. He is fighting back what he wants to say. He goes to another country to speak this nonsense. Thinking Europe will be his friend. To bad one of france’s missiles didn’t go errant when they attacked Syria. I hope they didnt warn the Muslim in chief they were going to

  • Jason

    He’s never really hid his allegiance to Islam, and at times as in the above video revealed it in an unguarded moment. Check out this finger gesture. It really says it all:

  • Pork_Soda

    Obama is neither Christian nor MOOOOZLIM. He’s a Barakanista, only interested in advancing his own narcissistic viewpoints and bashing all those oppose him with any available blunt instrument that presents itself. An arrogant lout ill suited for the position he occupies.

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  • JTM371

    bear poop in the woods

    pope catholic

    What a shock HA HA the half breed muzzie has no fear the rinos are afraid of him and the media is his whore. Hang on this last year is going to be hell. Go after guns close gitmo muslim refugees climate change that will bankrupt the country. He is the biggest steaming pile of shit walking down the road. As always FUBO! 🙂

  • RKae

    Not just any Muslim, but a weird, new-agey, cult-within-a-cult Muslim:

    Bonus: Yet another alias!

  • Albrecht

    But look on the bright side. This seems to suggest that at least Obama himself might not PERSONALLY blow anyone up. Hey, it’s a start.

  • Jodie

    Wow! That is good! I love PPSimmons’ videos!

    It makes more sense than anything yet – since it is quite clear that Obama has been groomed from birth for this mission.

  • Eddie_Valiant

    Shocked I am…….

  • RKae

    Just as a side note in conspiracy land… His fake SS# comes from a man named Harrison Brunel, who died at Fairfield asylum… in Newtown, CT.

    (Cue the “Twilight Zone” theme!)

    It’s a weird world.

  • SerenityNow

    Piece of shit; that’s all. Something to scrape off the bottom of you shoe.

  • PresidentPinocchio


  • jarhead

    They would throw him off a BLD in the middle east for being Queer!

  • jay

    Even ignoring the “we Muslims” part, Obama is saying that terrorists are not “real Muslims” because they don’t live up to the teachings of Islam as he understands it. Why isn’t the media blasting him for his bigotry and presumptuousness? When Christians say that they doubt that Obama is a “real Christian” because he does not live up to the teachings of Christianity, the media blast them with both barrels. As Obama claims to not be a Muslim, his statements are doubly offensive: a non-Muslim telling Muslims what real Islam is.

  • TED
    How BOUT’ that Feminazi’s??!!

  • Daz

    Time to end.

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  • jrm55

    it would be great if they did bring them here and the only women attacked were THEIR women. It’d serve them right.

  • TED

    It’s what democRAT women call DATE NIGHT…the only problem is it’s hard to tell which of them are women.

  • ymarsakar

    The DemoNcrats would love rape filled pregnancies, since Planned Profit makes a tidy sum off of that, 13 year old and up without parental notification.

  • TED

    Only 13, they think they are MUZZIES now, they are after the 9 year olds!

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