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Nov 22 2015

Tale of the Tape: Hate Hoax at Harvard Law

You would think that at a premier institution like Harvard Law School, even the Affirmative Action students would have a higher level of intelligence than was displayed by a recent hate hoax:

HLS’s Wasserstein Hall includes a small portrait of every single tenured faculty member at the school, but Thursday morning small black strips of tape were found covering the faces of every black professor’s portrait.

Predictably, the black supremacist moonbats who dominate college campuses are using the tape as a pretext to work themselves into a lather of belligerent victimhood.

“This morning at Harvard Law School we woke up to a hate crime,” writes HLS student Michele Hall on the website Blavity. “The portraits of black professors, the ones that bring me and so many other black students feelings of pride and promise, were defaced. Their faces were covered with a single piece of black tape, crossing them out of Harvard Law School’s legacy of legal scholarship. Their faces were slashed through, X-ing them out, marking them as maybe unwanted or maybe unworthy or maybe simply too antithetical to the legacy of white supremacy on which Harvard Law School has been built.”

HLS dean Martha Minow immediately called a meeting of the school’s students and staff to discuss the incident, and announced it is under police investigation.

Maybe the Justice Department should become involved — even though like virtually all alleged campus hate crimes, it was faked.

One particularly noteworthy red flag is that the black tape used to deface the portraits appears to be identical to tape that was recently used by activists affiliated with the Royall Must Fall group protesting against HLS’s current seal (which is taken from the coat of arms of the slaveholding family that endowed HLS’s first professorship).

Don’t these morons watch Forensic Files? They should have at least used a different role of tape.

Royall Must Fall, welcome to the Hate Hoax List.

Even this petty level of “racial oppression” has to be faked.

On tips from Eddie_Valiant and Torcer.

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  • Henry

    These homo-negro alliance inspired lies are a daily occurrence now, sometimes 2 or 3 a day…. At this point, it would be easier to list actual incidences of real discrimination. That way, you would only have to post one or two stories, coming out of some prog-hypocrite institution, per year.

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  • Irving

    It’s UFO’s for the next generation.

  • 762×51

    Should be no problem to lift some latent prints from that tape, either side.

    As a white guy, maybe I’ll sneak onto campus in the dead of night and tape hoods on the portraits of white professors. Then step back and watch the racism accusations fly . . . or not.

  • Beef

    Another horrific example of campus tape culture.

  • Henry

    I see what you did… lol

  • Solzhenitsyn

    A tailor laying aside his needle stuck it into a newspaper on the wall so it wouldn’t get lost and happened to stick it in ^e eye of a portrait of Kaganovich. A customer observed this: Article 58, ten years (terrorism).

    A saleswoman accepting merchandise from a forwarder noted it down on a sheet of newspaper. There was no other paper. The number of pieces of soap happened to fall on the forehead of Comrade Stalin. Article 58, ten years.

    A tractor driver of the Znamenka Machinery and Tractor Station lined his thin shoes for warmth with a pamphlet about the candidate for elections to the Supreme Soviet, but a charwoman noticed it was missing (she was responsible for the leaflets) and found out who had it. KRA—Counter-Revolutionary Agitation— ten years.,

    A deaf and dumb carpenter got a term for counterrevolutionary agitation! How? He was laying floors in a club. Everything had been removed from a big hall, and there was no nail or hook anywhere. While he was working, he hung his jacket and his service cap on a bust of Lenin. Someone came in and saw it. 58, ten years”

    Thats ten years in the gulag, coming soon to a place near you, you racist!

  • George Lortz

    Did we really expect any different from the Afro-idiots? One time, they’re gonna blame something on the KKK, only they’ll spell it wrong.

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