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Jan 07 2012

Rick Santorum: Yet Another RINO?

In this ad from his disastrous 2006 Senate campaign, Rick Santorum elicits chills of horror by bragging about teaming up with moonbat authoritarians Joe Lieberman, Barbara Boxer, and even Shrillary Rotten to expand the federal behemoth:

Santorum appears to be a less devoted statist that Gingrich or Romney. But his record is not always reassuring.

With Michele Bachmann gone, there is no one we can vote for without holding our noses. It’s already down to choosing the lesser evil.

On tips from Agnostic Conservative and AC.

  • JD

    At least the man can fight.

  • Dr. 9

    So, Santorum’s no good either? Moonbattery has managed to denounce the entire Republican field, although i will admit there’s not much there to be thrilled about. But all of them?

    Shhh, listen. You can almost hear Mullah Obummer’s re-election acceptance speech in the background.

  • AC

    So, Santorum’s no good either? Moonbattery has managed to denounce the entire Republican field, although i will admit there’s not much there to be thrilled about. But all of them?

    The truth is the truth and their records are their records.

    The reason we are in this situation to begin with is that, for too many years, we have not held the Republican party accountable for its tolerance of bad policy and bad behavior. We dutifully voted for the lesser of the evils as long as that lesser evil had an R after its name.

    It should come as no surprise that bad behavior flourished while we were looking the other way.

    We are not going to take this country back by continuing to excuse bad behavior. It must be called out. That is why fed-up citizens from all backgrounds banded together to form the Tea Party Movement.

    Sadly, Santorum is the second most fiscally conservative candidate in the field. This is what we have been reduced to. Where are the men of principle like Jim DeMint, Tom Coburn, and Jeff Flake and why aren’t they occupying positions of greater prominence in the party? For that, we have only ourselves to blame.

  • TebowFTW

    At least hes not a bullshitter. Santorum has been pretty honest about how he feels. So honest that even the left believes him. That’s why the accuse him of homophobia and that sack of shit Dan Savage tried to destroy his name. So, there’s that. What you see is what you get with him. In this field of liars and bastards, that’s comforting. Just saying.

  • TebowFTW

    I WISH he would take up Herman Cains 999 plan. That would be tits. I’m going to contact the campaign, you should too. Let’s make it happen!

  • Conservatives blew it, and Hot Air, Red State and the Free Republic are to blame.

    They convinced everyone that she was unelectable,

    That Allahpundit was openly campaigning against her.

  • Jock

    Maybe if we all pray really, really hard, God will tell Michele (or Marcus, since it amounts to the same thing) to stop pulling a Sarah, quit quitting and get back in the race

    The GOP primaries without Michele is like a turd sandwich without ketchup

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  • metprof

    “The truth is the truth and their records are their records”

    For everyone but Romney and Paul of course.

  • Rob Banks

    Santorum isn’t about to get elected to anything, but at least he makes all the right enemies. Enjoy the howling of enraged moonbats while you can.

  • Fiberal

    Santorum is a “social conservative”. As was Bush.

    What this means is that we will be hearing a lot of whining and wailing about the “poor”, a thousand points of light (?) and what we as compassionate conservatives can do to help.

    Meanwhile back in realworldland, the looting continues with Bank of America being forced by the DOJ to pay $350M+ to Acorn and related community organizations. (Of course, BAC collapsed without a fight.)

    Trust me. What you will see with Santorum is a lot of head-up-the-butt whimpering about irrelevant social issues— bc economics is hard.

    Ex: comment about not wanting to help blacks through welfare – MSM all over his bc Iowans on welfare are white– instead of apologizing like a social conservative, a real conservative would have said, “Look at welfare in the rest of the U.S. for the last 40 years, douche bags.”

    The “compassionate conservative” is a ploy that apparent works on the common republican voter who watches TV every day, listens to sports talk, and knows as much about economics as my dogs and operates exactly the same way.

  • Fiberal

    And BTW, about that “whites in Iowa on welfare” thing?

    Historically, that welfare door was opened a crack for the needy and destitute (thank you Roosevelt) but then kicked wide open for blacks and generations of blacks to follow. Whites started getting in line in much greater numbers more recently.

    (this social order occurs a lot — think rap music and prison fashion).

    And since 2008, BO (ostensibly black) has been holding the door open for both races. Welfare would not be the monolithic institution it is today were it not for black entitlement and whites would not be using it today were it not a monolithic institution.

    Overall, whites on welfare is just a consequence of the massive spending investment in blacks made by the U.S.

  • AC

    The “compassionate conservative” is a ploy that apparent works on the common republican voter who watches TV every day, listens to sports talk, and knows as much about economics as my dogs and operates exactly the same way.

    Yet when a candidate doesn’t meet your standards of social purity, you denounce him as a leftist, even when the economy should be taking priority over social issues.

  • Fiberal


    Not sure which standards of social purity you’re referring to. But I might take it that you still don’t understand the necessity of a candidate being consistent in his declared principles.

    Ronpaul has yet to denounce BO’s ineligibility as a chief executive of the U.S. by demerit of a Kenyan father.

    This seems to me to have had profound consequences for the U.S. inasmuch as BO is clearly guided by his father’s hatred for western imperialism.

    That’s at least the one lone thing we don’t have to grant him or assume about him.

    Although it is true that as a major shareholder in the Fiberal Ultra Conservative Kenyan Impeachment Team, I have a strong interest in denouncing candidates who profess to be guided solely by the Constitution, and who use that claim to separate themselves from other candidates, are so guided.

  • SeaFoamGreen

    Gingrich? Leftist Statist RINO.

    Romney? Leftist Statist RINO.

    Santorum? Leftist Statist RINO.

    Perry? Leftist Statist RINO.

    Christie? Leftist Statist RINO.

    Ronald Reagan? Questionable…

    The only hope is RonPaul. Give in. Feel the love. Check your brains at the door. Relax. Ignore the Jew-hatred. Ignore the 9/11 truther stance. Ignore “it’s OK for Iran to have the Bomb” rhetoric. Ignore, ignore, ignore.

    They want us to lose, folks.

  • Fiberal

    “you denounce him as a leftist, even when the economy should be taking priority over social issues.”


    Once again, you’re not reading everything. (Or something’s gone wrong.)

    My point about Santorum is that he is a “social conservative” and will indeed try and appeal to the GOP through worthless, yet tried-and-true social amenities, when in fact it is the economy that is the issue.

    That’s why I said: “What you will see with Santorum is a lot of head-up-the-butt whimpering about irrelevant social issues— bc economics is hard.

    And I stand by my statement that voters know as much about the economy as my dogs and operate the same way.
    That is, if they do their tricks and hold their mouths open, something drops in.

    The Great Frank Zappa put it much more perfectly: “Life’s a ball. TeeVee tonight!”

  • Fiberal


    I’ll remind you of something else you are ignoring.

    This scenario under Ronpaul has a 99% chance of happening:

    >Ronpaul vetos the RINO/Demos’ spending bills.
    >The RINOs/demos are pissed, won’t cooperate and over-ride the vetos.
    >Spending continues.
    >Ronpaul proposes new bills to stop spending and to diminish government.
    >The House won’t sign off bc there’s no quid pro quo and/or bc they’re stupid and bc they have stupid constituencies.
    >Business growth freezes bc no one knows what’s coming next.
    >Spending continues.
    >The government closes.
    >Investment continues to go oversees.
    >Dollar collapses–America collapses.

    >Ronpaul resigns.


    >The Ronpaulistinians celebrate their Ronpaul victory.

    Another thing—-Bc I’m not always the sharpest tool in the box, it sometimes takes me a while to see things clearly.

    But from your intransigent evasiveness and incoherence, hallmarks of liberal rhetoric, I’m beginning to think SeaFoam has a point.

    Buddy…you just might be a liberal.

  • HTA!

    Does it matter? The handwringing I mean. Pragmatism demands The Buckley Algorithm; we support the most conservative candidate that can win, eschewing purity tests. Conservatives don’t (should not) invest their egos in a candidate or they wind up like the disgusting libtards who force children to sing songs to dear leader.

  • Fiberal


    I agree 100%.

    That’s why I persuaded the Fiberal Ultra Conservative Kenyan Impeachment Team to switch endorsement from Newt to Romney.

  • Hector Estaban

    Please read:

    “Rick Santorum, Conservative Stalwart / He is a bona fide conservative.” By Quin Hillyer

    He’s the real deal. Reaganesque, IMO.

    As for Ron Paul… you mean Ron “The Earmark King” Paul?

    Yeah, thatd be him.

  • Piker

    Ask yourself one simple question, “If the worst possible scenario were to happen and America were to experience another 9/11 type of attack, who do you want to be sitting in the oval office?” In my mind that answer would be Newt Gingrich with Allen West and John Bolton in any role or capasity as members of the top leadership. I don’t think any of the other contenders in the GOP field would be up to the task… You sure as hell don’t want the clown we have now as POTUS to be there should something like that happen.

  • IslandLifer

    Fiberal says:
    Ronpaul has yet to denounce BO’s ineligibility as a chief executive of the U.S. by demerit of a Kenyan father.

    Getting old. As soon as your RINO comes out with it then it’s pointless to bring it up. Trump is the only one who publicly raised the issue so are you going to back him in a 3rd party run since this seems to be your priority of qualification? SeaFoam like I said, your crooked slimeball lost so get over it. You guys sound like little pimple faced brats throwing a tantrum because Paul is gaining momentum and you just can’t grasp the fact yet that he will point us in the right direction. Get over it. And congress won’t go along with his ideas? Duh! That’s why it’s just as important to replace them as well. Unless of course you’re happy with what you have. Make a change! Replace congress and put a man in who follows the constitution! Or say goodbye to it, your choice. And handing the fraud the election by voting for somebody with principle and a spine is about the level of garbage I’d expect out of a liberals mouth. So who’s the liberal here?

  • SeaFoamGreen

    Fiberal says “I’m beginning to think SeaFoam has a point.”

    Huzzah…I’ve got an almost-compatriot!

    As to a good Zappa quote, I’ll go with the song title “America Drinks and Goes Home”

    Hope that isn’t still the case. We’ll see!

  • SeaFoamGreen

    Ahh, the hate, the bile, the venom, the name calling, the tired intimidation phrases (“you lost, get over it”).

    Island will soon be chanting “Hey hey, ho ho, SeaFoamGreen has got to go…”

    I don’t know who the liberal (they still use that word?) is here, but to postulate that RonPaul will “point us in the right direction” is interesting.

    What direction might that be? (Ah ah ah! No wrapping yourself in the Constitution. Let’s stick with facts.) Would that be the “Fuck Israel and the Jews” direction? How about the “We caused 9/11” direction? Mr. RonPaul has LOTS of directions…but aside from the fact that they’re MOSTLY WRONG, Americans are also getting real tired of “Dear Leaders” who “point us” in a “direction”.

    Life free or die, baby.

  • IslandLifer

    Ya the golfer in chief, bath house Barry, is just an incompetent mess. The very one who skated through life on other peoples $$ has it programed into his cranium this is the way life is. Steal from whitey and give to nogger and bean communities. Wait, steal from whitey and give it to his gay friends running “green” business. And how did that chevy volt work out you faggot? Well, forget the financial mess he’s made, he’s now pushing for a power grab and boo-hoo Boehner et al aren’t doing crap about it. So this is the scary part, we have a community organizer in chief who does nothing while Valerie Jarrett runs this country into the ground by order of Soros. Worse, we have these things called congress critters who are liars and thieves getting theirs while it’s still there too get. D or R? It doesn’t matter, our national debt is beyond repair and when China finally gets the rest of the world on board with the yuan being the global trading currency you can put your bills next to your toilet paper. We are done. It is over. The only way to fix it is to take away voting powers from the non-tax paying bums. Ya right…we are done, it’s all about preparation now. Evil is poised to triumph.

  • Belfast

    Make that two, seafoam.

  • SeaFoamGreen

    Thanks Belfast.

  • AC

    That’s why I persuaded the Fiberal Ultra Conservative Kenyan Impeachment Team to switch endorsement from Newt to Romney.

    Romney isn’t going to stop the spending binge nor will he make the needed cuts to the size and scope of government. Keep fighting for that R victory at the cost of conservatism.

  • IslandLifer

    No seafoam I won’t be chanting. You see I don’t mind you sharing your political views. We may not agree but I can still appreciate your POV.

  • Fiberal


    The thing about you and Lifer is that you guys can’t debate anything with substance. You just run out the same old tired saws.

    (Lifer–what did I say about Ronpaul’s inconsistency on the Constitution? How is that not a pivotal point when you’re throwing all your eggs into that basket?)

    Romney isn’t going to stop the spending binge nor will he make the needed cuts to the size and scope of government.

    AC…Where do you get this stuff? Are you automatically dismissing Romney’s plan without due consideration just to hold on to Ronpaul’s fables?

    Okay. For your benefit. Here’s Romney’s plan – and I say “plan” bc who knows? I’ll give you that. But Ronpaul’s “plan” or whatever, is a lot more tenuous and will be impossible to implement.

    You can stop at any time and post on how great BO, excuse me, Ronpaul is, but here’s Romney – —

    Eliminate every government program that is not absolutely essential.

    For example:

    •Repeal ObamaCare, which would save $95 billion in 2016.

    •Eliminate subsidies for the unprofitable Amtrak, saving $1.6 billion a year.

    •Enact deep reductions in the subsidies for the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the Legal Services Corporation.

    •Eliminate Title X family planning programs benefiting abortion groups like Planned Parenthood.

    •End foreign aid to countries that oppose America’s interests.

    Second, return federal programs to the states with block grants for Medicaid and workforce training, saving well over $100 billion in 2016.

    Third, sharply improve the productivity and efficiency of the federal government itself.

    For example,

    •Reduce the federal workforce through attrition and align compensation with the private sector, saving over $40 billion by 2016.

    •Repeal the Davis-Bacon Act, a union giveaway that artificially raises costs for government projects, and save taxpayers more than $10 billion a year in the process.

    •Attack rampant fraud in government programs by enacting far stiffer penalties for those who steal from taxpayers. Cutting improper payments in half could save more than $60 billion a year.

    •Consolidate, eliminate and streamline federal departments, agencies and offices following a stem-to-stern review.

    Yes. Its not sexy, its old hat to some extent but will not be all that difficult to get past the snarling liberal imbeciles in the House. And it will achieve a fiscal turn-around bc it reduces spending. This will positively insure predictability in the free markets.

    On Taxes:

    • Retain the Bush 2002 tax cuts.

    • cut taxes for middle class groups. No taxes on interest, dividends or capital gains and will result in more money in the hands of the middle class.

    • Removal of death tax.

    • Does not support the plan to roll income taxes back.

    • But would not raise taxes.

    Not great. I like Newt’s plan a lot better to reduce corporate taxes to 15% and any good economist would agree that there should be an overall reduction of income taxes across the board with a complete repeal of all overseas taxes on American businesses.

    Romney’s attack on China is just plain stupid, and a distraction.

    However, Romney will align with Paul Ryan to get the communist pillar of Dodd-Fwank removed. That in itself will trash the suffocating regulatory environment we know endure.

    Rommey is on record for his dislike of the hopelessly-confused Bush’s Sarbanes-Oxley bill and will probably get that repealed as well.

    On balance, these seem like practical approaches that can be accomplished that will reverse the downward spiral. Although they don’t go far enough in my view, the programs are enough to start slowing down the spending in the country in time to give a solid push to industry. That’s enough. New revenues will be generated by taxes on new and on freed-up businesses with a long-term stock market rally and a return to equities. There will be support for the dollar and a return to triple A.

    In contrast, Ronpaul simply moans about wanting to cut a trillion off the top right away. That wouldn’t happen for Ronald Reagan at his polling best, let alone for your guy out alone on the roof in red swim flippers.

    But okay. Like I said, economics is hard. Ronpaul makes it simple for you.

  • Fiberal

    Ok. So I’ve given you a rational critique of Ronpaul’s weaknesses and an outline of Romney’s programs.

    Don’t address any specifics this time and I stop playing.

  • Watcher

    Ron Paul makes sense .. if you don;t mind being attacked at home and don’t mind not seeing it coming. He is going to dismantle the CIA. FBI etc. pull out Military all over the world. No bases anywhere. Human intel will be at a minimum. And though he doesn’t see Islam as a problem or a factor in hating America, that certainly doesn’t mean that they don’t hate us. Because they do. They have been targeting us since 1787 …

    Where did that old adage of Millions for defense but not a penny for tribute come from all you Paul historians? Oh yeah .. it was when Islamics took Americans hostage just a few years after we became a country and we tried free trade. We had to establish US Marines!

    Islam always has and always will follow the prophets words. maybe you should find out what the words are regarding non muslims .. because they apply to americans and they are not live and let live.

  • SeaFoamGreen

    I appreciate that, Island.

    I hereby amend the chant to: Hey hey, ho ho, SeaFoamGreen will say no mo’

    …at least on that subject.

    On to the next debate!

  • IslandLifer

    Fiberal at this point I’m fairly sure everyone has made up their mind on who they’re going to support. I’m truly disappointed with the selection we have to choose from but truth be told I’d sleep better at night with anyone of them in the WH and the American hating administration. I don’t buy into the statements being made about voting for Paul is like handing Obama another victory. I know quite a few democrats who’ve changed parties so that they can vote for Paul. So I’m done trying to convince anyone on this site that Paul is the best for the job. We are all capable of making our own decisions and everybody is entitled to their own opinion. As for me I’m sick of the quarreling amongst us and the name calling etc. We all have the same desire to rid this country of the filth that’s purposely destroying it. So from here on out may the best man win and I’ll just be happy to not have to hear the frauds name day in and out. I hope the majority of congress loses their jobs as well and we will need to sterilize the WH after the black plague has left.

  • IslandLifer

    Correction: the American hating administration gone!

  • Alxandro

    Perfect analogy.
    Partison politics is very much like W.W.E., W.W.F., W.W.M.O.U.S.E or whatever it’s called now.
    Truth is, it’s all fake.
    We all root and cheer for our fave to pile drive the other but at the end of the day, they both laugh all the way to the bank as they sip on their cold beer during happy hour.

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