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Dec 08 2015

Colorful Reactions to Obama’s ISIS Speech Get Ralph Peters, Stacey Dash Suspended From Fox News

People need to watch their language, especially when they are on TV. Nonetheless, kudos are due to Ralph Peters and Stacey Dash for getting themselves suspended from Fox News over their heartfelt reactions to Obama’s appalling Sunday night ISIS speech:

Dash, an actress best known for her role in “Clueless,” said [yesterday] that Obama “couldn’t give a s**t” about the dangers posed by the Islamic State.

Earlier, Peters, a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, had to be told by an anchor on the Fox Business Network that contributors can’t use profane language on the news network after he called Obama a “p*ssy.”

“Earlier today, FOX contributors Lt. Col. Ralph Peters and Stacey Dash made comments on different programs that were completely inappropriate and unacceptable for our air,” Fox Senior Executive Vice President of Programming Bill Shine said in a statement. “FOX Business Network and FOX News Channel do not condone the use of such language, and have suspended both Peters and Dash for two weeks.”

It isn’t easy to react to Obama’s facilitative policy toward Islamic terrorism using only G-rated language.

Peters lets loose.

On tips from Troy, Torcer, Stormfax, Deathstroke, and Merchant of Venom.

  • JeffersonSpinningInGrave

    If I was Lt. Col. Peters, I would fee the suspension was well worth it.

  • RufusChoate

    Isn’t Puce a color? Puce is the French word for flea. The color is said to be the color of the bloodstains remaining on linen or bedsheets, even after being laundered, from a flea’s droppings or after a flea has been crushed.

  • Fiberal

    And speaking of Fox, once again, O’Reilly foolishly dismisses the evidence that
    BO is a muslim, in favor of explaining his anti-American activities as mere

    BO is incompetent there is no doubt. And O’Reilly may finally be catching up to
    something that I and others have proposed years ago, in a back-door kind of way.

    Namely that BO is not just incompetent due to misdirected beliefs,
    but is mentally incompetent.

    Besides the obvious fact that incompetence is synonymous with
    liberalism, and leaving aside the data demonstrating lower average IQs for
    blacks, there are at least two serious lines of scientific information suggesting
    that BO is mentally incompetent:

    (1) Smoking marijuana leads to serious long-term mental derangement

    (2) BO has the clinical profile of an individual suffering
    from a mild case of Fragile-X syndrome.

    These pieces constitute sufficient grounds to investigate
    whether BO could be removed from office under the 25th amendment. The
    25th is designed for “a sick president who refuses or is unable to confront his
    disability,” or “a president who is disabled but unwilling to step aside.

    Ironically, in his latest book, O’Reilly proposed that the 25th was considered by Reagan’s cabinet for removing him from office after the Hinckly assassination attempt. Yet in concluding that there is clear evidence for “incompetence”, (prima facie grounds for removal) O’Reilly can’t bring himself to suggest the same legal remedy for BO.

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  • Ol’ Uncle Lar

    Kinda makes you wonder if he was “riffed” out of the Army for possessing a “warrior” mentality instead of being a political climber.

  • Fiberal

    Peters wouldn’t be so flummoxed if he would realize BO is a muslim.

    Why is it so hard for these guys to figure this out?
    (see below)

  • SerenityNow

    God bless you Stacey and Lt Col Peters. God Bless You.

  • Fock Fux!

  • marcus tullius cicero

    …FOX has been for a while RINO central!
    waiting for Hennesy to be cancelled anyday now…

  • MAS

    Congratulations you two, you have the fire in the belly it takes to fight back! Wear your suspensions like the badges of honor they are…proud of you.

  • jarhead

    god bless those two for telling it like it is!

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  • Tostig

    C’mon fellas use your heads. Fox did the right thing. Two weeks will have gone by in a flash and then they’ll be back. Meanwhile Fox buttresses its reputation as a conservative-leaning but ‘fair and balanced” network. You get everyone on Fox running around yelling “pussy” and “shit” and it’ll turn into the hidey hole for 3 million rock-ribbed conservatives, ignored by everyone else. Fox is playing in a much bigger sandbox than a right-wing blog. Kudos to Fox for dishing out juussssst enough of a sanction to quiet down the screetching hordes of libtards while getting their two people back on the air a.s.a.p.

  • 762×51

    The S bomb from Dash is a violation of FCC regulations so I can see where FOX had to do something in that case, even though she is 100% correct. It is, after all, one of George Carlin’s seven deadly words you can’t say on television.

    I don’t get the Peters suspension though, it smells like PC to me. There is no regulation banning the word “pussy” from broadcast. If it so offended the viewers sensitivities, I haven’t heard about it. I suggest, the next time Peters try something more subtle, douche nozzle, for example.

    Peters did freak me out though, I was thinking the exact same thing when the words came out of his mouth. It was like he was channeling me.

  • 762×51

    You are KILLING me. How many times do I have to go through this?

    Everyone who reads my posts knows I despise Barack Obama. My credentials on that point are beyond reproach.

    That said, there is no evidence he is Muslim. He does not dress the part, do the rituals, keep his shemale wife in the prescribed garb, etc. Has he studied it and lived around it? Sure, but I studied mathematics for four years and lived in intense mathematics / computer science environments, doesn’t make me a mathematician, trust me.

    There is a TON of evidence that he is an Islamic Jihad Collaborator.

    The difference is huge. If he were a real Muslim, you could just say he is practicing his faith. Because he not Muslim but an enemy collaborator, he is committing treason which is punishable by death.

  • Cameraman

    Lt Col Got it right!!!

  • Bill T
  • MicahStone

    Col. Peters wasn’t the first to make that obviously correct remark…

  • MicahStone

    “Fox News Suspends Stacey Dash, Ralph Peters for On-Air Profanity”
    –while they continue to inflict on their audience and endless stream of BULL-SHIITE from their paid lunatic-left d-cRAT and RINO “commentators” !!!!

  • Fiberal

    Of course he’s a muslim collaborator.

    That’s like saying he’s half black. And he’s admitted both. (Pretty safe ground you chose to launch an attack.. don’t you think?)

    The Koran says that the child of a muslim is a muslim for life. And his father was a muslim. And that makes him a muslim.

    Okay. So he’s not going to drop down into lordosis at a press conference to confirm it (unless maybe someone slips that directive into his teleprompter).

    But with all the evidence out there to indicate that he’s a muslim, the best you can say is that he’s obviously both a progressive as well as a stealth, if not practicing muslim. The only reason that isn’t completely obvious to certain people is that he hasn’t beheaded anyone (directly) and he can’t get Moose into a burka where she belongs.

    My larger point is that the media are chronically confused by BO’s apparently irrational, anti-American acts. It is exasperating. But if they resolved to define him as a muslim, then all becomes clear as to why he does what he does.

    Darn it 762 x 51, how many times do I have to go through this?!

    A third of Americans believe he’s a muslim. And for a lot of good reasons …(TONS even). But I suppose if these 110,000,000 people kept up with your enlightening posts a little better, they wouldn’t all be so deluded. Maybe you can “channel” BO so you can give us an even more solid view of your erudite, if not perfectly obvious, insights.

    (That’s one hundred and ten million out of maybe 330 million Americans – hard to say exactly. But I include the method since you gratuitously confessed that you’re not a mathemetician.)

    But here’s another suggestion: post your responses to the cartoon guy and keep your ‘irreproachable credentials’ intact.

  • 762×51

    I saw that exchange between O’Reilly and Krauthammer, neither one of them gets it. They are both wrong as are you, Obama is not a Muslim, refer to my previous explanation to you.

    Just as Obama is not a Muslim, he also is not incompetent. He has very effectively executed a plan to destroy America which was ALWAYS his goal, that’s what “Fundamental Transformation” means. It is why the MSM propagandists love him and will never stop defending him.

    Obama has gotten every decision he has made wrong by conventional wisdom which assumes he is NOT out to destroy America, 100% wrong. He would have gotten at least 1 or 2 right if he were merely a bumbling incompetent. To get 100% wrong, is prima facie evidence that he is, in fact, working from a different premise.

    Krauthammer’s assertion that he simply won’t face the reality of Islamic terror is also incorrect. Refusing to face reality implies delusion and Obama is delusional but that is in relation to his pathological narcissism which causes him to him believe that the world revolves around him and his utter awesomeness, of which he is totally devoid. Obama sees Islamic terror as JUSTIFIED against a country that both they and he hate, America. He characterized the Paris massacre as a “set back”, a set back to what? The advancement of Globalization and Islamization of the West.

    Neither explanation fully explains BOTH his actions AND in-actions.

    Only viewing ALL of his activities from the perspective of an enemy does his entire administration fall into place. Take each scandal, foreign policy disaster, etc. and view it in a “what would Usama bin Laden do” perspective and you will find that in each instance Obama has made the correct decision, IF his goal was the same as UBL.

    Don’t dismiss him as “just a Muslim”, he is far worse and far more dangerous than that.

  • 762×51

    If you have read my posts you know what I posted to you was not an attack. If I attack, you will be well aware of it.

    Your response contains no facts to support your assertion the he is a Muslim. Fuck the Quran and everything it says, that means nothing. The same with your straw arguments which attempt to set up ridiculous tests for being considered a Muslim. My examples of his lack of Islamic behavior, which are heavy with ritual, are based on empirical evidence. Your statement that the media is confused about his behavior unless you call him a Muslim is absurd unless you are prepared to document how Muslims support the homosexual agenda. If you decide to do that, give me some warning so I can make popcorn.

    The American population is comprised mostly of sheep who have no idea what is going on. You go right ahead and follow the crowd even though there is no fact to substantiate your beliefs, I don’t care. A third, one half, sixteen 34ths, who cares what ignorant people believe or how many there are? Mindless followers I suppose. 72% of stupid is still stupid, professor. News flash, beliefs do not make reality but then you sound like one of those perception is reality lemmings.

    No point in trying to explain anything to you, such limited intellect is beyond reason.

    The comment about “gratuitously confessing I’m not a mathematician” was hilarious. Can I also “gratuitously” admit I’m not am not an astronaut? Apparently you were not able to grasp even the simple point I was making there.

    Go back to reading your cartoons, you bore me.

  • J.j. Cintia

    Fox was given a choice by Colonel Bombhatta to choose their viewers or him, and they made the wrong choice. When you go black you go broke Murdoch. That Murdoch really is crazy isn’t he?

  • DJ

    What makes BO tick? Obama believes Western civ represents white-supremacy by another name. I believe BO is either a full out atheist or, at best, an agnostic. His core ideology is Black Liberation Theology; that the Islam. On the surface he seems riddled with contradictions; e.g. he simultaneously collaborates with Islamists whilst advancing the Cultural Marxist agenda. But that is no contradiction because he’s using both Islamist and Cultural Marxists as two of his main weapons in destroying the West. Massive sustained immigration from the third world is his most potent weapon in his war on Western civ. Most people such as Peters do not want to acknowledge the racial component in BO’s motivation.
    Conclusion: BO is not a Muslim. However he collaborates and sympathizes with them.

  • Fiberal

    Let me try and cut through the spew here and just say that with respect to 110,000,000 people vs you, …would tend to constitute pretty good odds that you are odd man out.

    Yes, I suppose some people have to be assured time and again that majority opinion doesn’t rule and is not the basis for fact. But try and grasp this: if in evaluating evidence in the absence of direct demonstration or observation, and you are talking millions and millions of people who believe something, there may be something. Not always; case in point — islam. However, the operative term is “may”. Okay? Feel better?

    Evidence is out there of course on the web from “My muslim faith …” to the Allah-Is-Great ring on his finger. And many points in between. Maybe you just forgot. You strike me as being somewhere in your dotage.

    But you picked a very small, and again pretty safe point from my post about the 25th amendment and BO’s mental condition, to start frothing over. I mean, the difference between muslim and collaborator? C’mon. There’s no real mileage in that.

    In fact, any such difference would be irrelevant in one sense; namely that BO will never be tried in court as an enemy collaborator (a patently ridiculous idea with not a hope in hades). Plus there is no effective difference in his policies whether he’s a card-carrying muslim or not.

    The homosexual test is also ludicrous. Not all muslims throw homosexuals off of roofs, BTW. And what BO does, if it advances the cause of Allah, is covered by Taquia. Especially, given the little exception that he does happen to be something of a “president”.

    “Apparently you were not able to grasp even the simple point I was making there”
    — No actually, I grasped that you were over-reaching in order to brag about your math chops.

    Bragging seems to be the watchword for a lot of your comments.

    But I can assure you that there is no point you’ve ever made on this site that could not be grasped by the dimmest witted of readers.

    Which reminds me, from your comment to nate the moron, did you have to spell check: “Go fuck yourself” ?

  • Fiberal

    Oh he’s definitely the enemy..

    But he’s a muslim.

  • Fiberal

    Thanks for thoughts DJ.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m dealing with a patient.

    I think he could be the first surviving case of mad cow disease.

  • DJ

    You’re welcome, Fiberal
    I just wanted to make sure the racial component was mentioned in the mix.
    Carry on.

  • 762×51

    Another fact less, meaningless, spluttering post by a simpering idiot. I’m all about being odd man out of your crowd assbreath. Hanging with the masses who read at a 5th grade level is right where a dumbass like you belongs.

    I explained the “real difference between Muslim and collaborator in my initial reply to you but apparently your low reading comprehension skills and limited short term memory combined to slip that past you as did most of what I was saying.

    That you got bragging out of my example that I’m no mathematician was hilarious the first time you stumbled over the point, but to double down on misunderstanding what I saying demonstrates a special kind of stupid. I got a really good laugh at you on that one. Have who ever helps you put on your socks read it and explain it to you, Hopefully they can find small enough words for you to comprehend.

    Defending nate troll is an interesting choice, it both demonstrates your true colors AND tells me you are reading my posts, thanks, I appreciate your patronage.

    Online, one can always tell the small mind, which is in way over its head, when the poster starts checking and criticizing spelling. Since you asked, no, I didn’t need to spell check my message to nate because I have a special keyboard macro I wrote just for progressive trolls like nate and little sniveling pricks like you.

    Go fuck yourself!
    Go fuck yourself!
    Go fuck yourself!

    See how it works?

    Now go potty and get to bed. The street lights are on and it’s past your bedtime, junior.

  • Fiberal

    Look….. Its winter and I know its probably hard for you to find food.

    But try and hold it together.

    I’m rootin’ for ya, Gramps!

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  • profanity is a really awful habit i’ve aquired since 2008… hmmm… well hopefully 2016 i might be able to return to a more civil verbage if we can get a new president. possibly one who is working for the people not the banks. 😉

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